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Metal Framed Desk: Buy 20 Best Online Deals
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Metal Framed Desk: Buy 20 Best Online Deals

|Dec 10, 2021

Metal framed desks have several advantages that their wooden and plastic counterparts do not. They are durable and sturdy and it takes years for these frames to wear and tear, especially when they’re made with sturdy steel. With good metal frames, you hardly find unexpected scratches and damages. They are often waterproof, fireproof, and scratch proof. 

Metal computer desks are also space-efficient. Most modern metal desks are built with a minimalist design that lets them consume just a little space in your room. More importantly, many metal office desks are height-adjustable desks that allow you to make them taller or smaller when necessary. These desk frames are easy to move because they're easily dismountable. 

As compact as they often are, metal frame standing desks still offer sufficient space on their desktops, allowing one to set up their work gadgets without feeling cramped. Today’s metal office desks come in a variety of styles, shapes, designs, and color finishes. More importantly, many of these frames also have ergonomic features.  It's little wonder many people have taken a preference for them. 

Types of Metal Framed Desks

Types of Metal Framed Desks

Desks with metal frames are of two major types. The adjustable metal-framed desks and the static or traditional metal frames. These two types of desk frames are the major contenders in the ongoing debate between choosing standing vs sitting desks. As their names imply, adjustable desks are easily customizable. These types of standing desk frames allow users to create their own desk space because one can fine-tune their desk frames to the specifications they prefer. 

Static desks frames are the opposite of the adjustable ones, they come in custom heights that cannot be changed. Static desks have dwindled in their popularity since adjustable desks with ergonomic features began getting more recognition. However, many people still prefer to use static desks in their offices.

Pros and cons of Adjustable Metal Framed Desks

Pros and cons of Adjustable Metal Framed Desks

Pros of Adjustable Metal Framed Desks

  • They let you alternate between standing and sitting while working. This helps relieve your leg, neck, and back muscles.
  • By promoting occasional standing, these types of desks help burn calories and fight more serious health problems 

Cons of Adjustable Metal Framed Desks

  • With adjustable metal-framed desks, one has to rightly divide their time between sitting and standing; else they may develop muscle issues from sitting and standing too long.

Pros and cons of Static Desks

Pros and cons of Static Desks

Pros of Static Desks

  • Static metal computer desks are efficient and cost-effective. Not only do they not cost as much as ergonomic desks, but they also don't require you to waste any time adjusting desk settings.
  • Certain individuals, especially those who have existing medical conditions, can only use these types of desks. 

Cons of Static Desks

  • Static metal-framed desks promote sitting for long hours which can cause ailments like muscle stiffness and carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Top 20 Metal Framed Desk Deals Online

Here is a list of the top 20 metal frame desks available on the internet today.

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) metal framed desk

The Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) is an essential adjustable metal-framed desk that encourages all-day productivity and good health. It measures 53 inches by 29 inches. The frame of this home standing desk comes in white color with 4 programmable settings and lifts 265 lifts of weight easily. The height is adjustable between 29.4 to 48 inches. 

This metal computer desk has two desktop options, regular and XL options. It also has an electric dual motor and a 5-year warranty. Like most modern metal desks, the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) comes with simple controls for better convenience. This solid steel frame is certified durable by BIFMA, UL, and EMC. 

2. Autonomous Desk Expanse

Autonomous Desk Expanse metal framed desk

This L-shaped standing desk has a design that creates space and improves creativity.  It is a white-colored desk with a whisper-quiet triple motor and the capacity to carry 400lbs. Its solid steel frame is height adjustable and can go from 29.4 inches to 48 inches. The Autonomous Desk Expanse has a five-year warranty.

Unlike most metal office desks that have just a single motor function; this metal frame standing desk has a triple motor. It can easily lift 400 lbs and has very solid legs and has four programmable presets. This six feet metal framed desk features a responsive keypad that one can use to save their preferred positions.

3. Yesker Computer Desk

This metal frame standing desk has large legroom and is suited for offices, study rooms, and homework stations. The Yesker Computer Desk is a stable metal-framed desk with an MDF board. It has a delicate, waterproof board that is anti-scratch and durable. 

It is easy to assemble because it has a simple user manual and the parts are easy to replace when broken. 

4. Atlantic Gaming Desk

Atlantic metal framed desk

The Atlantic Gaming Desk is a metal-framed desk with a unique design that easily holds work equipment and gaming gear. The legs appear thin but are pretty stable. It also has a simple design that permits one to add gaming desk accessories. This metal frame standing desk has a charging stand for tablets and cell phones, a built-in management system, power strip holder, cup holder, and a controller stand 

5. Kali Desk

The Kali Desk is a stylish metal computer desk frame with a top made of tempered glass. This modern metal desk is a sturdy construction with legs made of shiny polished stainless steel.

It measures 24 inches in depth, 72 inches in width, and 31.5 inches in height. 

6. Elvan Metal/Glass Writing Desk

Elvan Metal/Glass metal framed desk

This metal frame standing desk has a sleek style that easily fits into the smallest spaces. It has a wide desktop made of glass which perfectly matches the desk's metal white frame. Some of the desk's best features include its lightweight, broad workspace with four fixed shelves and spacious work area. 

7. Computer Desk by Monarch Specialties

Monarch Specialties' computer desk is a metal office desk that's functional, durable, and sleek all at once. The desk has a tripod-inspired metal legs design that gives it a unique and contemporary appeal. It's a sure way to add some flare to your office. Some features of this metal framed desk include three open cupboards for organization, and sufficient space on the desk surface for laptops, tablets, and other work gadgets. The metal legs on this desk are crossed for additional support. It has a length of 34 inches, 22 inches in depth, and weighs 33 lbs. 

8. Amici Stainless Steel Desk by Nuevo

Amici Stainless Steel Desk by Nuevo

This adjustable metal-framed desk has the appearance of a statement piece. On the surface, it’s almost impossible to see any visible connectors or screws. Instead, the top is a beautiful tempered glass. Some of the best features of this metal computer desk and its high-rise support beams, its flawless appearance, brushed stainless steel frame. The desk measures 48 inches in width, 28 inches in depth, and 30 inches in height. 

9. ZINUS Jennifer Desk

This modern metal desk boasts of a contemporary, minimalistic, design that blends perfectly into most offices. It comes in three color options, brown, deep espresso, and natural. These metal office desks lend their clean flawless look to every room and are available in three different sizes. It comes unassembled but is pretty easy to put together. 

10. SHW Memory Preset Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

SHW Memory Preset Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

This metal office desk measures 24 inches in depth, 40 inches in width, and 28 inches in height. It also offers bigger size options of 48 and 55 inches width. The SHW metal frame standing desk comes in oak color and a cherry furniture finish and adds flare to my rooms.

11. iMovR Lander Metal Desk

This is a metal-framed desk with many advanced features that one may not necessarily find in traditional desks. It's pretty much pre-assembled by the manufacturers so it takes very little time to set up. The iMOvR Lander metal computer desk can carry up to 360 lbs of weight and has height-adjustable options. It has an app that allows you to control the desk's height using Bluetooth. One can adjust the height when necessary. Some of its best features are its ergonomic features which include laptop mounts, keyboard trays, and monitor arms.

12. Vari Electric Standing Desk

Vari Electric metal framed desk

This adjustable metal-framed desk is made with steel and unsurprisingly stable and durable. The desk carries up to 200lbs of weight. Its laminate tabletop is contractor grade, and the sturdy frame is height adjustable from 25 inches anywhere to 50 inches. The Vari Electric desk also has an LED display controller and four programmable settings.

 13. ApexDesk Elite

The ApexDesk is a great metal computer desk for people who like to sit and stand while working. It has an ample desk surface and a heavy-duty steel frame. Its motorized frame has two integrated motors which give it the capacity to lift 235 lbs of weight.  This modern metal desk is height adjustable and can be adjusted from 29 inches to 49 inches. It’s stable even at its maximum height. The tabletop comes in eight color options and has a beautiful desktop made with laminated MDF. Some of its most noticeable features are its monitor arms and file drawer. 

14. Flexispot EC5 Metal Standing Desk

Flexispot EC5 metal framed desk

This metal office desk has a weight capacity of 275 lbs. It has an enhanced structure that features a dual-motor lifting system. The Flexispot desk has a height-adjustable feature that can go 26 inches higher. It has a feature that allows you to save your height preferences and an alert system that reminds you to sit and stand. This metal frame standing desk is scratch and stain-resistant and is available in several desktop options. 

15. UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk

The UPLIFT V2 metal framed desk allows you to maximize productivity and comfort while at work. Its height can go up 25 inches in a quick motion and it can easily lift 355 lbs. This desk comes in two options for frames, the regular and the commercial frames. The commercial frame offers a lot more stability than the regular. 

16. Steelcase Ology Desk

Steelcase Ology Desk

This metal-framed desk has a design that encourages fitness and productivity. It has great ergonomic features and a height range of 26 inches. The desk can lift 314 lbs of weight. It comes with several options for finishes and surface styles. However, it costs a bit too much and doesn't come with any office desk accessories

17. Fully Jarvis Standing Desk

The Fully Jarvis Desk is an adjustable metal-framed desk that can carry 350 lbs weight. It is scratch-resistant and waterproof and also very aesthetically pleasing with a laminate tabletop. This desk offers various options for metal frames and seven options for tabletop sizes. 

18. ODK Home Metal Office Desk

ODK Home Metal Office Desk

This metal computer desk fits perfectly into very large workspaces because of its large desktop that easily fits multiple monitors, a laptop, keypad, and other work gadgets. The frame is made with stainless steel and comes with so much storage space that one can easily store a lot of work-related materials and documents. 

19. HSH Industrial Desk

The HSH Industrial Desk has a minimalist design and a neat and rustic appearance. It has a sturdy frame and a very thick desktop. It also offers a lot of legroom space for users. This desk is one of the best static modern metal desks available. 

20. Walker Edison Metal L-Shaped Desk

Walker Edison Metal L-Shaped Desk

This metal frame standing desk has a smooth and contemporary design. It’s made from powder-coated steel and has a desktop made with thick tempered glass.  Every surface of this L-shaped desk can bear up to 50 lbs of weight. It comes in five different styles and has a keyboard tray. 


No matter what size, style, and color of metal desk frame you need, there's always one out there to match your décor and layout. They do not damage easily and their parts are easily replaceable which means these desks can last as long as you need them to. These metal desk frames are easy to maintain and their prices are pocket-friendly. If you decide to get a metal desk frame, here's a list of the top 20 available online today.

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