20 Most Popular Desk Chairs for Small Space
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20 Most Popular Desk Chairs for Small Space

|Sep 28, 2021

Do you work in an office with a small setup? Are you interested in learning how to make the most of your office space? This post lists the finest small space desk chairs for tiny spaces and explores the numerous methods you can apply to build the perfect small space setup.

20 Small Space Desk Chairs for Your Consideration

1. Autonomous Chair Recline by Autonomous

Autonomous Chair Recline by Autonomous small space desk chair

The Autonomous Chair Recline is a small ergonomic desk chair with fully adjustable back support, back pain prevention, and improved sitting posture.

Combining the best ergonomic chair for back pain with the Autonomous Desk allows you to work with more flexibility, energy, and convenience. It's fantastic for individuals looking for an ergonomic chair online to complete their ideal workspace setup. In tiny places, this is the perfect ergonomic chair.

Pros and Cons of Autonomous Chair Recline

  • icon checkThe mesh backing allows for more airflow, which is beneficial for anyone who sweats during work.
  • icon checkThe heights of the seat and armrests can be easily modified.
  • icon checkHeadrest and footrest that may be adjusted in height.
  • icon checkComfortable chair for long hours.
  • icon timesThis small space desk chair may not be suited for taller persons because the arms do not extend out like other chairs (although they can be pushed up and down).

2. Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Ergo

The Autonomous Chair Ergo looks like a standard reclining office chair, but it's also ideal for gaming setups. Outside, a mesh design is excellent and provides aeration to the user. In a well-lit environment, you might glimpse its lovely TPE skeleton. 

This is designed to help you maintain your posture and improve your back health by using magnetic fields. It has a unique spring seat that allows you to target problem areas like your lower back while also shaping and correcting your posture. This small space desk chair model has been praised for being the best office chair for upper back pain.

Pros and Cons of Autonomous Chair Ergo

  • icon checkThe armrest and seat height of the chair can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.
  • icon checkA spring seat soothes the lower back and gluteus muscles by stretching the pattern of the higher back all the way up to your shoulders.
  • icon timesMost of the item is made of plastic.

3. Autonomous Chair Ultra by Autonomous

Autonomous Chair Ultra by Autonomous

Autonomous is still at the forefront of technology. This new, elegant ergonomic small ergonomic desk chair for compact spaces with a lot of mobility allows you to modify your back position while correcting your sitting posture. 

The Autonomous Chair Ultra is an eco-friendly office chair with adjustable lumbar support that reduces pressure on your back as you rest.

Pros and Cons of Autonomous Chair Ultra

  • icon checkEasy-to-use and straightforward ergonomic chair design.
  • icon checkThe seat is well-ventilated and comfy.
  • icon checkExcellent back support.
  • icon checkEasy adjustments.
  • icon checkCost-effective.
  • icon timesThere isn't a headrest available.
  • icon timesThe seat may be firm for certain persons.

4. Avochair by Autonomous

Avochair by Autonomous

Autonomous AvoChair is a small desk chair with wheels that is high-quality, low-cost, and environmentally friendly. It features clean lines inspired by nature, and to be honest, it just looks cute. This is an eco-friendly office chair for your consideration.

This small space computer chair is appropriate for everyday use and is far less complicated to adjust than many other extremely flexible office seats, with many adjustment points and a deep, soft cushion for maximum comfort. However, this may not be the option for you if you are looking for an office chair with a leg rest or headrest

Pros and Cons of Avochair

  • icon checkEnvironmentally friendly products have a good impact.
  • icon checkAlmost all the component parts are 100% recyclable.
  • icon checkSeat height, tilt, and tension can all be adjusted to your liking.
  • icon checkWith a basic design that eliminates rough edges, it provides comfort.
  • icon checkInterior houses can be made to shine with a sleek natural design.
  • icon checkAffordably priced, with monthly payments available.
  • icon checkWith a two-year warranty, you can try it for 30 days.
  • icon timesNo adjustable headrest or footrest.

5. Steelcase Series 1

The small ergonomic desk chair is basic and compact, which is remarkable given how many intuitive adjustment controls are incorporated. 

The Series 1 includes a Three Dimension Micro Knit aerated mesh support that is both adaptable and reassuring. Then there are numerous modifications: seat depth, arm height, tilt control, lumbar height, and seat height.

Pros and Cons of Steelcase Series 1

  • icon checkYou may stay cool thanks to the airy mesh back.
  • icon checkThe construction quality is excellent.
  • icon checkSupported by a reputable company with a dedicated customer service line.
  • icon timesIt may feel claustrophobic, for particularly tall persons.

6. Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase Gesture small space desk chair

Steelcase would be on the Mount Rushmore of small office chair design, and the Gesture chair would be the carving. It has all the usual ergonomic advantages. It is a comfortable chair for long hours.

It also has a synchronous tilt system that elevates the seat slightly when you recline to keep your feet on the ground, which keeps blood flowing freely.

Pros and Cons of Steelcase Gesture Chair

  • icon checkMaterial of exceptional quality.
  • icon checkExtremely supportive and comfortable.
  • icon checkAlmost no other chair has as much ergonomic adjustment as this one.
  • icon timesExpensive.

7. Branch Task Chair

The Task Chair isn't the cheapest, but it's the best value of the lot. Thanks to its built-in adjustable lumbar support, general mesh back, adjustable armrests, prompt customer service, and a solid guarantee. 

Branch creates furniture that can withstand the rigors of the workplace while maintaining reasonable pricing that allows clients to buy in bulk.

Pros and Cons of Branch Task Chair

  • icon checkAdjustable lumbar support and a comprehensive and highly breezy mesh back are excellent.
  • icon checkArms that can be adjusted (up-and-down, side-to-side).
  • icon timesIt could be comfier.

8. High-Back Mesh Chair by Flash Furniture

Flash Furniture small space desk chair

Flash Furniture mesh-bodied, the high-back small desk chair with wheels is the best and most versatile chair researchers have seen under $100. It includes an adjustable headrest (perfect for individuals who like to lean back). 

It can hold more weight than most cheap options, has a tilt tension adjustment knob, firm lumbar support, and isn't horribly ugly.

Pros and Cons of Flash Furniture Chair

  • icon checkExcellent addition for a budget option is the mesh back and headrest.
  • icon checkThe frame isn't as sturdy as many low-cost seats.
  • icon timesMaterially, it's relatively poor; cheap plastic abounds.

9. Alera Elusion Chair

It appears to be like any other chair you'd find at Staples, but it's not. Alera's Elusion small ergonomic desk chair draws features from chairs five times its price, such as a full mesh back for ventilation and a waterfall-edge seat cushion. 

This is to maintain consistent levels of leg circulation and more comfort customization.

Pros and Cons of Alera Elusion Chair

  • icon checkOffice chairs with mesh backs are the most popular.
  • icon checkSome may prefer mesh seats, although the foam seat is comfy for lengthy periods.
  • icon timesThe seat, like all inexpensive options, feels and looks poor. You should be aware of what you're purchasing.

10. Branch Daily Chair

Branch Daily small space desk chair

The Daily Chair is very comfortable to sit on in terms of ergonomics. It offers the fundamental characteristics of an office chair, such as a recline with adjustable tension, seat level changes, and armrest movement, without becoming too technical with customization.

The nylon-weave back is lightweight and cushiony, and the cushion is sturdy and pleasant.

Pros and Cons of Branch Daily Chair

  • icon checkLightweight and compact; ideal for sitters or workplaces with little space.
  • icon checkThe color is subdued but appealing.
  • icon timesIf you prefer gentler support, seek anything other than a foam butt cushion.

11. Branch Ergonomic Chair

Branch is a new company that creates low-cost home office furniture. 

Adjustable height armrests, lumbar support, tilt, tilt tension, adjustable depth seat, up-down actions, and a breathable mesh back are features of its plainly titled ergonomic chair.

Pros and Cons of Branch Ergonomic Chair

  • icon checkThe option to alter the length of the arms is useful.
  • icon checkA thicker foam cushion is more comfortable than a cheaper foam cushion. The mesh back of the branch chair has a little give to it; it feels like you're being cradled.
  • icon timesScuff-prone arms and a white cream base.

12. Titan Evo 2022 by Secretlab

Titan Evo 2022 by Secretlab

Secretlab’s Titan Evo 2022 gaming chair could be exactly what you've been looking for. This small space desk chair model can do all that rival goods can do, but it can do it better. 

The user-friendly ergonomics of the Titan Evo 2022 make it suitable for long nights of gaming or eight hours of pounding away at a keyboard. 

This is due to the superb back support it provides. It has a lot of adjustability, so you should have no trouble finding the right fit. The armrests are exceptionally comfy, and the magnetic head cushion is especially noteworthy.

Pros and Cons of Titan Evo 2022

  • icon checkIn terms of features, it has everything you could want in a gaming chair.
  • icon checkCushions and covers that are magnetic.
  • icon checkExtremely relaxing.
  • icon timesThe three-year warranty is insufficient when compared to comparable ergonomic chairs.
  • icon timesSecretlab chairs are more expensive than previous Secretlab chairs.

13. Embody by Logitech G and Herman Miller

Embody by Herman Miller is a work you've probably heard about. This was the best small space desk chair in numerous roundups for a long time, but that is no longer the case. 

It's not for lack of comfort or acclaim, but because the renowned chair manufacturer teamed together with Logitech to create something expressly for our gaming rumps. 

The Logitech G x Herman Miller Embody looks a lot like its commercial counterpart.

Pros and Cons of Embody

  • icon checkUnrivalled back support.
  • icon checkStimulates blood and oxygen flow.
  • icon check12-year warranty with 24-hour use.
  • icon timesVery expensive.

14. NeueChair


If you prefer the functionality above style, the NeueChair is a fantastic alternative. 

This isn't to say the NeueChair isn't stylish; it's available in a sleek, subtle obsidian finish or a brilliant chrome/silver finish. It is also available with curved back supports and a modern black mesh. 

More importantly, the NeueChair is built to last, with a sturdy, industrial design.

Pros and Cons of NeueChair

  • icon checkExtremely durable and well-made.
  • icon checkComfortable and supportive.
  • icon checkHighly adjustable.
  • icon timesLacks innovative design.

15. Omega Secretlab

One of the best-built chairs ever examined is the Secretlab Omega. While the Titan Evo 2022 has mostly replaced it, the Omega's reduced-price tag may make it a popular alternative for those looking to save a little money. 

From the casters to the base, the lift mechanism, armrests, and seatback, Secretlab has employed some of the best materials available for its small office chair.

Pros and Cons of Omega Secretlab

  • icon checkVelour memory foam pillows.
  • icon checkAdjustable tilt mechanism.
  • icon timesThere is no way to modify the height of the headrest.

16. AndaSeat Kaiser Two

AndaSeat Kaiser Two

If you're a tall individual, you've undoubtedly noticed that there aren't a lot of gaming chairs that can fit your frame. 

Finding the ideal small desk chair with wheels for you may appear to be a near-impossible task. It may have a lower weight capacity, be overly short, or even feel as if it may shatter as soon as you sit in it.

Pros and Cons of AndaSeat Kaiser Two

  • icon checkNeck pillow and extra-large lumbar support.
  • icon checkSturdy.
  • icon checkIdeal for players that are huge and tall.
  • icon timesUngainly and clumsy.

17. Hero Noblechairs

When buying an office chair, it's easy to forget about your health. After all, most chairs are touted as plush, cushioned thrones that may help you relax while you crush your Apex Legends opponents. 

This isn't the case for everyone, either. In some circumstances, selecting a small space computer chair that promotes back support is crucial.

Pros and Cons of Hero Noblechairs

  • icon checkIdeal for people with larger frames.
  • icon checkExcellent lumbar support.
  • icon checkThe seat and backrest are both firms.
  • icon timesUncomfortably uncomfortable.

18. Herman Miller Sayl

Herman Miller Sayl

After its debut in 2010, the Sayl received multiple design accolades for its Y-frame back and vented elastomer, which gives both support and ventilation. 

The chair's $545 price tag is practically a bargain for Herman Miller. To put things in perspective, these are the small space desk chairs to use at work and can't seem to get enough of.

Pros and Cons of Herman Miller Sayl

  • icon checkIt's simple to put together.
  • icon checkExtremely adaptable.
  • icon timesIt could be a lot more relaxing.
  • icon timesThere is no such thing as universal design.

19. X-Chair X1 Task Chair

The X1 chair may be right for you if you enjoy the coolness of mesh. This chair's stainless-steel base provided a stable foundation for a variety of ergonomic features. The most striking of which was the arms, which could move up, down, sideways, swap angles, as well as lumbar support.

Pros and Cons of X-Chair X1 Task Chair

  • icon checkIt's comfortable and versatile to use.
  • icon checkFabric with advanced tensile recovery.
  • icon checkKeeps the body moving.
  • icon checkArms are supported in a variety of positions.
  • icon checkThe headrest that can be adjusted.
  • icon timesCustomizability is limited.

20. Humanscale Diffrient World Chair

Humanscale Diffrient World Chair

Only a few companies set out to create office chairs designed exclusively for tiny settings. This small space desk chair has arms that can be raised or lowered to fit beneath a desk when not in use, a high back enough to allow for comfortable reclining, and slim width.

Pros and Cons of Humanscale Diffrient World Chair

  • icon checkSturdy.
  • icon checkEasy to assemble.
  • icon timesExpensive.

Final Thoughts

Any office worker should make the most of their restricted workspace. There are several reasons for this: office workers must make the most of every chance due to a lack of space. 

It's crucial to think about the various small office chair working solutions, such as an ergonomic chair or a standing desk. You may boost your job performance and productivity by making the most of your limited office space.

Autonomous Chair Ultra - First 3D-Printed Chair

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