32 Inch Gaming Monitors Five Best Budget, Curved & More (2024 List)
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32 Inch Gaming Monitors Five Best Budget, Curved & More (2024 List)

|Jan 22, 2022

Whether you want it for work or recreational use, getting a 32-inch gaming monitor is always a nice idea. The benefits these products offer are endless, and they can fulfill your watching or gaming experience as not many things can. 

Many would think that getting a 32-inch monitor for gaming is overkill and don’t know the difference between a gaming monitor vs a regular one. However, someone interested in watching movies and TV shows of the highest quality available can notice which one is better in a few seconds.  

People in the look of a gaming desk setup can take the most advantage possible of these monitors, and the same happens with cinema enthusiasts and programmers. The only problem is that not everyone knows which monitors to get, and it’s even more difficult for people who don’t know that much about these gadgets. 

If you are new to this world and want to get the best 32-inch gaming monitors on the market, we are here to help you. Dive into this page to know the five best 32-inch monitors for your gaming desk setup.  

Remember you can always combine monitors with other gaming furniture and accessories.

Five Best 32 Inch Gaming Monitors in 2022

1. Pixio Gaming Monitor PXC325

Pixio 32-inch Gaming Monitor PXC325

The first monitor on this page is the PXC325 curved gaming monitor, and it’s one of the best you can find on the market. Despite its quality, this gaming screen is affordable compared to others online.  

This 32-inch monitor 1ms has a 165Hz refresh rate and a 1500R Curved VA Panel. Those features assure you a next-level viewing experience that supports the highest quality available for any video you play on it. Apart from it, the PXC325 is compatible with HDR, AMD FreeSync Premium, and G-Sync.  

Gamers tend to play for long periods without taking a rest, and that could take a toll on your eyes. Therefore, some gadgets and monitors include an eye saver mode. The PXC325 does that, so you don’t have to worry about developing any sight issues shortly.  

Its response time is 1ms MPRT, which is perfect when playing online games that need a decent connection, response time, and refresh rate. In case you need it, the PXC325 gaming screen is VESA-ready.  

Since Autonomous is an online store, its shipping time is important too. You can get the monitor two business days after you buy it, and it includes free and flexible shipping. Autonomous allows 30-day returns, but the product features a three-year warranty, so make sure to check if there’s any problem with the monitor or if you don’t like it after you use it. 

PXC325 gaming screen is VESA-ready

Brightness can get to 300 nits if you are watching something at 1080p resolution. Regardless of all the features that this monitor offers you, it only weighs 13lbs, so lifting it or moving it to another place shouldn’t represent a problem. This monitor has a 1920 x 1080 resolution, and it delivers a smooth watching experience even if you are using GPUs that are not that powerful. 

When it comes to video games, this 32-inch monitor 1ms supports the fastest-paced games since it easily gets to 165 FPS. You can use the latest hardware and video game consoles with this monitor. 

Office workers and programmers often need multiple monitors for multi-tasking. This is more common for streamers and video content creators. This Pixio 32-inch gaming monitor 1080p has the perfect size to let you use a triple monitor desk setup in your game station or movie room. You can combine this monitor with a standing desk or an ergonomic desk.  

2. Pixio PXC327 Gaming Screen

Pixio PXC327 32-inch Gaming Screen

The second spot on this list is the Pixio PXC327 Gaming Screen, and it offers similar features to the previously mentioned product. It’s also not that expensive in comparison, so it’s an excellent alternative for people looking for a gaming monitor that is not outrageously expensive.  

This monitor’s gaming screen features a minimalist design that allows you to play all the video games or movies you want. Shipping also takes two days, and you have free and flexible shipping available for you. 

When it comes to its design, the PXC327 has a borderless curved display with a bezel-less panel. You can enjoy every angle of the movie you are watching or the game you are playing in the most immersive way possible. You also get a sharp image quality and one of the smoothest performances you can find out there.  

Resolution-wise, you get a 2560x1440P one that delivers high-pixel density at all times, which includes GPUs of low power. You also get 77% more screen size than what you would get with standard and traditional monitors. Forget about low frame rates with this product since its AMD FreeSync features allow you to enjoy a fluid and smooth gameplay.  

This 32-inch gaming monitor performs excellently at virtually any frame rate, which gets rid of flickering and issues when staying at the monitor’s max brightness level. Like the PXC325 gaming screen, this product offers high FPS levels and an optimal response time. 

327 32-inch gaming monitor

Naturally, you can enjoy a 165 FPS refresh rate when watching movies or TV shows and playing video games. Speaking about video games, you also get a 1ms response time, so you are not going to have any visual issues or performance problems while playing the latest video games available.  

Although many people don’t notice it, color-quality changes when you switch from a standard monitor to another. 

Someone not used to different monitors may not see the difference between them, but if you learn about it, you can see this 32-inch gaming monitor gives you vibrant colors that display a color gamut and HDR content with deeper and better-looking colors than the ones you get with sRGB devices.  

No one should let unsafe screens damage their eyes or make them develop sight problems. However, we understand that it can be a nuisance to stop playing after a time to avoid those issues.  

The PXC327 addresses that problem by giving you an eye saver mode that eases eye strain, reduces the product’s blue light emission, and allows you to play all day and night without that representing any problem from you in the long run.  

This monitor also supports a seamless triple monitor setup.  

3. Acer Nitro XV282K KVbmiipruzx

Acer Nitro XV282K KVbmiipruzx 32-inch gaming monitor

Getting to other companies apart from Pixio, we have the Acer Nitro XV282K, which is mainly used as a gaming monitor. The only downside to using this monitor is that it’s way more expensive than the previously mentioned ones.  

Despite that, it offers you wonderful features that take you to a whole new level of watching and gaming experience. Due to its weight and size, you can also use it as an office monitor, but we recommend you get it for recreational purposes.  

It has a 3840x2160 resolution and a max refresh rate of 144Hz. Unlike others on the market, this product features an IPS pixel type. However, its variable refresh rate is FreeSync, like it is with most 32-inch curved gaming monitors on the market. One of the best things about this product is you can easily change its angle any time you want.  

Therefore, you can take all the time you need to find the optimal seating position for you, which makes it compatible with most ergonomic chairs and desks. Color quality is also decent with this product since it gives you an accurate SDR color gamut that offers a full sRGB color space coverage. 

Gray uniformity is also not that easy to notice and doesn’t have a clear dirty screen effect. Visibility doesn’t represent any problem and has enough brightness to let you watch anything you want without missing a thing and with decent reflection handling 

Glare is also not a problem due to its anti-reflective coating. One of the problems with using this monitor is that it’s not that good when you install it in a dark room, so you should put it in a living room with windows or a bedroom with enough lights on it.  

4. Samsung LC32G75TQSNXZA

Samsung LC32G75TQSNXZA 32-inch gaming monitor

Samsung is one of the pioneers of releasing high-quality monitors that offered different features than the standard ones we were used to. Gaming monitors are also within their range, and its 32-inch gaming monitor offers a top-tier quality that not many others deliver. 

Unlike others, this 32-inch curved gaming monitor gives you a 240Hz refresh rate, which is one of the highest on the market, even higher than many on this list. Its FreeSync and G-Sync support and compatibility allow you to take screen tearing to a minimum. 

Gamers don’t have to worry about online games while playing on this monitor since it has a top-tier response time and its input lag is also low. While the previous monitor on this list didn’t work that well on dark rooms, this does the opposite by working its best in dark rooms due to its VA panel. 

Its VA panel means it has narrow angles, so analyze if that’s what you want in a monitor before purchasing it. Apart from that, this monitor contrast feature and local dimming is not that good, so it doesn’t improve contrast in any way. 

On the bright side, it’s a well-built monitor with decent ergonomics, so you can put it at any angle you want with no problem. Additionally, it’s more resistant than many others, so you don’t have to worry about scratching it. That doesn’t mean you can let it fall and expect it to not break, but it’s sturdier than others. 

Unfortunately, this 32-inch gaming monitor is also a little expensive compared to the first ones on this list, but it’s still an excellent option if you can afford it. Its Infinity Core lighting represents some of the best technologies you can find in 32-inch monitors, and it still offers you WQHD resolution. 

5. LG 32ML600M-B

LG 32ML600M-B 32-inch gaming monitor

The LG 32MK600M-B is the last 32-inch gaming monitor on this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s of low quality. On the contrary, it offers you excellent features and benefits that you can take advantage of while playing video games or working as a programmer.  

One of its downsides, though, is that we recommend you use it more for the former and watching movies since it tends to be too big for regular desks. Apart from that, it has a low pixel density. This 32-inch gaming monitor is also one of the most inexpensive items on the list. 

Color quality is not a problem with this product since it displays vibrant and precise colors with HDR support and a wide color gamut. Its wide viewing angles are also ideal for people who dislike having any limitations while watching their favorite videos or movies. 

Like most budget-friendly monitors, this 32-inch gaming monitor has a stand that can break after a time and a poor contrast ratio. However, its pros are good enough to shadow its cons, so analyze them all before making a decision.  

On-screen control and Screen Split let you adjust the monitor’s settings and apply all the changes needed through a desktop app on your screen, so you can split it into several layouts to work as if you had multiple monitors. Since it’s a budget-friendly product, you can save some money to get another one and have the full multi-monitor setup experience.  


If you are looking for a 32-inch monitor for gaming and don’t know which one to get, we recommend you go for any of the five listed before. All of them offer you unique features that are useful for both office working and gaming. 

However, you should go for the first two ones since they are the best when it comes to features and budget. You can find them on the Autonomous website, so don’t hesitate to visit and see if it has anything else you want.

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