Why and How Should You Have a Meditation Minute in Your Office?
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Why and How Should You Have a Meditation Minute in Your Office?

|Oct 6, 2022

An office worker faces multiple challenges every day at work. At times these challenges get so tough that they cannot cope with them. Such situations impact their thinking ability and lessen their focus. However, their coping mechanism improves if they take out some time for meditation minute.

A quick meditation for focus can do wonders in your workday. It is a process in which you try to calm your thoughts and manage stress via controlled breathing. Meditation while working can help you align your thoughts and come up with rational solutions. It calms you and soothes you. If you ask for the benefits of meditation, you will be amazed that there are multiple benefits.

Today, we will be discussing the benefits of breathing meditation benefits and how you can incorporate desk meditation into your daily routine. So, stick with us till the end as we explore the details. 

Benefits of Meditation at the Office

Understanding the benefits of meditation prior to getting to a quick meditation for focus is vital. Below we have discussed the benefits of breathing meditation benefits to give you a better idea. 

Focus on Work Increases When You Meditate

Multiple distractions exist in any workplace, so focusing on your tasks becomes a tough task in such a situation. Meditation can help you build focus and concentrate on your tasks better. People who often have a problem concentrating on their tasks at work should try a quick meditation to focus during their work hours and align their thoughts.

Focus on Work Increases When You Meditate

Stress Levels Reduce

Meditation can help reduce stress levels, decrease anxiety, and treat mental block depression. We often worry unnecessarily at work. Having a random flow of thoughts and worries often becomes too irritating, and thus it makes everything quite stressful. But meditation can help us a lot in coping with these worries.

Meditation helps us control our reactions and improves our ability to witness our thoughts instead of reacting to them without thinking. It calms neuronal firing and brings us peace. Thus, it makes it easier for us to plan our next move. Honing this skill often helps people control their stress; thus, they feel less anxious and stressed once they start practicing meditation. 

Stress Levels Reduce in meditation minute

Happiness Levels Increase

Just when meditation reduces your stress and anxiety, it enhances your happiness levels, and you tend to stay happier at work. Research has proven that meditation makes the left side of the prefrontal cortex in your brain more functional. It is the portion of your brain that is connected with promoting positive emotions.

When the left side of the brain is functioning better, eventually, the right side (promoting negative thoughts) becomes less functional. Thus, your brain only promotes positive thoughts and ignores the negative ones. As a result, you start having a more optimistic approach towards life which makes you happier. 

The Cognitive Decline of Brain Is Retarded

People experience retardation of cognitive abilities of their brain when they age. A cognitive decline of one's brain increases the chances of memory loss too. However, people who meditate have a lesser chance of memory loss, and their cognitive decline is slowed as well. Meditation can even improve your cognitive abilities by increasing the gray matter in your brain. Thus, several doctors recommend meditation to elderly individuals. 

The Cognitive Decline of Brain Is Retarded

Meditation Improves Well-Being

Since meditation destroys stressors and promotes positive thoughts, it improves your well-being and ensures you have a happy and healthy life. People who meditate tend to make smarter life choices. Their choices are mainly health conscious, entailing the addition of seated stretch in daily life, increased water intake, and the selection of a healthier meal plan. Thus, they stay happier and healthier. 

Cardio-Vascular & Immune Health Improves

Since you are keeping a keen check on your health and aligning your thoughts well with meditation, you experience improved cardiovascular and immune health. Individuals who meditate tend to have a reduced blood pressure level. Thus, they encounter lesser aggression and have better cardiovascular and immune health. 

Cardio-Vascular & Immune Health Improves

Meditation Increases Self-Awareness

Since a quick meditation for focus lets you witness your thoughts without reacting to them aggressively, it increases your self-awareness and acceptance. You become more aware of yourself, and later you choose how you must react to certain challenges. Since you are not reacting in the meditation process, you build a degree of acceptance that helps you control stress. 

Meditation Can Help in Fighting Addictions

A meditation minute requires your focus. Thus, it demands you to have greater self-control and break your dependencies. Meditation teaches you such qualities with time. Thus, people who meditate have greater control over themselves and are more aware of what can trigger them. So, it is easier for such people to fight their addictions and exhibit better self-control.

Meditation Can Help in Fighting Addictions  

Meditation Guide in Office

Now that you are aware of the benefits of meditation, it’s time to learn how you can do a quick meditation to focus on your own. There are multiple meditation techniques that people are often seen practicing, but the easiest one of all is the eight-minute meditation.

To perform this meditation, you must ensure that you sit comfortably in your office chair and that your feet touch the ground. You should then close your eyes while softening your gaze and letting your body relax. You must start taking deeper breaths next and focus on how you inhale and exhale.

People have different ways of taking this inhaling and exhaling exercise. Some of them think of inhaling light and exhaling stress; you can make your own analogies. We know that thoughts often wander, but you must build focus and align your thoughts as you breathe. You must not fight your thoughts at this point; you are only supposed to let them flow.

Once you are on track with the quick meditation, continue it for eight minutes. We would suggest you practice it daily for better results. 

Final Words

We know that you would have made up your mind to incorporate meditation into your daily life, but you must know that you will need some ergonomic office furniture like a standing desk and an ergonomic chair to perform it successfully. If we talk alone at a standing desk, there are multiple health benefits of a standing desk. You can avail of all of them if you have one.

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