[Limited Offer] 10% OFF Autonomous StudioPod Prefab ADU now available
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[Limited Offer] 10% OFF Autonomous StudioPod Prefab ADU now available

|Sep 28, 2022

When the year 2020 rolled around, the Autonomous team of designers and engineers, along with the rest of humanity, were starting to adjust to a new reality: how to live, work, and play in a world that had been shaken by a pandemic. With more and more individuals working from home, it became obvious that home offices would soon become a commonplace in many people's lives and that there would be a greater than ever need for private, segregated work and play places.

With the help of a prefab ADU product called the Autonomous StudioPod, anyone may create an incredibly adaptable environment for work or pleasure in their own backyards. You may get a very good notion of the StudioPod's potential benefits just by checking out some of the images on our website.

Super simple construction studio shed

StudioPod is a blessing compared to the excruciating headache and never-ending administrative procedures involved with house improvements. Within a day, this prefab ADU is entirely constructed from scratch, and you are then prepared to start using it, which is the exciting part.

One of the biggest obstacles to setting up a professional, distinct office area in any home is finding the right contractor and dealing with unanticipated glitches along the road, in addition to the time it takes to renovate or expand on to a home. Every facet of that trouble is removed by StudioPod.

Simply construction StudioPod

A prefab office shed you can monetize, or use for work & play

You can rent it out to other individuals who might require it in addition to using it yourself to do tasks and relax when it's time for a break. Your StudioPod becomes in high demand as more people search for private, hourly-rentable office space, particularly in suburban locations where renting out office space is less frequent or practical. Having a nearby office space that can be rented out could generate significant profits over time.

You could even use Airbnb or rent it out for short-term stays as a semi-living place. Your own creativity is essentially the only restriction. StudioPod is an adaptable, multipurpose space that generally works however you want it to. Thanks to included furniture such as a sofa bed, a desk, a chair, and a closet, it’s super flexible and can be used for work or play.

Prefab studio shed for work, play and live

StudioPod available now for 10% OFF

The StudioPod is now available for a huge 10% discount! Best of all, this discount is available to all customers, no sign-in necessary. Just shop, click, checkout, and you’re good to go! This offer on our studio shed is only available for a limited time, from September 28 - October 16, so don’t miss your chance to score a great deal on our best prefab ADU ever. Find more information and start shopping now on our sale page. This offer is only available in California.

StudioPod 10% off Oct/2022

More than a backyard accessory dwelling unit

StudioPod is ready for you to set up and get to work, play, or make extra side income in your one backyard. It’s more than just a regular prefab office shed, it’s a lifestyle upgrade that you can adapt to suit your specific needs. Be sure to take advantage of this great deal and we can’t wait to see what you do with your very own StudioPod

Autonomous StudioPod

Autonomous StudioPod

Dimension106” W - 155”L x 106.3”H
MaterialFrame: Vinyl sliding - Housewrap - Bitume - Plywood - Honeycomb paper - Steel frame - Plywood
Basement: Steel, Cement
IncludeA closet, desk, bookshelf, TV stand, a foldable coffee table and convertible sofa bed
Minimum wattage150W
Lighting3 color modes
Warranty1 year
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