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Office Chair For Upper Back Pain: 5 Options
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Office Chair For Upper Back Pain: 5 Options

|Jun 21, 2021

Back pain happens to be one of the most common ailments among office workers; however, this problem can be solved if you replace your old chair with an office chair for upper back pain. It may seem like there is no difference between both choices, but there’s more to it than you think.

Poor chair ergonomics and a bad sitting posture are often the cause of upper and lower back pain. However, using a computer chair for back pain can be hugely beneficial for your spine and your productivity, and mental health.

Upper back pain

Office workers should be especially careful with their comfort as they spend more than five hours a day sitting completing their daily activities. However, it is hugely important to take ergonomics into account to avoid feeling in pain afterward.

For that reason, today, we'll present you with the top five options for an office chair with upper back support. This way, you can avoid feeling discomfort, and the back pain won't make you lose your focus while you're working.

Best office chairs for upper back pain - 5 options

The following chairs were designed with the needs of office workers in mind. Although it can be challenging to find an ergonomic office chair with upper back support, we have compiled a list of the most appropriate options for any office worker.

Below you can also find descriptions for each aspect that we took into account for the creation of this list. That way, you can find an ergonomic chair for upper back pain that suits your tastes.

1. ErgoChair Recline

The ErgoChair Recline has been the preferred option by many users for a long time. Its popularity shouldn't be taken for granted as it is one of the best office chairs for upper back pain that Autonomous has developed. It provides the user with enough adjustability to adapt to each user's body proportions with ease.

Once you incorporate the ErgoChair Recline into your home office setup, you’ll start noticing how the upper back pain starts disappearing slowly.

This chair is made of recyclable materials. Despite that, it is hugely resistant and durable. Plus, its backrest emphasizes greatly the areas that are more susceptible to receive damage during prolonged sitting periods.


The standard version of the chair provides you with enough ergonomic features for you to work throughout the day without any problem. However, it is possible to “enhance” the aspects it includes for further relief.

You can choose to add a headrest and a footrest (both at the same time or one of them) if you want the perfect office chair for upper back pain.  However, adding these features will increase the price of the chair greatly.

If you want a black high back office chair that provides you with comfort and enough adjustability features for you to be seated with ease for prolonged periods, the ErgoChair Recline is your call.

2. ErgoChair Plus

The next option is the ErgoChair Plus. Despite being a premium option, it is also very popular. The also-called “Kinn Chair” is a masterpiece in comfort, ergonomic regards, making it the top High back ergonomic office chair from Autonomous.

Its adjustability is greatly enhanced. You don’t have to struggle while trying to figure out how everything works as it has intuitive technology, making the chair adapt to your body with ease.


The upholstery is made of mesh. Thus, it ensures the user remains as fresh as possible thanks to this material's excellent breathability. It will help you maintain yourself comfortable during those hot summer days, unlike other materials, such as leather.

It also features a waterfall seat design that will help you maintain a good posture while you’re sitting. This way, you won’t have to struggle with back pain once your workday is over.

3. ErgoChair Pro

Would you like to enjoy some of the features that the ErgoChair Plus, but your budget doesn't allow you to purchase it? It's not a problem. You can also opt for purchasing the ErgoChair Pro. It provides most of the ergonomic aspects that the previous office chair for upper back pain has to offer, but for less price.


Within its main characteristics, we can mention adaptability, adjustability, and comfort. As it is still made of mesh, it will be possible for you to remain fresh during the hottest days.

Furthermore, the backrest has been developed to provide the user with the most comfort possible while sitting. It will be easy for you to remain seated comfortably even during those long workdays when you are overwhelmed with many tasks.

4. AvoChair

For the last option, we have the AvoChair. It is another popular option within the Autonomous catalog. Unlike many other office chairs available in the market, it provides the user with many adjustability features regarding height. Hence, it is highly recommended for people with heights above the average.


Its backrest was developed to make the user as comfortable as possible during those long work hours. Although it is highly effective for upper back pain, it mostly emphasizes the lumbar area.

Similar to most of the office chairs provided by autonomous, this option is made of mesh. Thus, this office chair for upper back pain will also help you remain fresh throughout the day.

5. Extra option: ErgoStool

The ErgoStool is another good option if you want to have a new seat as soon as possible. It is capable of providing you with enough comfort and durability so that you can work with ease for a while. You can adjust its height for an optimal configuration according to your body proportions.



There are multiple aspects to take into account while looking for a good office chair for upper back pain. It’s not only about what looks nice or what is most expensive. You’ll have to take into account the following factors:

  •    Comfort
  •    Adjustability
  •    Aesthetics
  •    Durability

The aesthetics may seem trivial, but some people give it importance. All of the chairs listed above provide you with the mentioned aspects. If you want to replace your old office chair with something that helps you feel more comfortable throughout the day, this is a great place to start.

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