Office Furniture Online Store For You to Explore And Buy
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Office Furniture Online Store For You to Explore And Buy

|Dec 15, 2022

Finding an office furniture online store that's reliable and offers high-quality items can be hard. However, it's not impossible. You have to spend some time exploring your options until you find a store that suits your preferences and current needs.

Whether you wish to replace your office chair with a more comfortable option or perhaps want to find some office accessories to make your workstation economically correct, these stores have what you need. Let's explore 15 office supplies online stores suggested by us!

1. Autonomous Office Furniture

Autonomous is one of the most renowned quality office furniture suppliers on the web. Not only do they have tons of options available in the store, but the prices are also unbeatable, and the quality is superior to most things you can find in today's market. You can find tons of cheap office furniture online at this store, from ergonomic chairs to standing desks, among many other options that could be useful for your workstation.

Autonomous Office Furniture

Top dimensionSmall Top: 43"L x 24"W x 1”H
Classic Top: 53"L x 29"W x 1"H
XL Top: 70.5"L x 30"W x 1"H
Frame dimension27.5”W x 40" - 73”L
Height rangeWith top: 26.2" - 52"
Without top: 25.2" - 51"
MaterialsTop: Warp-proof, MDF wood, natural Bamboo
Frame: SPCC steel
ColorsTop: White, Black, Walnut, White Oak, Bamboo
Frame: White, Black, Grey
Weight capacity310 lbs
Warranty7 years for frame
1 year for top

Top dimensionSmall Top: 43"L x 24"W x 1"H
Classic Top: 53"L x 29"W x 1"H
XL Top: 70.5"L x 30"W x 1"H
Frame dimension27.5"W x 40" - 73"L
Height rangeWith top: 29.4" - 48"
Without top: 28.4" - 47"
MaterialsTop: Warp-proof, MDF wood, natural Bamboo
Frame: SPCC steel
ColorsTop: White, Black, Walnut, White Oak, Bamboo
Frame: White, Black, Grey
Weight capacity265 lbs
Warranty5 years for frame
1 year for top

Dimensions29”L x 29”W x 46” - 50”H
Seat height

18” - 20”

MaterialsPolyester fabric with molded foam interior and durable nylon plastic frame; PU handrest pads
ColorsCool Gray, Evergreen, All Black
Red Apple, Black & White, Baby Blue
Weight capacity300 lbs
Warranty2 years
FeatureAdjustable height, armrest, headrest, backrest, and seat tilt

2. Uncaged Ergonomics

Uncaged Ergonomics is another good option if you're looking forward to getting high-quality furniture that is both useful and durable. While the store mainly offers height-adjustable desks, it also has a line of office accessories like keyboards, keyboard trays, and anti-fatigue mats for standing desk users. There are tons of options you can choose from, regardless of whether you prefer a minimalist or maximalist style in your workstation.

DimensionTop: 23.6” x 47.2”
Frame: 27” - 46”
MaterialsParticle Board, Steel
ColorsWhite, Maple
Weight capacity250 lbs
Warranty3 years

Top dimension23.7” x 45.3”
Height adjustment27” - 46.3”
MaterialsSteel, Glass
Warranty3 years

3. Mount-It!

Mount-It! is primarily popular in the gaming industry, but it has started to add useful office accessories to its catalog recently. Thus, you will find different options for a standing desk converter or perhaps a full-standing desk with all the features you need to work comfortably throughout the day. The store offers different solutions for mounting monitors in an ergonomic manner, whether you have a single or multi-monitor setup at the moment.

Mount-It! - office furniture online store

Top dimension59" W x 29.5" D x 1" H
Frame dimensionHeight range: 29.7" - 49.4"
Width range: 39.4" - 63"
MaterialsFrame and legs: Steel
Top: Melamine shelves
ColorsFrame: Black
Tabletop: Brown
Weight capacity176 lbs
Warranty10 years

Top dimension59"W x 29.5"D x 1"H
Frame dimensionHeight range: 25.4" to 51.4"
Width range: 39.4" to 63"
MaterialsFrame and legs: Steel
Shelves: Melamine
Weight capacity275 lbs
Warranty10 years

4. Techni Mobili

The next cheap office furniture online store is Techni Mobili. This brand primarily focuses on ergonomic chairs. You'll find tons of cost-effective choices that can be the perfect fit for your workstation. All the seats are built with top-quality materials and include diverse adjustability features that you can use to improve your experience with them.

DimensionCompact: 55" W x 28" D x 29" - 49" H
Classic: 47" W x 23" D x 29" - 49" H
Height range29” - 48.5”
MaterialParticleboard desktop and heavy-duty steel reinforced frame
Weight capacity154 lbs
Input power100-240V
Warranty5 years

Dimension28.25''L x 25.5''W x 35.5''H
FeatureAdjustable shelf that can be mounted center, right or left of the desktop
MaterialHeavy-duty particle board panels with a moisture resistant PVC laminate veneer
Weight capacity100 lbs
Warranty5 years

5. Modernsolid

Modernsolid is a brand well-known for offering diverse solutions for items like standing desks, monitors, and laptop mounts, among many other accessories. Some of their most popular options include computing carts, which allow the user to move their workstation from one place to another in easy steps. This store offers an excellent selection of compact desks for people with enclosed spaces.

Modernsolid - office furniture online store

Dimension21.85”L x 17.95”W x 21.26” - 27.56”H
Height range21.26" - 27.56"
MaterialsWood and Aluminum Alloy
Weight capacity11 lbs
Warranty2 years

Overall dimension21.85”L x 17.95”W x 21.26” - 27.56”H
Tabletop dimension12.2”D x 19.29”L
Table rotation360 degrees
Height range21.26" - 27.56"
MaterialsWood and Aluminum Alloy
Weight capacity11 lbs
Warranty2 years

6. Eureka Ergonomic

Eureka Ergonomic offers one of the most extensive catalogs of ergonomic furniture on the web. It is one of the best office supplies online stores you'll find. There's something for everyone here, from ergonomic chairs to gaming chairs and even standing desks. You can also find office accessories, like monitor arms, traditional desks, or writing tables, to equip your workstation with everything you need to be comfortable while working.

DimensionClassic size: 47"L x 23.6" W
Standard size: 55"L x 23.6"W
ColorsRustick Brown, Oak Grey, Dark Oak
MaterialsP2 board, steel
Weight capacity500 lbs
Warranty5 years

Top dimensionClassic Top: 47”W x 23.6”D
L Top: 55”W x 23.6”D
Slide-out drawers dimension15.4”W x 10.6”D
Height range29” - 48”
MaterialsSteel, MDF wood
ColorsGray, Walnut
Weight capacity220 lbs
Warranty5 years

7. Skyline Décor

Skyline Décor has been in business for more than 35 years. The brand primarily offers ergonomic chairs, which have a very distinctive style compared to other companies. You'll also find shelves, gaming chairs, and filing cabinets, among many other options that will make your life easier when it comes to building an ergonomic office environment.

Skyline Décor - office furniture online store

Dimension48"W x 23.75"D x 27.5" - 44.25"H
Height range27.5” - 44.25”
ColorsBlack, Mahogany
Weight capacity200 lbs
Warranty1 month

Dimensions24”W x 30” - 42”D x 42" - 45.75”H
Seat height19” - 23”
MaterialsFoam Leather, Faux Leather Metal Plastic
Weight capacity250 lbs
Warranty1 month

8. ApexDesk

As their name suggests, ApexDesk offers desks of different kinds. You can find compact desks and standing desks with unique features and complex but useful mechanisms that will help you work more efficiently. If you’re looking forward to replacing your current desk with a better option, this brand very likely has what you need.

Dimension55"L x 29"W x 47"H
Height range29" - 48"
MaterialsMDF with 3D Laminate
ColorsBlack, Rustic Gray
Weight capacity180 lbs
Warranty1 year

Dimension47”L x 23”W x 30” - 47.7”H
MaterialsTop: Solid tempered glass
Frame: Steel
ColorsBlack, White
Weight capacity130 lbs
Warranty2 years

9. Logicfox

Logicfox is a brand that offers seat solutions for ergonomic spaces. Hence, you can find diverse ergonomic chairs with tons of ergonomic features that will make it easier for you to find the best option that adapts to your body. If you’re going online shopping for a new chair, we highly recommend exploring the chairs this brand has to offer. All of them include diverse adjustability options that will make it easy for you to work for prolonged periods.

Dimensions31.5"L x 31.5"W x 40"-44"H
Seat height18" - 22"
MaterialsPolyester sofa fabric with highly elastic sponge interior, Durable nylon plastic frame with highly elastic mesh, stainless steel base and nylon PU caster wheel
ColorsForest Green, Gaming Blue, Cool Grey, All Black
Weight capacity330 lbs
Warranty3 years

Dimensions30"L x 30"W x 43" - 49"H x 38 lbs
Seat height18" - 22"
MaterialsDurable nylon plastic frame with highly elastic mesh, polyester fabric with molded foam interior, aluminum alloy base and nylon PU caster
ColorsWhite, All Black
Weight capacity300 lbs
Warranty3 years


KERDOM describes itself as an “ergonomic office chair expert.” Thus, you’ll find tons of ergonomic chairs with diverse adjustability options that’ll make it easier for you to adapt your seat to your unique body proportions. You will also find other accessories that may be useful for your office, such as folding step stools or perhaps a projector that you may use during presentations.

KERDOM - office furniture online store

Dimensions16.5” - 25.2” W x 37.4” - 40.5” H
Seat height16.5” - 19.7”
MaterialsMesh, Nylon, Polyurethane
ColorsBlack, White
Weight capacity350 lbs
Warranty1 year

Product dimension25.6'' W x 17.3'' D
Seat dimension18.9'' W x 14.8'' D
Seat height36.6'' - 40.2''
Seat cushion thickness2.8''
ColorsBlack, White, Blue, Orange, Brown, Gray, Pink
Weight capacity275 lbs
Warranty1 year

11. The Office Oasis

The Office Oasis” truly honors their name. You’ll mainly find office accessories, but you may also find a few good small computer desks that could be great additions to your current workstation. The brand also offers replacements for office chair wheels and cylinders. Other options you'll find include desk organizers and monitor stands, among many other choices that could be useful for you at any moment.

Dimension36"L x 22"W x 29.5"H
MaterialsAlloy Steel
ColorsBlack, Teak, Pear
Warranty5 years

Dimensions19” - 21.25” W x 39” - 43” H
Seat height17.5” - 21.5”
MaterialsBack: Breathable mesh fabric
Seat:Soft foam with mesh fabric
Weight capacity350 lbs
Warranty5 years

12. Nexera

If your are office supplies online shopping, here is another good brand for you. Nexera Furniture is a Canada-based brand that offers diverse desk options. You’ll find traditional desks with plenty of storage space and modern styles. You may also find office accessories, like filing cabinets and drawers, if you wish to have more storage space in your home office.

Dimension47.25”W x 22”D x 29.75”H x 93 lbs
MaterialsCARB II/FSC Certified particle board, melamine and MDF
ColorsBlack/Greige and Birch Plywood
White and Birch Plywood
Black and Birch Plywood
Warranty1 year

Dimension35.75”W x 15.75”D x 48.25”H x 123 lbs
Number of shelves4
Number of boxes2
ColorNutmeg laminate panel and Matte White Lacquer casing & doors
White melamine, Matte White lacquer casing & doors and Matte Greige lacquer panel
Black laminate, Black melamine casing & panel, Nutmeg laminate doors
Nutmeg laminate casing & doors and matte black lacquer panel
Warranty1 year


FM FURNITURE (in all caps) offers diverse ergonomic chairs, computer desks, and filing cabinets for you to fully equip your workstation with everything you need to work effectively. This brand has a modern and minimalistic style that is so common in today's office furniture online stores. Thus, you'll be able to find options that adapt really well to your style effortlessly.


Dimensions19.3"L x 23.6"W x 40"H
MaterialsMesh back and fabric seat, nylon base
ColorsAlbury, Black Wengue / Smokey Oak
Warranty1 year

Overall dimensions18.1"L x 39.4"W x 20.3"H x 38 lbs
Table top dimensions39"W x 17.5"D
Frame depth4"W
ColorsLight Oak - White
Warranty1 year

14. WalkingPad

WalkingPad offers treadmills that you can accompany with a good standing desk if you want to be active throughout your work day. Hence, these treadmills can be an excellent choice for you to turn your work hours into workout sessions that can help you keep yourself in shape and boost your efficiency.

DimensionsUnfolded: 56.9’’ L x 20.4’’ W x 4.9’’ H
Folded: 32.5’’ L x 20.4’’ W x 5.4’’ H
Item weight48.5 lbs
ColorWhite / Black
MaterialsPanel: ABS plastics
Power1 HP
Speed range0.3 - 3.7mph
Weight capacity220 lbs
Warranty1 year

DimensionsUnfolded: 55.9” L x 28.3” W x 40.2” H
Folded: 30” L x 37.6” W x 8.9” H
Walking area: 47.6” L x 18.1” W
Item weight81 lbs
MaterialsPanel: Acrylic
Layer: EVA cushion
Body build: ABS + Aluminum Alloy
Speed Range0.6 - 7.5mph
Weight capacity240 lbs
AppAvailable for both IOS & Android
Warranty1 year


FENGE offers surfaces, including desks, monitor stands, and standing desks. This brand offers modern furniture and has started to become quite popular among large organizations due to the convenience and comfort these solutions bring to office spaces.

Dimension48'' dimensions: 48''L x 25''W x 32.2”- 52”H
55'' dimensions: 55''L x 25''W x 32.2”- 52”H
Height rangeWith top: 32.2" - 51.9"
Without top: 28.7" - 48.4"
MaterialsAluminum alloy, Wood
ColorsWhite, Black, Oak, Walnut Brown, Reclaimed Wood
Weight capacity265 lbs
WarrantyTop & Frame: 2 years
Motor: 5 years

Dimension47.2"L x 23.6"W x 29.5” - 48.2”H
Height range29.5'' - 48.2''
MaterialsAluminum, Iron, Particle Board
ColorsBlack & Brown
Weight capacity176 lbs
Warranty2 years
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