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Easy Ways to Use and Set up Accent Furniture in Your Home
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Easy Ways to Use and Set up Accent Furniture in Your Home

|Oct 3, 2022

You already bought the house of your dreams in the place where you always wanted to live, what's next? Now, it's time to start decorating. There's no better way to do that than by reflecting your taste and personality through good lighting, vibrant colors, and accent furniture! 

If you have already chosen the perfect home decor style and color combination, the last step is to give your room a focal point that attracts all eyes. Here is where accent pieces come into play. 

Do you want to know where to put accent furniture to make your home look more vibrant than ever? Keep reading and find the best ideas! 

What Is Accent Furniture?

What Is Accent Furniture?

When it comes to home decor, accent furniture defines those pieces designed to make an impact or stand out against the rest of a space's style. 

The definition of the term is intrinsically related to the word "accent." It stands for "emphasis" or "stress" and refers to furniture that accentuates a room's personality or character. 

If you choose living room accent furniture, for example, you can create a warm space to welcome your guests. You can also use these pieces in other areas where you want to have decor that reflects a beautiful personal style, such as the dining room, bedroom, or office. 

You should keep in mind that home accent furniture is not usually designed for functionality purposes. These pieces complement a room's decor, add color or contrast to a bland space, or create a focal point. 

Also, unlike other decor items, accent pieces should not be rigorously combined with the other elements in your rooms. They can also add more definition, texture, silhouette, or drama to your home spaces! 

Accent furniture connects a room's decor items and furnishings, so they work well visually and improvise spaces' styles to reflect your personality or just give your home a more vibrant look. 

If you want to use this type of furniture, you only have to find something you like and be sure it can give your home a personal touch or something extra that will catch people's attention! 

Why Choose Accent Furniture?

Why Choose Accent Furniture?

Whether choosing bedroom accent furniture or looking for pieces for your living room, accent decor and furnishing can help you add character to your home's spaces or give your rooms a more personal style. 

Also, since there are so many patterns, textures, and shapes available, accent pieces are the perfect accessories to complement any décor. 

Still not sure if you should choose accent furniture to adorn your home? Here are other reasons why you should consider these pieces: 

  • They can transform a space's appearance in many ways, meaning you can adapt your decoration to the style you want with small changes.
  • Although they are usually decorative pieces, some can have practical or functional purposes.
  • They give more decorative and functional value to the rooms.
  • Accent pieces bring the color, vibrancy, or definition your rooms need to shine.
  • Some have unique and striking designs that give personal touches to spaces.
  • They go well with decorations of any kind, be they contemporary, traditional, coastal, industrial, or modern. 

As you can see, accent pieces can be a game changer in your home decor. Read on to learn more about them! 

Should You Redecorate Your Whole House for an Accent Style?

You should not redecorate your house if you want to follow this style. In fact, accent furniture's purpose is to enhance subtly or provide contrast to your home's spaces. Therefore, you should not overuse it! 

Instead, you only have to find a piece you like and highlight the elements or themes that already predominate in your home's design. 

What Are the Most Popular Accent Pieces?

What Are the Most Popular Accent Pieces?

Accent furniture can be chairs, rugs, coffee tables, statement lamps, or even a standing desk! These are the most popular: 

  • Small tables
  • Wooden benches
  • Chairs
  • Decorative additions for mantels
  • Tableware, including salad servers, fruit forks, and glass jugs
  • Lamps
  • Kitchenware, including chopping boards, glass cloches, and utensil holders
  • Serve-ware, including coffee sets, bowls, and mugs
  • Drawers
  • Trolley bar
  • Coffee tables
  • Wall hooks, notice boards, t-light holders, and other decorative items
  • And more!

However, you should choose only those pieces that accentuate your home's layout or design.

Also, if you have an office at home, you can also find accent pieces, such as a standing desk chair or space-saving furniture.

Let your creativity run wild, and check out the best home office furniture brands' catalogs to find the furniture or decorative items that might work for you! 

Where to Put Accent Furniture to Elevate Your House's Style

Where to Put Accent Furniture to Elevate Your House's Style

Now that you know what accent furniture is and the most popular pieces, you may wonder where you should place these items to elevate your house's style. Fortunately, you can also find the answer here. 

Choosing the right furniture depends on your tastes and needs. Therefore, before knowing where to put each piece, you must ask yourself what you want to achieve. 

Some items lighten and enrich spaces according to the existing color, while others enhance the layout of other elements. 

By choosing the right living room accent furniture, you can create the feeling that your home is more spacious, making your guests feel more comfortable. 

Do you have a workspace at home and want to improve its decoration? You can look for the best home office accent wall ideas on the internet and find out which one works better for you! 

compact desk or a contemporary office chair could also be good accent pieces if you want a more original and modern setup. 

You can experiment with any style or concept you like! Remember that accent furniture is the best way to use the existing, traditional furnishing to create an innovative look or amplify your house's beauty. 

Therefore, you only have to highlight your personal sense of style, choose the pieces that you like the most, and start trying different arrangements until you find the ideal one! 

The Most Creative Ways to Use Accent Furniture in Your Home

Do you think accent furniture is for you, and are you looking for the best ideas to use it at home? Find some below! 

Odd Decorative Tables

Odd Decorative Tables - accent furniture

If you have noticed that you lack space to place your decoration items in your living room, accent tables could help you! 

You can choose a coffee table or a side table and add it to your living room accent furniture. Do you want the space to look more original and fun? Pick odd numbers! 

Whether you choose three tables or decorate the tables with three items, odd numbers always bring a different touch to the spaces. 

Remember that accent tables don't just provide a surface to place drinks or old magazines. These pieces can house your favorite decorative items, including books, vases of flowers, small sculptures, and more!

In other words, you only have to be creative and try different combinations until you find the perfect style! 

Don't Forget the Entry

Your home's entryway is more important than you think. Therefore, it can also be the perfect place to have accent furniture. 

Do you want your house to make a good first impression on your new neighbors? If so, putting some accent pieces in the entryway can be the ideal solution! 

Chests work wonders here! You can choose a bomb chest, a gold chest, or an ornate chest to make your house's entryway an eye-catcher as soon as someone opens the front door. 

There is no specific rule for choosing a chest. However, if you want it to be a nice piece of furniture, go for those with vibrant colors or modern designs! 

Transform Traditional Seating

Transform Traditional Seating - accent furniture

Did you know that your living room's chairs can offer much more than just a space to sit? 

Chairs can be excellent decorative furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, or any other area where you usually rest with your family. 

While the first consideration when choosing a chair is comfort, these pieces can also be eye-catching visual components to add more vibrancy to your home's spaces. 

Does your room have a neutral color scheme, but you don't want a boring decoration? A chair with a bright color or an eye-catching pattern can transform that area into a bold and lively space! 

If you're not drawn to bright chairs with bold patterns, you can add a bit of drama or definition with black, white, or leather examples. You only have to find the perfect balance! 

Small Furniture with Interesting Treatments

Small Furniture with Interesting Treatments

Although accent furniture also includes large pieces, you can choose small finishings to give your living room a more striking style. 

Small tables or desks work well as bedroom accent furniture, for example. If you want one in your living room, you can opt for inlaid designs or other interesting treatments. 

Also, remember that these pieces should not be ordinary if you do not want to. You can choose colored furniture with strong lines or materials you would not normally choose for your decoration. 

Small furniture can go anywhere from dining rooms to offices. Just make sure they can attract people's attention! 

Vary Your Furniture

Vary Your Furniture

Most people focus on functionality when choosing decorative pieces, and that's not wrong! However, paying more attention to those basic furnishings' functions does not mean you should ignore how they look. 

A dining table or buffet can also create a focal point in your rooms while providing those everyday home functions you need. 

In other words, you can look for a dining table or sofa set with designs that can benefit the style you want your home to have. If you prefer traditional arrangements, you can add some decorative items to give them a more striking touch. 

Don't be scared of the big pieces! Furniture that takes up a lot of space can also be perfect for creating focal points. Some of the most popular are armor, painted folding screens, and Chinese cabinets. 

As long as they don't compromise maneuverability or mobility, these big pieces are good for accent furniture. However, if your budget is tight, you can place accent items in other places, such as the mantelpiece. 

Turn your Dining Table into an Accent Piece

Turn your Dining Table into an Accent Piece

Have you already chosen your bedroom accent furniture, and now it's time to improve your dining room? Don't burn your pockets! You can make your dining table the decor star. 

If you think your dining table is a bit bland or boring, add decorative elements to make it more attractive. Elegant candles, bowls of fruit, or floral arrangements are some of the items you can use.

Do you prefer to change the one you already have? It's also a good option! There are dining tables in every color, style, and size you can imagine. Therefore, you only need to find one that stands out. 

When you're choosing your new dining table, focus on materials, finish, or color. These things can add a personal touch to that family space! 

Use Wooden Benches

Other accent furniture pieces you can add to your home are wooden benches. 

Despite being cheap and minimalist, wooden benches can turn heads! If you choose a good color or style, they can also give a twist to your existing decor. 

Don't Forget Your Office!

Don't Forget Your Office!

Your office doesn't have to be boring either! If you want your home workspace to have more vibrancy or look better, you can also use accent furniture there. 

Original and unusual furniture is the best way to make your workroom funnier or more attractive. A FinerCrafts standing desk is ideal if you are looking for modernity and practicality. 

Desktop risers or toppers can also help you adjust your existing furniture! The best option available on the market is the Mount-It! sit-stand desk converter

Final Thoughts

Adding accent furniture to your home's spaces is the best way to reflect your personality and good taste without spending huge amounts of money. 

If you leverage some of the ideas listed above and rely on your creativity, you can make your rooms look more vibrant than ever. All your guests will love them!

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