Top 21 Best Portable Air Purifiers for Your Home
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Top 21 Best Portable Air Purifiers for Your Home

|Sep 16, 2022

Air purifiers are now considered to be a must-have household item due to pandemics and wildfires. Particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, and vaporous substances are commonly incorporated into buildings. Additionally, indoor plastics, furnishings, paint, and flooring emit toxic vapors. There is also proof that a regular or portable air filter can help remove virus particles from the air that cause COVID. 

Our top air purifiers are listed below. We tested them in homes in Portland, Oregon, New York City, Long Island, and the Dallas metropolitan area. Moreover, we put them to the test in bedrooms, living rooms, and during the wildfire season. Finally, we noticed a lot of anecdotal benefits with all of these purifiers, including relief from chronic coughs and allergy symptoms as well as sinus when we woke up. 

Confused as to whether an air purifier is necessary or not? We offer a guide to all the many gadgets that might help you enhance the quality of the air inside your home.

Top 21 Best Portable Air Purifiers For Your Choice

1. Airthereal AGH380

Airthereal AGH380 portable air purifier

The Airthereal AGH380 is one of the best portable air purifiers available, in our opinion. It not only offers superior particulate filtration, but it also largely eliminates smells and VOCs. Thanks to the potent UV-C sanitizer at the center of the device, it even kills microorganisms. The cost of the replacement filters is the only serious drawback. However, that is to be expected from a HEPA filter of the medical grade. 

On the plus side, you get 550 square feet of coverage and an extremely quiet operation. You even have an automatic mode and a child lock to prevent children from using the controls. 

2. Airthereal AGH550

Airthereal AGH550 portable air purifier

Essentially, the Airthereal AGH550 is among the top products available in the Airthereal air purifier reviews. We were very impressed by how much air it can handle. As for a filter of this size, 750 square feet is a large amount of space. 

Usually, treating that much land would require a sizable, powerful device. The filter itself is also reasonably strong. It complies with all HEPA requirements, making it a fantastic option for anyone with allergies or asthma. It is also perfect for anyone with any type of respiratory sensitivity thanks to the charcoal filter. 

3. Airthereal APH260

Airthereal APH260 portable air purifier

The Airthereal APH260's absence of an Energy Star certification is irrelevant given how little energy it uses. Nevertheless, it saves energy. You are rewarded with an affordable, low-investment air filter when you set that aside. Even if you prefer a hands-off approach, it includes an indoor sensor and Auto Mode.

4. Airmega 250 Coway

This superb Airmega 300/400 series and Coway's bedroom and office model, the 200M, share space in the Airmega 250. The ideal size for a conventional living room or den is this. With its ability to catch 99.999 percent of particles smaller than 0.1 microns, it can combat pollution from large cities and wildfire smoke. The washable pre filter extends the life of the HEPA filter, which is also replaceable. 

5. 200M Coway

Essentially, the Airmega 200M will work for the lives, homes, and budgets of the majority of people because of its extreme simplicity and affordability. The stylish, small device fits neatly into a corner of any bedroom and works well in areas up to 361 square feet. A built-in air quality monitor helps it conserve energy by automatically turning the machine off when no pollution is detected and upping the fan speed when it does. However, at night, you should probably switch off the AQ monitor's strong light. 

6. Cleanlight Air Pro

Cleanlight Air Pro portable air purifier

The KeySmart CleanLight Air Pro provides a practical solution to a developing issue: maintaining clean air quality. This portable air filter, which claims to eliminate 99.99 percent of contaminants, is allegedly powered by amazing technology despite its simple design.

The UV light and ionic air purification used by the CleanLight snooze air purifier cleans and disinfects the air and requires no need for filters. 

7. Honeywell HEPA InSight HPA5300B

This Honeywell is comparable to the other large-room air purifiers, it is rated for rooms up to 500 square feet. With its built-in handle, it is also very lightweight and simple to pick up and move around. It has two HEPA-grade filters inside, along with an activated carbon prefilter for capturing volatile organic compounds like odors from cooking. 

The InSight mini air purifier instantly increased its fan speed and sucked up the scents or invisible particles when the air quality in the flat deteriorated. Essentially, for less than $300, you can obtain a powerful purifier that can be carried from room to room and has an automatic set-it-and-forget-it option. 

8. Air Purifier Bissell Air320 Max Smart WiFi

In a 327-square-foot room, the Bissell Air 320 Max cycles air 4.8 times an hour; in a 1,582-square-foot room, it cycles air only once an hour. 

The portable air purifier has an H13 HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter, and a cloth pre filter that catches an incredible amount of dust. You can also connect it to the Bissell app for simple monitoring. According to a color-coded system, the app and digital display will inform you when it's time to change the filters and whether your air quality is good, moderate, or poor (green, yellow, red). 

With its small wooden feet and place to wrap any extra cords, it has an exquisite look. 

9. Pure Blueair 411

Pure Blueair 411

The Pure 411 small air purifier is mechanically and aesthetically very straightforward. To replace the filter, first, detach the fan component from the air filter, and then take the prefilter's washable cloth sock off. 

On top, there is a one-touch control: tap once for low power, twice for medium power, three times for high power, and four times for turning it off. A 161 square foot room can have its air cycled five times every hour. When the Pure 411 was set to low, we could hear nothing with it only two feet from our heads. Its quietness and small size make it ideal for small bedrooms. 

10.  Air Pure 411 Blue

The portable air purifier includes an internal sensor that raises the fan speed when it detects particles, making it surprisingly silent even at its lowest level. It usually increases to the highest fan speed by morning, even if you leave it on the lowest fan setting at night. Furthermore, its softness and lightness are appealing to many consumers.  

11.  Airmega 400 Coway

Airmega 400 Coway portable air purifier

Up to 1,560 square feet can be cleaned by the Airmega 400, which cycles the air in that area twice an hour. However, its HEPA filters cycle the air four times an hour in a space that is just half as big. It is simple to use, from the touch controls to the color-coded air quality monitor light ring. 

Changing filters is easy. The two durable covers are kept in place by magnets and are easy to remove, and the two filters merely snap in and out. It’s a great mini air purifier but, the 400 version is a better option if you don't need a remote control for your purifier. 

12.  Pure Fan Blueair Auto

The Pure Fan Auto resembles a miniature work of art more than an air purifier. This Blueair appliance, which we like along with its other goods, purifies the air in a 326 square foot space five times every hour while also producing cold air. 

Its fan feels wonderful if you're sitting in front of it, but it's not strong enough to cool off a hot room on its own. If you're a light sleeper, Night mode reduces the fan's speed and turns off the air quality indicator light while barely making any noise. The Auto Pure Fan costs the same as the regular Pure Fan, but it has an air quality indicator light, Auto mode, and Night mode. 

13.  Airmega 150 Coway

The Airmega 150 small air purifier is incredibly quiet, and the touch controls and color-coded air monitor light are easy to use. A LED that displays when the deodorization or HEPA filter needs to be changed is also included. 

14.  Max & Wynd Halo Bundle

Max & Wynd Halo Bundle

Essentially, the center of the room is the ideal location for an air purifier, but that's not always practical. The electronic air purifier and the air quality monitor are divided in Wynd's bundle. The Max air purifier, which has HEPA filters and is rated by Wynd to cover 1,200 square feet, adjusts its filtering strength based on the data received from the Halo monitor, which is orange in size. 

15.  Wynd Plus

One of the tiniest air purifiers available is the Wynd Plus, which is about the size of a water bottle. Although it is not a HEPA filter, the small air purifier can remove all particles larger than 0.3 microns, including most wood smoke and vehicle emissions, in a 3-foot area. Additionally, a microfiber carrying case, a little kickstand, and its own air quality sensor are all included.

16.  Aura Air

Consider the Aura Air if you have a large room (up to 600 square feet) and want smart home devices. This ionic UV air purifier can be mounted on a wall with ease, but you can also put it up on a shelf or tall table if you want. There are four steps of air purification: A HEPA "Ray" filter with three antibacterial layers targets fine particles, a "Sterionizer" emits positive and negative ions to further remove pollutants, UVC LEDs eliminate parasites, viruses, and other germs, and the prefilter collects dust, pollen, and bigger particles. 


This fully certified LEVOIT air purifier removes allergens, smoke, and other toxins, changing the air five times in rooms of up to 219 square feet. The three tailored filters in this model —the original, the pet allergy filter, and the toxin absorption filter— as well as its quieter operation and absence of the display light throughout the night are features that we really appreciate. 

18.  GermGuardian Pluggable Air Purifier

GermGuardian Pluggable Air Purifier

Here, the tiny purifier plugs into the wall and is about the size of your average travel coffee mug. While it can't totally sterilize your entire house, the combination of a HEPA filter and an optional UV light is more than enough to remove odors, mildew, and toxins from the air near the kitchen, trash, litter box, or other nasty areas. 

19.  KOIOS Air Purifier

This compact portable air purifier has a very large filter for its size, and its cylindrical fan rotates the air 360 degrees while using surprisingly little electricity. More importantly, the purifier is CARB-certified, has a HEPA filter, and has an activated carbon filter, making it safe to use in all 49 states, including California. 

20.  4WDKing Aurora Electronic Air Purifier

The 4WDKing Aurora is intended to clean the air that a person breathes by connecting directly to a custom-made mask. Overall, the little device, 7.25 by 4.5 by 2.25 inches, fastens with an armband. The air purifier is connected to a specifically made nonwoven mask by a flexible hose. Finally, the mask keeps the breathing air within. 

Some units of this portable air filter aren't as tightly sealed as others, and it can have a slight odor. 

21. Pure Enrichment PureZone

Pure Enrichment PureZone

This lightweight mini air purifier may be carried easily thanks to its detachable handle. According to the manufacturer, it has a two-stage air filtration system that reduces allergens, bacteria, and pollen by first using an activated carbon pre-filter and then a HEPA filter. 

What Is the Difference Between Air Purifiers and Dehumidifiers?

Below is the difference between an Air Purifier vs. Dehumidifier

By eliminating or otherwise "inactivating" contaminants from the air, air purifiers are used to clean the air. A fan and a filter surface are the two fundamental parts of an air purifier, while the specific filtration technology used might vary, from conventional HEPA filters to ionizers to the newest PECO technology. Most air purifiers work by drawing in air, trapping or removing pollutants on a filter, and then releasing clean air back into the space. 

Contrarily, a humidifier doesn't purify the air. By evaporating water with a fan and wick, vibrating water droplets into the air with ultrasonic technology, or boiling water into steam, it merely adds water to the air. It should be noted that if tap water is used instead of distilled water, ultrasonic humidifiers may also release minute mineral particles into the air. 


We hope this review has helped you choose the best portable air purifier for your home! All of the options here are of great quality, so don’t hesitate to choose something that works for you.

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