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Top 4 Children Antiviral Face Mask Options
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Top 4 Children Antiviral Face Mask Options

|Dec 7, 2020

Protecting your children against viral infections is more critical than you can imagine. Their immune systems may not be as strong as yours, so it's best to do what you can to keep them safe and healthy. Depending on the kind of virus you're dealing with, your child's nose and mouth are areas you should aim to protect. This is where children's antiviral face mask options come into the mix.

As you are likely aware, there are numerous mask alternatives that you can purchase for your child. Unfortunately, not all of them are made equal, which means that many of your options are not as effective as you would like. How do you go about choosing which mask is best? Luckily for you, you can use the information below to help you decide.

1. Autonomous Graphene Antiviral Mask

Autonomous Graphene Antiviral Mask

If the name didn't give it away, this is a graphene children antiviral face mask design. If you are not familiar with the material, it's a durable one used in numerous applications, such as composites, electric batteries, and semiconductors. While the compound is hardy, Autonomous managed to ensure that the mask remains comfortable for the wearer. A soft cotton inner layer is responsible for that.

There are many ways to take care of health and wellness, and having a good antivirus face mask for kids should be a part of it. It would help if you protect yourself, but remember your little ones depend on you to protect them as well.

This graphene protection face mask for kids comes in black, white, blue, and grey. While it is reusable, you should watch this mask no more than 30 times before opting to get a new one.

2. Sankelle 3-Ply Protective Face Mask

Sankelle 3-Ply

One of the best parts about Sankelle products is the dedication to ensuring that the products can be used by those who have sensitive skin. Does your child have a problem with skin irritation or itching? If so, this is one of the best children antiviral face mask options you can get your hands on.

The mask is designed from a non-woven fabric that is waterproof, windproof, comfortable, and sweat-absorbing. As comfortable as it is, it uses a three-layer design, which means that protection from viral compounds in the air is highly present. The material is very soft, and the mask features a form-fitting nose bridge.

Note that the said nose bridge is adjustable, and the ear loops are elastic enough to make for a snug fit on almost any child. This is a disposable mask alternative, and each box contains 50 of them.

3. Disney Cloth Mask

Disney Cloth Mask

If you want an antivirus mask for kids made from cloth, you may want to consider this Disney design. The kids are going to love it since there are various illustrations of their favorite Disney Channel characters. Do you have trouble getting your child to keep a mask on? If so, you may find that you have better luck when they are more in tune with the images.

With each purchase, you get a pack of four children antiviral face mask designs. These protection face masks for kids also stand as a beacon of charity, as Disney went the extra mile of donating one million of them to needy families and children in the USA.

Reviews say that these masks run very small, so pay attention to the size chart before you buy. Once your child is over two years old, these masks make suitable options.

4. Baby Jack and Co. Smile Window Mask

Baby Jack and Co. Smile Mask

This children's antiviral face mask alternative from Baby Jack and Co. combines protection with innovation. It's a handmade design that gives it a homey feel. What makes it stand out is the plastic, translucent "smile window" that offers protection while allowing those on the other side to see your child's mouth. 

A child who must consistently wear a mask is at a disadvantage in the department of cognitive development. However, you can overcome this obstacle thanks to this small but effective design choice.

Baby Jack and Co. manufactures the masks with a two-layer breathable fabric for ample protection and comfort. If you're worried about a lack of safety in the window area, you can get that thought out of your head. A breathable acrylic poly film is used to ensure that viral agents stay on the outside.

Of course, these masks are both reusable and machine washable. There's another charitable aspect to mention here, as the Starlight Children's Foundation receives 20% of all proceeds from these masks. The mission is to support those needy families who have ill children.


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