Why Is Employee Engagement Important? 6 Key Benefits
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Why Is Employee Engagement Important? 6 Key Benefits

|May 1, 2021

Employee engagement benefits have become a common term for workplaces. Currently, businesses treat employee engagement as a miracle drug to tackle workplace challenges. You might have also come across business leaders who claim that employee engagement can even reduce turnover.

Along with having the ideal ergonomic office chair setup, employers should strive to give thriving working environments. Virtual employee engagement is no silver bullet, but the effects it can have on your organization are incredible.

So, why is improving employee engagement important, and what are its benefits? Well, that's precisely what we’ll try to answer through this piece. Let’s get started!

What is Employee Engagement? Why is employee engagement important?

According to the dictionary, building employee engagement is the emotional connection that an employee feels towards the workplace. It is not different for virtual employee engagement. This connection impacts the employee's behavior and productivity in work-related activities.

What is Employee Engagement?

Here is why employee engagement is essential: 

  • One of the importance of employee engagement is that it enhances the company culture. People who are engaged will be more cheery and will let out the same vibe in the workplace.
  • Believe it or not, but employee engagement is the obligation of an organization.
  • Employee engagement will help you to establish more effective leadership.

Employee Engagement Benefits

You must be wondering, "what is the impact of employee engagement?" Well, these days, setting up a comfy workplace having ergonomic office chairs isn’t enough to keep the employees motivated. Besides, disengagement can result in the poor performance of the employees.

Employee Engagement Benefits

Employee engagement research also suggests that these practices can help harbor a healthy environment for your workplace. Well, that’s not it. There’s more to employee engagement than just productivity or a quality workplace. 

Read all the employee engagement benefits below:

Happier Employees

These days organizations search for methods to keep their professionals happy. Incentivizing the employees might put them in a temporary state of contentment. However, until pressure, high stress, and the threat of termination exist among employees, they’ll never be happy.

Your organization can use one-on-one meetings, employee recognition programs, 360 feedback, and team activities. Without the top management hailing threats at employees, professionals will undoubtedly be happier.

Also, American Psychological Association assesses that organizations lose more than $500 billion annually because of workplace stress. Remember, happy employees can save employers money. Well, happiness has quite a significant impact on employee engagement.

Employee Engagement = Employee Satisfaction!

The first thing you should know about employee engagement benefits is that employee satisfaction differs from employee engagement. Employee satisfaction targets the minimum level, whereas employee engagement opts for the maximum.

Employee Engagement = Employee Satisfaction!

However, it doesn’t imply that the organization should not aim for employee satisfaction. Studies suggest that 30% of Americans are very dissatisfied or somewhat dissatisfied with their current work.

We could bet that this wouldn’t be the scenario if workplaces introduced employee engagement plans. Many big organizations are taking employee engagement to take the engagement approach to increase satisfaction. 

Reduced Absenteeism

Is your organization struggling with high rates of absenteeism? Do you ever consider the reason behind these staggering absenteeism rates?

Employees that feel engaged will showcase more dedication towards their work. Additionally, they are more motivated to ensure their team’s success. You don’t want your employees to be taking unnecessary leaves, especially when tasks are piling up.

Reduced Absenteeism

Engaged employees will firmly feel committed to the mission and goal of the organization. And, they will arrive at the workplace with a plan to make sure to fulfill those goals. Unbelievably, engaged workplaces witness 41% reduced absenteeism.

Employees who take leaves occasionally are an indication that they feel engaged and motivated. Nevertheless, if you spot patterns of absenteeism at your organization, brace your employee engagement plans.

Enhanced Customer Service

Despite the growth of self-service and digital shopping experiences, customer service should be the top priority. Engaged employees will serve your customers better. The thing is that the involved professionals have a better affinity towards the organization and the job.

You should know that out of every ten customers out of seven will spend 13% more on a company with excellent customer service. So, make sure you keep all the employees engaged and happy so that your business booms!

Better Employee Loyalty

One critical impact on employee engagement benefits is enhanced employee loyalty and reduced employee turnover. It’s no secret that the face of employee loyalty is wavering with the entry of more and more millennials. Employee loyalty no longer defines long-term dedication.

Better Employee Loyalty

If you take a close look, it’s more of a tit-for-tat interaction. One scary breakthrough for employers: 46% of professionals will accept another job opportunity if something arose. The only way to ensure that your employee doesn’t end up switching jobs is engagement.

Most Importantly, Boosted Productivity

We witness that employers are trying all sorts of wacky tricks to boost employee productivity. They are using ergonomic furniture, a jungle of indoor plants, activity tracking devices, and whatnot.

But they fail to see the perfect solution that’s just standing across the road: employee engagement! You can purchase bulk office furniture orders too.

Most Importantly, Boosted Productivity

Employee engagement research states that engaged employees show 17% more productivity than their fellow workers. Engaged employees showcase diligence and effort in the workplace. As a result, employee engagement activities can supercharge workplace innovation and productivity.

The current workplace approach needs to be very different from what it was five years back. To stay agile, managers need to act more like a coach. Engage in real-time feedback so that your employees feel well-guided.

Bottom Line

If you want to win in the market, you must first succeed within your organization. Now that you are aware of the impact of the role of your team and employee engagement benefits, hurry up and devise a plan to implement it. You can ramp up your business success with a few employee engagement practices.

Many organizations today are making employee engagement the focal point of their workplace. An engaged workforce will always go the extra mile for the organization to achieve its goals!

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