Why Is an Upholstered Office Chair Important to Your Health?
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Why Is an Upholstered Office Chair Important to Your Health?

|Nov 11, 2022

It's common to see office-goers suffering from lousy posture, either due to their desk being too low or uncomfortable chairs.  

Other than hampering productivity, an improper workspace can also strain your body. Neck and shoulder aches, lower back pains, and joint issues are only the tip of the iceberg. 

However, an upholstered office chair might be the solution to such problems. On top of their ergonomic design, such office chairs come with a range of versatile features dedicated to making your life easier.  

There's also a variation of upholstered chairs, so it can confuse consumers to pick one out of the lot. Don't worry; the section below can help you understand their differences.  

What Are the Different Types of Upholstery for Office Chairs?

Choosing only one upholstered desk chair is difficult, given that there is a diverse line to them. However, here are a few types of upholstered chairs you can find in the market:    

Mesh Upholstered Chairs

The most common type of material is mesh, which is breathable and relatively inexpensive compared to the variations mentioned below.  

Besides having a modern appearance, mesh is also ergonomic, as it is low maintenance. Most mesh chairs also come with lumbar support, therefore, providing optimal comfort to users. You can find your desired mesh upholstered office chair in different colors, designs, and sizes.


  • Mesh is a breathable material
  • It’s very flexible and allows good tilt and reclining
  • Most mesh chairs have lumbar support
  • It’s usually inexpensive


  • Mesh office chairs can collect dust faster than other materials
  • The backrest feels hard after some time

Mesh Upholstered Chairs - upholstered office chair

Textile Cushioned Chairs

Consider imitation leather chairs if you want an upholstered office chair with arms that look modern and aesthetically pleasing.  

However, it's important to note that such chairs aren't the most ergonomic and comfortable for sitting for long hours. However, they do work well as lobby chairs. 


  • Very nice design
  • Imitation leather is low-maintenance, making cleaning easier
  • Strong and durable material


  • Not ergonomic at all, especially if you have to sit and work for long hours
  • The chair isn't ideal for office spaces, as it's more fashion-oriented

Hard Upholstered Chairs

If we have to be honest with you, consider this upholstered desk chair only if you have no other alternative. Although it’s ideal for kitchen and canteen spaces, such hard chairs are a no-no for office spaces.  

Due to being constructed of hard materials, such as wood, plastic, or metal, this chair is painful to sit on for more than an hour.  

On the bright side, hard upholstered chairs are effortless to clean and last for years through proper maintenance.  


  • Very inexpensive and widely available
  • Low-maintenance
  • Chairs made of tough upholstery can last for years! 


  • Extremely uncomfortable to sit on
  • Limited blood circulation

Hard Upholstered Chairs - upholstered office chair

Foam Upholstered Chairs

You've probably seen these office chairs in different workspaces, such as banks, receptions, and hospitals.  

Foam upholstered chairs are cheap, and you don't have to look hard to find one. The foam's quality and density determine the chair's comfort level. By a rule of thumb, the denser the foam is, the more comfortable it will be.  


  • Very comfortable to sit on, if the foam is thick and dense only
  • Breathable seat material


  • The foam quality can deteriorate over time, causing a powdery mess
  • Cut foam chairs gradually lose their density and compression

The 15 Best Upholstered Office Chairs

We know how confusing it can be to find the best upholstered office chair. The following section might help you make a smart decision. 

1. Autonomous ErgoChair Pro

The list would be incomplete without this mesh upholstered office chair with wheels. Autonomous puts consumers' comfort first when manufacturing products; this model is proof.  

Holding up to 300lbs, this chair comes with multiple adjustability options for seat tilt, armrests, height, backrest, and more. You can also lock the recline to your preferred angle.  


  • Five adjustability options
  • Mesh woven backrest allows air circulation
  • Smooth recline and tilt
  • Comfortable lumbar support


  • Assembling the chair alone can be difficult, as it's pretty heavy

2. Autonomous ErgoChair Plus

The Pro+ model is an upgrade from the previous one, making it the best upholstered office chair for gamers and office-goers.  

What makes this chair unique is its frameless contoured seat cushion, complete with an S-curve to provide lumbar support. The mesh backing also ensures free air circulation.  


  • Unique frameless design
  • A contoured seat ensures optimal lumbar protection
  • Breathable mesh backrest
  • Eco-friendly construction


  • No headrest provided

3. Autonomous ErgoChair Recline

An upholstered desk chair doesn't need to be boring – and this model is a prime example of that claim.  

This ergonomic recliner chair has a comfortable S-curve lumbar design, with additional features such as adjustable recline, height, armrests, etc. On top of that, the backrest is made of breathable mesh with a high-density foam seat.  


  • Comfortable recline adjustability
  • Mesh backrest allows for proper air circulation
  • Adaptive spine support


  • The product is available in two colors only

4. Autonomous ErgoChair Core

Go with this computer ergonomic chair from Autonomous if you lack space in your workplace. 

The mesh backing and contoured cut-foam seat ensure fantastic air ventilation, preventing moisture from trapping. Alongside that, the lumbar support on the bottom ensures you don't feel sore after hours of sitting.  


  • Compact design
  • Wide seat pan and backrest
  • Comfortable S-curve for lumbar support


  • You don't get a head or footrest with the chair

5. Autonomous AvoChair

Are you looking for an upholstered office chair with arms without burning a hole through your wallet? If the answer is yes, consider this model. 

This eco-friendly office chair has a functional high-tensile recline, including adjustable back and armrests, height, and tilt. The aluminum alloy base makes sure the product stays put.  


  • Unique elastic mesh seat and backrest
  • Sturdy aluminum base
  • Eco-friendly construction


  • The product is not ideal for tall people​​​​​​​

6. Logicfox Ergonomic Office Chair: Saddle-shaped Mesh Seat

The Logicfox chair is perfect if you want something ergonomic within a budget. This chair has eight adjustable points that provide lumbar support, back and armrests, height adjustments, and more.  

On top of that, this high-tensile lumbar support office chair has a weight capacity of 300lbs. and a breathable mesh body. Work comfortably for hours while sitting on this skin-friendly upholstered office chair.  


  • Weight capacity of up to 300lbs
  • High-tensile mesh backing
  • Comfortable 3D armrests


  • The product is only available in two colors


7. US OFFICE ELEMENTS Ergonomic Office Chair

The following model is this high-back upholstered office chair with wheels. Consider going with this alternative if you prefer curved armrests to 3D ones.  

Adjust the height with the pneumatic lever underneath the seat, and change the tilt to your preferred angle. The product also comes with proper lumbar support, providing those who work for long hours with optimal comfort.  


  • Moderate lumbar support
  • Adjustable height and tilt
  • Durable mesh back


  • The headrest placement can be awkward for short people


8. Finercrafts The Office Chair: Headrest & Legrest

Buy this ergonomic chair if you're looking for a product that doesn't take hours to assemble. The FinerCrafts upholstered office chair with arms is an ideal addition to any workplace.  

Adjust the mesh back and headrest to angles that allow you to work comfortably. Take a mini nap with your feet up, thanks to the convenient footrest support.  


  • Convenient three-lock recline
  • Comfortable S-curve design
  • The pneumatic lever lets you adjust the seat height


  • The headrest placement isn't ideal for short people

9. KERDOM Office Chair: Flip-up Arms

This multi-functional product is the best upholstered office chair for small offices. Although incredibly pricey, the features included make it worth the money.  

The elastic mesh seat is very soft, with a high-tensile backrest. Rest your arms comfortably on the 3D arm supports. On top of that, the S-curve design ensures excellent lumbar protection.  


  • The S-curve design takes pressure off of the back
  • It has a high-density elastic mesh seat
  • Moderate tilt and recline


  • The product is relatively small, which can be a problem for tall people 


10. Duramont Reclining Leather Office Chair: Ergonomic Adjustable Seat

Consider this Duramont model if you want a reclining office chair for your office space. The brand went all out when manufacturing this chair, complete with its waterfall seat edge.  

You will also find this product with a bouncy bond leather covering, preventing moisture build-up. The high-tensile backrest and tilt control also make it an ideal purchase.  


  • Very soft bond leather seat and backrest
  • Smooth tilt and recline
  • The footrest is convenient


  • The chair is enormous​​​​​​​

11. EUREKA ERGONOMIC GX5 Series Gaming Chair

Consumers are recently considering a gaming chair as a better alternative to a traditional upholstered office chair – for all the right reasons too!  

Take this EUREKA model as an example. This computer ergonomic chair is not only budget-friendly but also very comfortable to sit on for hours. In addition, the five adjustable points allow you to work in your desired position and angle.  

Lumbar, back, 3D armrests, and footrest supports are the only added benefits this beauty provides users with.  


  • Breathable mesh construction
  • Ideal for gamers and office workers
  • 3D armrests are padded


  • This chair can be too big for some office spaces

12. Skyline Decor Home and Office Upholstered: High Back Chair

This is the best upholstered office chair for those seeking a hint of luxury in their furniture. The high-back chair comes with a swivel seat and a durable chrome base.  

On top of that, the buttoned backrest and seat are made of fire-resistant compression foam, allowing users moderate bounce when sitting. The arms are curved on this chair, giving it a sophisticated appearance. 


  • Stunning design
  • Ideal as a lobby chair
  • High back with moderate recline adjustability
  • Curved arms are aesthetically pleasing


  • The chair isn't comfortable to sit in for long hours
  • It’s very large, making it an issue for compact office spaces


13. Skyline Décor Office Upholstered Mid-Back Chair

We have yet another Skyline upholstered office chair, which is much smaller in size this time. The mid-back chair sports the same fire-resistant foam design, including a thigh-supportive waterfall seat. 

The swivel allows you to turn 360°, while the chrome base ensures you don't fall back.  


  • The chair is available in vibrant, bold blue color
  • Very aesthetically pleasing and modern looking
  • Padded with fire-resistant foam
  • Strong chrome base


  • Its mid-back design can put a strain on your lower back and neck
  • Not ideal for office spaces



14. Techni Mobili Upholstered Tufted Office Chair

It's always fun to go with a tufted upholstered desk chair for your office space, so why not try this model?  

The Techni Mobili chair sports a dark gray polyester covering all over the product, giving it a modern look. Adjust the seat with the pneumatic lever underneath, and recline to your desired angle.  


  • Low-maintenance polyester covering
  • High-back design looks chic
  • The tufted back and armrests are beautiful
  • Looks great as a statement chair piece in lobbies and receptions
  • Pneumatic height adjustment lever underneath the seat


  • The product has minimal tilt and recline
  • Not ideal for office spaces


15. The Office Oasis Ergonomic Chair: Hardwood Floors Caster

Our final product on this list is this mesh upholstered office chair with wheels by The Office Oasis.  

The chair comes with convenient lumbar support and a breathable mesh seat cover. On top of that, the rollerblade wheels on this model make it ideal for hardwood floors. Expect no scratches on your floor when you sit and glide on this chair! 


  • Ergonomic mesh construction
  • Convenient lumbar protection
  • Ideal to use on hardwood floors
  • Five adjustability options are available


  • No footrest is available on this model



Pay attention to a few crucial details when shopping for an upholstered office chair. Look for a product that is ergonomic and conveniently sized for you and your office space.  

On top of that, you should go with a model with added features, such as headrests, footrests, highly adjustable recline, tilt, etc.  

We hope this review helps you find the best ergonomic chair. Shop wisely to choose a chair that provides optimal comfort to your body!

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