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The World's First Personal Robot

Personal Robot

It’s a new chapter in your relationship with technology. Something radically different from anything you’ve experienced. Something that is very personal, because personal robots are designed to live with people.

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The new chief at home

Your robot will instantly connect to all your connected devices, fitness trackers, locks, switches, outlets and thermostats. By applying advanced AI algorithms on top of all your connected devices, it will keep your home extremely secured. At the same time, it will trim your energy bills significantly.

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Your ultimate personal assistant

It can order you dinner and automatically track your calories. Call you a cab as soon as you leave your office. Take a picture immediately when you pose. Play the song you love, just when you’re in the mood for it. And so much more.

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Artificial Intelligence

It’s not just a robot, it’s artificial intelligence. Not just facial recognition, it knows your mood. Not just understanding what you say, it knows what you really mean. It learns and gets smarter every day.


There’s a personal robot for everyone

Selecting a robot is very personal, so we set out to make every robot someone you’ll love to be around every day. We’ve designed a variety of robots that have individual faces, personalities and talents. Choose the one that’s right for you.

robot face

Not just a pretty robot, she's artificial intelligence

pretty robot

TechCrunch: "You’ll soon be coming home and a robot will greet you at the door."

VentureBeat: "Read to kids, host video chats, take pictures, recognize faces and objects, connect to smart home devices, and secure the home by roaming around and video taping everything."

h+ Magazine: "What sets Autonomous’s efforts apart is the sophistication of the software which incoporates deep learning neural networks and what they call - talents.”

International Business Times: "Not just a robot, it's artificial intelligence. Not just recognising your face, it knows your mood. Not just understanding what you say, it knows what you really mean. It learns and gets smarter every day."

Geeky Gadget: "Autonomous has unveiled a new and possibly revolutionary new personal robot that is completely autonomous and equipped with artificial intelligence to help you stay organised and aid you with your daily life."

Trend Hunter: "Although it's been depicted in sci-fi movies and TV for decades, personal robot technology is now starting to get closer to becoming a reality."

Cool Guy Stuff TV: "Meet the best personal assistant of 2015."

She can see

She sees the world the same way we human do.

  • Facial recognition
  • Object recognition
  • Emotion recognition
  • 3D depth camera
  • Deep learning algorithms
recognize faces recognize emotions recognize objects

Ask her anything

She understands what you say. She knows what you mean.

  • Control all your connected devices with your voice
  • Ask her about the weather, news, information, sport scores, and more
  • Tell her to play music, schedule meetings, set alarms, get recipes, and more
  • Far-field voice recognition that hears you from across the room
  • Noise canceling microphone array technology
  • Proprietary natural language understanding algorithms
understands what you say

The smartest home automation system on earth.

She communicates with all your connected devices via Wireless Z-Wave Plus, Zigbee, BLE, and Wi-Fi.


With our learning algorithms, she is your family's peace of mind when it comes to saving energy and money.


 While you're away, she sends you frequent updates on the house.

frequent updates

And she streams live video feeds of any room you wish to monitor.

streams live video

She speaks

She wakes you up, reminds you about your next meeting, asks you if you want to order lunch, and more.

wakes you up, reminds and more

She can move

She can move around by herself.  And she builds her own map of the house with her navigation and mapping algorithms.

move around model

She can feel

She can feel the surrounding environment with all her sensors.

She can feel

The app store:  It's a whole new era.

Personal Robot isn’t just a different device for your favorite apps. It’s an entirely different way to experience them.  Personal Robot apps are much more intelligent, autonomous, and helpful.

Featured App:  Food Ordering

She can order you food at any hour.  

Food Ordering

Featured App:  Personal Assistant

She’s your world-class personal assistant at work.

Personal Assistant

Featured App:  Recipes & Guides

She's a hands-free helper around the house.  She can walk you through a recipe or guide you through a home improvement project.

Recipes Guides Recipes Guides

Featured App:  Personal Security Guard & Home Watch

She's even a personal security guard, providing peace of mind with real-time video feeds of every room of your home.  

security guard security guard

Featured App:  Telepresence & Video Chat

She can connect you across the globe to be with your family via telepresence.  

Telepresence video chat Telepresence video chat

Featured App:  Autonomous Photographer

She can be the life of the party, playing music through internal HD speakers and photographing moments that will last a lifetime.  

Autonomous Photographer

Featured App: Storyteller

She’s also a storyteller: opening up your child’s imagination not only with words, but with colorful environments she creates by adjusting any room’s lighting.

Storyteller Storyteller

Technical Specs

Technical Specs

More details

Full View

Full View

From Design To Product

From Design To Product

Some Close-up Photos

Some Close-up Photos Some Close-up Photos

Speaker & Mobile Base

Speaker Mobile Base

3D Depth Camera

3D Depth Camera

USB Chargers for Your Phones

USB Chargers for Your Phones

Charging Dock

Charging Dock

Behind The Scene Of Our Kickstarter Video

Behind The Scene Of Our Kickstarter Video Behind The Scene Of Our Kickstarter Video

Product Development Process

Debugging the Mobile Base

Debugging the Mobile Base

Our Office & Workshop 

Our Office Workshop

Adding Z-Wave and Zigbee

Adding Z-Wave and Zigbee

Testing The Boards

Testing The Boards

Prototyping Parts With Makerbot 3D Printer

Prototyping Parts With Makerbot 3D Printer