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About Lumicharge

In today's workplace, ergonomics plays a key role. Although there has been an uptick in awareness about the importance of a healthy work environment, lighting is still frequently overlooked as a component of a well-designed office. LumiCharge has all the solutions to your lighting problem. Many people wonder what is the importance of work-from-home lighting. Too little or too much light may have a major impact on how hard it is for your eyes to focus on a digital screen. Reduced eye strain and headaches are among the many benefits of well-lit spaces. As a result, if you often suffer from dry eyes, fuzzy vision, or even migraines after working on a computer, improving the lighting ergonomics at your workplace or at your desk might help alleviate these symptoms. An LED lamp is one of the best office accessories you should have.

Why Should You Get LumiCharge Lighting?

The interaction between a person and a light fixture is the focus of lighting ergonomics. Benefits to productivity, employee morale, and the prevention of cardiovascular disease in the workplace are substantial. The game has been completely altered with LumiCharge smart lamp options. Too often, the lights in a workplace are mounted high up and cast harsh shadows or glare on workers below. If the lights are flickering or don't provide enough lighting, the problem will become much worse. Inadequate contrast (low light from the room and strong light from the computer monitor), poor distribution of light, and inappropriate color temperature may all contribute to eye strain and weariness for workers who spend long hours in a poorly lit workplace. You can rely on LumiCharge to provide any and all of your lighting requirements.

Some Tips For Lighting

One of the most important parts of lighting ergonomics is making sure your workspace is well-lit. Because your eyes have to work harder to adjust to the dim environment, resulting in fatigue and headaches. Another typical kind of incorrect lighting ergonomics that causes eye tiredness and headaches is relying too much on direct lighting, which casts shadows and gloomy areas around your workplace. Glare is created when intense light penetrates your field of vision either directly or indirectly via shiny objects. Glare causes visual fatigue because it obscures everything except the brightest light.

Features Of LumiCharge LED Lamp

Study & Bedside Lamp with Multiple Phone Charger

The LumiCharge lamp has three different color temperatures and ten different brightness settings, making it ideal for use for studying. You don't have to constantly fiddle with the settings since it remembers your preferences from the last time you used it. Give your eyes a break and bask in perfect illumination, day or night. The LumiCharge lamp’s designed motion sensor instantly turns the night light on when it senses activity. Finding a light switch will no longer be an ordeal. What you need is LumiCharge II. This LumiCharge smart lamp with a three-phone wireless charger has a ton of useful features, including fast charging, a docked charger, and a USB connector at the rear.

Maximum Adjustability for Office and Home Use

This highly adaptable LumiCharge LED smart lamp can be rotated up to 330 degrees, providing you with the perfect amount of light no matter where you need it in the room or how big your desk is. The time, date, day of the week, and current temperature can all be seen at a glance on the LumiCharge LED smart lamp display, which also has an adjustable backlight for your office desk lighting. Your LumiCharge II's time and date will remain accurate owing to a built-in CR 2032 battery. The LumiCharge II is unrivaled in its class because of its cutting-edge design and high-quality components. Its basic, contemporary aesthetic gives a sense of class to your home without overwhelming it. For further durability, the LumiCharge desk lamp is painted with a UV-resistant, high-gloss finish that contains silver ions. Because silver ions are anti-microbial, the LumiCharge desk lamp is a good choice for people and families because it prevents the spread of germs and bacteria on its surface.