10 Unique Airbnbs for Productively Remote Working
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10 Unique Airbnbs for Productively Remote Working

|May 3, 2023

According to a solid study by Zippia, over 26% of the US workforce currently works remotely. This trend has greatly increased after the advent of Covid-19. However, working at home amidst the world's distractions is difficult, and most remote workers travel. Finding the best place to halt also lets you work peacefully.

Here are the top 10 most unique Airbnb USA ideas that will make you love remote work and will result in you achieving high productivity levels. This post is a shout-out to all remote workers out there!

Top 10 Most Unique Airbnb Ideas for 2023

1. The Box Hip Hop – Rockbridge, Ohio

Have you ever seen containers dropped on top of other containers? The Box Hip Hop is an office shed with quite a similar resemblance. It is the perfect location for remote workers, surrounded by woods, nestled in a comfortable swinging chair.

The prime workspace includes a dining room table and an outdoor fireplace to work at ease while living your life to the fullest.


  • Unique shipping container lodging in Hocking Hills

  • Stylish decor and modern amenities

  • Stunning natural surroundings


  • Limited space for larger groups

The Box Hip Hop – Rockbridge, Ohio

2. Peached Casita – Austin, Texas

The Peached Casita serves the best remote working location as a backyard office shed. It is an L-shaped home, along with a spacious patio, and it also consists of a lavish cowboy pool for you to swim and energize your brain. Overall, it is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom unique Airbnb USA.


  • Chic and modern casita for a comfortable stay

  • Centrally located in Austin, Texas

  • Private outdoor patio for relaxation


  • It may be expensive compared to other options

3. Little Pink Barn House – Mount Vernon, Ohio

The following unique Airbnb in the US is perfect for all ladies and girls. The Pink Barn looks like a fairytale house, and it can accommodate 5 guests with its 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It is based on a French-style farmhouse, elegant with a slightly rustic touch.


  • Charming and unique stay in Mount Vernon, Ohio

  • Stylish and cozy interior

  • Tranquil rural surroundings


  • Not ideal for those who prefer urban settings

4. The Whidbey Island Treehouse – Freelance, Washington

This treehouse in the north of Seattle is the picture-perfect remote working location for sure. It allows you to appreciate the natural beauty in terms of lush green trees and a cozy landscape. It also has an outside setting for sitting peacefully, admiring the view.


  • Cozy treehouse stay in Freelance, Washington

  • Serene natural surroundings with great views

  • Rustic charm and modern amenities


  • Not ideal for those with height or mobility concerns

5. ABODE³ at East Zion – Orderville, Utah

This makeshift modular ADU is the perfect place for living alone. This tiny corner in southern Utah has an outside sitting space for you to work on your laptop and sunbathe. The unique Airbnb comprises a queen bed, a washer, and a dryer.


  • Stylish and spacious desert abode in Orderville, Utah

  • Unique and modern architecture

  • Beautiful natural surroundings


  • Not ideal for those who prefer urban settings

ABODE³ at East Zion – Orderville, Utah - unique Airbnb

6. Glamp In the Wild – Livingston, Montana

This is a shed house idea that keeps you close to nature. It is surely a scene to talk about, giving you the feel and immersive experience just from a man living in the village. The modern shed has premium amenities that make you live a peaceful life.


  • Luxurious glamping in Livingston, Montana

  • Stylish tents with modern amenities

  • Spectacular natural views


  • Lacks traditional hotel amenities/services

7. MGM Jacuzzi Penthouse – Las Vegas, Nevada

Talking about Airbnb USA, it is difficult to leave out MGM Jacuzzi Penthouse. Remote workers have the right to enjoy themselves as well. This 38th-floor suite provides the perfect outside view through its full-length windows. The best part is its in-room Jacuzzi to let out the day's tiredness.


  • Luxurious penthouse with Jacuzzi in Las Vegas

  • Breathtaking city views and prime location

  • Upscale amenities and furnishings


  • It may be pricey compared to other accommodations

8. Joshua Tree Green Haus – Yucca Valley, California

The next best Airbnb in the US is the Joshua Tree Green Haus. This place is perfect for a team on an assignment. It gives you a coordinated space to work remotely with your colleagues or friends. This Airbnb exists in the desert landscape of Yucca Valley, California. Not to forget, it has an outdoor tub as well.


  • Eco-friendly stay in Yucca Valley, California

  • Stylish and modern interior design

  • Beautiful desert landscape and stargazing


  • Not ideal for those who prefer conventional lodging

Joshua Tree Green Haus – Yucca Valley, California - unique Airbnb

9. Secluded Intown Treehouse – Atlanta, Georgia

If you want prefab shed kits that provide a luxurious living experience, go for this Unique Airbnb, the Secluded Intown Treehouse. This luxurious attic nestled in the woods is one of the most popular Airbnbs, with three sections for lounging and great bedroom doors.


  • Unique treehouse stay in Atlanta, Georgia

  • Secluded location in a natural setting

  • Stylish and comfortable interior


  • Not ideal for those with mobility issues

10. Charming Getaway – Atascadero, California

The last but definitely not least on our list of the most unique Airbnbs for remote workers is the Charming Getaway. This Airbnb is constructed on a 12-acre farm plot, and it comes furnished with bohemian-style furniture and natural touch to give you a rustic feel. It comes with a rocking armchair and a comfortable two-seater sofa.


  • Charming and peaceful stay in Atascadero, California

  • Beautiful natural surroundings for relaxation

  • Stylish and comfortable interior


  • Not ideal for those who prefer urban environments

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That is all from our side on the most unique Airbnbs in the US. We hope you found this post informative and useful. Consider your budget and requirements before settling for an Airbnb. These Airbnbs are perfect spots for remote workers to work with peace of mind, greatly boosting productivity and allowing them to work at ease. Thanks for reading!

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