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15 Perfect Outdoor Office Sheds & Pods for Working at Home

AutonomousAutonomous | Jan 1, 2022

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Working at home means you have to consider many things, including your workstation itself. However, there is an easy solution many workers are going for: having an outdoor office shed. It allows you to enjoy your time outside while you're focused on your job, and it might give you other benefits as well. This guide offers the best advantages you could enjoy, as well as a list of the top options to go for on the market. 

The Benefits of Having a Shed or Pod for Remote Work


With the rising popularity of remote work, it's no surprise that outdoor home office options are becoming more famous every day. Many workers want to enjoy the benefits of having a backyard office shed, which can range from making your life easier to allow you to save some money. Here are some advantages of working in a garden prefab shed: 

1. It Makes Hybrid Work Easier

Working in a premade shed means you can balance your daily tasks better, especially if you're part of a hybrid workforce. Each time you need to sit down and complete your activities, you can do so while being completely away from your usual surroundings inside of your house. 

Hybrid work means part of the workforce has to go on-premises, whereas others need to work from home. When you're part of the second group, you might need to quickly set up an office that has everything – fortunately, pods make the process much easier. 

2. You Can Build Your Personal Workspace

You Can Build Your Personal Workspace

One of the most important aspects of working from home is building your own workspace. In many cases, people make the mistake of trying to complete their to-do's from bed, wearing pajamas, and putting their laptop over their torso. 

Workers who spend hours in inappropriate conditions may feel pain in their back, neck, shoulders, and legs. At the same time, you might spend a lot more time trying to complete your daily tasks since you don't have everything you need near you. 

With a personal workspace, however, you can easily have access to the items you require to do your job (for example, documents, pens, etc.), and also make sure your body does not suffer in the process. 

3. It Promotes Work-life Balance

If you need to work from home, you might not know how to draw a line between your homely surroundings and your work. However, a pod smoothens the process since it lets you delimitate the exact place where you're supposed to do your job, and it contrasts it to other spots where you can enjoy your leisure time. 

On many occasions, assembling a pod in your backyard or garden means you can have a separate space to rest. You can even organize your surroundings to arrange a small lounge area, and whenever you need to take a break, you can sit there and relax for some time. 

4. It's a Low-cost Option

It's a Low-cost Option

Unlike building an office from scratch, a garden prefab shed is easy to assemble and usually not so expensive.  

Some workers enjoy assembling their workstations by buying luxurious items, but that is not everyone's case. On the contrary, you might prefer going for a low-budget alternative to make sure you save as much as possible. 

Luckily, an outdoor office shed might be the best option in the long run. Although it may seem like a large sum to pay at first, if you compare it to other alternatives, you may quickly notice that it's more budget-friendly. 

List of Outdoor Office Sheds and Pods

Now that you understand all the benefits of having an outdoor work pod, take a look at the best options on the market: 

1. Autonomous WorkPod

Autonomous outdoor office shed

The first alternative is by none other than Autonomous, one of the best brands to give you home office solutions.  

Often known for its high-quality chairs, this brand now offers you a work pod that might be what you're looking for in your garden. The Autonomous Pod comes available in different options, and you only need to choose the one that fits your needs the best. 

With this home office shed, all you have to do is get up and start doing your job without worrying about your surroundings. You only need to choose the model you want, which makes the process more fun since you can personalize your results. To know more, you should book an Autonomous Pod tour

2. Garden Office by Sett Studio

Another fantastic prefab office pod option is Sett Studio's Garden Office. It's immensely stylish and uses energy-efficient materials, which makes it ideal if you're looking for an environmentally friendly option. 

The beauty of this pod is that it's both simple and elegant, and it gives you the perfect balance between work and leisure time. With it, you can remove distractions, focus on your work, and still rest whenever you need to. 

3. Backyard Room's Wooden Garden

Backyard Room's Wooden Garden

This outdoor office shed combines functionality and the most beautiful natural aesthetic, and it's all due to Backyard Room's design.  

It's a tiny backyard office shed surrounded by different types of greenery, and it creates a unique space where you can complete your daily tasks. If you go for this outdoor work pod, you can add a desk, a couple of chairs, and even some furniture outside to take naps during your breaks. 

4. Garden Studio by Serge Shoemaker Architects

Serge Shoemaker Architects is another brand that offers a garden prefab shed you should evaluate. In this case, the outdoor office pod is not simply a workstation – it can also be the ideal garden shed, storage place, or study.

The Garden Studio combines sleekness and the best features since its narrow design allows it to be very versatile. At the same time, since it's narrow, it can fit even if you don't have much available space. 

5. Pod Space's Custom Mini Pod

Custom Mini Pod outdoor office shed

There is something about small, enclosed spaces with elegant designs that attract many people's attention. Thus, the Custom outdoor home office by Pod Space is one of the best examples of that since it features beautiful shapes and eye-catching colors, which is one of the main reasons why some customers choose it. 

However, Pod Space's Custom Mini Pod is more expensive than other backyard office pod options, so you should make sure you're confident about your choice before you buy it. Otherwise, you might spend unnecessary money. 

6. Pod by Office in My Garden

Office in My Garden has become so famous that it's now one of the most recognized options to get a custom-made, top-of-the-notch pod for your backyard. With this brand, you don't need to choose among catalog alternatives – instead, you can have professionals build your design. 

Experts behind this brand give you many outdoor home office options to choose from, but you can also ask for specific requirements. Most designs combine functionality with elegant lines, so whatever you decide, the outcome might be fantastic. 

7. Green Studios’ Garden Office Pod

Green Studios outdoor office shed

Green Studios offers some of the best options you might want to look into if you're looking for a modern backyard shed. While finding the best pod for your outdoor home office might not be challenging at first, when you're looking for specific styles (for example, a modern look), you may need designs that have certain features. 

The Garden Office Pod uses wood planking, so its design is immensely attractive and eye-catching. Since it's also sturdy and trustworthy, you don't need to worry about it being in danger under poor weather conditions.  

8. Neil Dusheko Architects’ Office Pavilion

A simple design can work for anyone, and that's exactly what you can get if you buy Neil Dusheko Architects’ outdoor office shed. 

Even though it looks like a straightforward wooden structure, this office pod includes bold glass walls. Thus, they give the garden prefab shed a contemporary twist, and that might work fantastically if you're aiming for a modern-style office. 

9. Office Shed with Bike Storage by Green Studios

As it was mentioned before, Green Studios outdoor office shed offers more than one outdoor work pod you should check out, especially if you need a workstation that serves different purposes. 

The Office Shed with Bike Storage can become your hub to complete your daily tasks, but it can also be the ideal place for you to store your bikes. Once you're done with work, you can put your sneakers on and ride for some time to relax and unwind. 

10. Wahind Gohil Architects’ Garden Office with Green Roof

Wahind Gohil Architects’ Garden Office with Green Roof

An office in your garden can always serve more than one purpose, but if you don't have much space available, you might not know how to make things work. Fortunately, with the option by Wahind Gohil, things are much easier. 

This is a garden office with a green roof, so at the very least, you can have a roof garden. Additionally, its color helps isolate the heat, and that's immensely convenient if your pod is going to be under the sun. 

11. Backyard Office by Inoutside

Featuring beautiful wooden planks, Inoutside has a collection of outdoor office shed options, which includes the Backyard Office.  

The Backyard Office has sliding glass doors with black steel frames. Furthermore, it has several windows, and that allows you to take advantage of natural light sources while you're working during the day. 

12. Peter Guthrie's Modern Office Shed

Peter Guthrie outdoor office shed

Unlike other extravagant designs, the outdoor work pod by Peter Guthrie is a clean and modern home office

It doesn't have any details, colors, or patterns, which might be something many people don't enjoy. However, if you're going for simplicity and functionality, it may be the ideal option. 

With straight lines and sleek wood as its primary material, Peter Guthrie's outdoor work pod might be your favorite since its simplicity is what makes it a truly beautiful option. It doesn't need much for it to be effective – it has glass doors, it's sturdy and can endure different weather conditions, and it's elegant. 

13. Pod Space's Micro Max Pod

The Micro Max outdoor office shed is another garden prefab shed option, and this one is particularly special since it offers something that most of the others don't: underfloor heating. 

If you want to experience the comfort of working without your shoes on, underfloor heating might be essential. Moreover, the Micro Max Pod offers you other benefits as well, such as a glass door, a window, and a white interior. 

Even so, keep in mind that the Micro Max Pod is smaller than other alternatives. Thus, it might not be the ideal option for you if you need more space, or if you're planning to get big furniture. 

14. KitHaus’ Modernist Garden Office

KitHaus’ Modernist Garden Office

Many contemporary home office sheds might remind you of small houses you've seen in movies. Although it may be hard to believe, KitHaus is a brand that specializes in building these structures, and their Modernist Garden Office has quickly gained popularity due to its fun and beautiful design. 

The Modernist Garden Office is the ideal example of a multipurpose outdoor office shed. You can organize your workstation on the inside and take advantage of the place's roof to assemble a lounge area outside, which might be ideal if you want to take naps while you have your breaks. 

15. BLOOT Architecture's Garden Pavilion

There is one last outdoor office shed on this list, and it's the Garden Pavilion by BLOOT Architecture. It uses sturdy materials to give you a useful and sleek home office shed, so you should keep it in mind and add it to your list. 

This backyard office shed option is one of the simplest ones you could go for – its wooden planks are a beautiful brown color, it has black metal frames, and it may give you enough space for you to organize all your items and home office furniture. Lastly, it has a cube-like structure, which helps you eliminate distractions!

Keynote Takeaways

The Benefits of Having a Shed or Pod for Remote Work

Finding the ideal home office shed requires you to examine different options and choose one that works for your backyard or garden. However, since there are so many fantastic alternatives, compare the 15 best ones on the market and pick the best one for you!

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