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Home Office Pods for Maximum Productivity & Focus
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Home Office Pods for Maximum Productivity & Focus

|Jul 14, 2021

Unless you have been living under a rock, you should know that a global pandemic struck the entire planet in 2019. Starting at the close of 2019 and carrying throughout 2021 (and beyond), the world was scurrying to reconfigure itself. The world had to respond to a new normal after coronavirus – a disease with no known cure, no known treatment, and no end in sight. All aspects of society were impacted by it, including the office. Many office-based industries had to dig deep to adjust to the event. The solution? The Office Pod.

A soundproof home office pod is excellent alternatives to the traditional home offices rooms we include at home. They've been rising in popularity since the pandemic started, as the need for private, quiet places where people can work on their daily responsibilities has increased.

It is now 2022, the trend has continued, and countless people are entirely home-based or are hybrid work employees. So, if you'd like to have a place where you can work privately and be isolated from the external noise, here we have a few tips you can utilize to buy a work pod.

Remote Working

remote working

The number of employees working from home in the United States has been on the rise. Indeed, the recruitment search engine has noted a 385% increase in the number of people seeking remote employment. Companies are now seeing the light as they see the potential corporate yearly savings of $11,000 per telecommute worker. 75% of millennial workers presume flexibility when it comes to the office. 

Consequently, many American workers are now reassessing their office options. There is a growing demand to solve the challenge of managing a work-life balance when working remotely. Soundproof home office pods provide an alternate resolution for your current workspace at home. 

  • Performance can Increase when for Remote Workers

Stanford studied 16,000 workers over 9 months and found that working from home increased productivity by approximately 13%. Interestingly, workers also conveyed improved work satisfaction, and attrition rates were reduced by 50%. 

  • Working Remotely can Increase Productivity by up to 77%

Approximately, 77% of those who are from home, show an increase in productivity. Thirty percent  do more work in less time with 24% doing more work in the same period according to a survey by ConnectSolutions. 

  • No Dedicated Unobstructed Work Office for Some Remote Workers

Many home-based workers have to cope with a desk pushed against a wall in the den or crowded in the corner of a kitchen. Transforming that extra room into a home office may be too much of an undertaking. Subsequently, it is not unusual for remote employees to fight to keep up their focus and performance in a crowded and distracting environment. Ultimately, your home is a place of relaxation, entertainment, and family bonding – your workspace should encourage productivity and concentration. Installing a soundproof home office pod to separate the two might be just the ticket!

What is an Office Pod?

office pod

Privacy office pods are virtually self-contained spaces that give the employee a space to focus, away from the office’s distractions and noises. They are a “room within a room” – some of them are mobile. 

Often, they look like futuristic phone booths with a ceiling, often glass walls, accommodation for a solitary worker, and the basic equipment to get to work. Soundproof home office pods provide a peaceful, separate space for all sorts of workers, regardless of the department.   



The indoor home office pod captures all these and much more – all at a very reasonable price. How does it do that? The soundproof home office pod starts by creating privacy – a necessary commodity in a productive, thriving workplace. Privacy is needed for many of the essential functions of an office. Whether it be a phone call, a meeting, or a videoconference, the importance of privacy cannot be overstated. In a nutshell, workspace privacy matters.


To focus effectively while working at home, people need space, privacy, and comfort. A soundproof home office pod can become your private sanctuary insulated from the rest of your house. 

Increased Productivity

Devoting a quiet space to work has proven to radically increase productivity at work. Studies suggest that approximately 30% of remote workers’ time is lost due to distractions in the home, which costs companies money. 


The other aspect of the work from home office pods is the freedom from distractions. Let us face it, distractions are the bane of any work environment. Distractions can range anywhere from street noise, noisy office machinery or equipment, odors, flashing lights to noisy coworkers and uncomfortable room temperature. 

With the soundproof work pods, these can all be regulated and/or eliminated. You can design your pod with only the amenities that you need and in the ideal orientation suited for you.

4 Reasons to Invest in an Office Pod


The office pod or soundproof work pod is an innovative way to create a room within a room that sprung from the desire for home office innovation. It means that your office or workspace can be anywhere you need it! Aside from the flexibility of a work-where-you-are-office, the innovative work from home office pod offers several other advantages such as:

  1. Privacy – no prying eyes peering over your shoulder, going through your drawers, or listening to your phone calls. A soundproof home office pod works perfectly in this scenario.
  2. Separation of work and life – trying to balance home and work becomes significantly easier because you can focus more and improve productivity.
  3. Plug and play in many instances – no costly, dragged-out setup process. Your office is ready out of the box.
  4. Freedom from distractions – your office is soundproof and other distractions are minimized, except for the ones you want.

Simply put, this model allows flexible work conditions where employees can work remotely and set their schedules. Research suggests that 48% of workers prefer this type of arrangement. A hybrid workplace is a place where employees want or opt to go – they do not have to. The use of pods in the office space provides a more versatile workstation compared to the traditional cubicles.

Can It Be Used as Office Meeting Pods?

meeting pod

This type of product creates a meeting area within a workplace that most likely is not as important as a boardroom. It provides somewhere where one or many employees go to get away from their work area when the task calls for it. 

There are many other purposes for soundproof work pods. It includes individual concentration or focus, a place to take or make private calls, or a rejuvenation space where workers can refresh. 

Creating a microenvironment inside the broader ecosystem of the workplace gives users an area where they can go to find quiet, focus, or privacy. As office meeting pods become commonplace, they are also becoming more versatile. 

Advantages of Office Work Booths


If you are considering introducing office meeting pods or soundproof work pods into your workplace, it is imperative that you consider the outcome wanted. 

Improving Focus and Productivity

According to a Steelcase study, we get distracted every 11 minutes and a quarter of the lost time is caused by distractions in or near work settings. Giving workers a place where they can go to escape audio and video interruptions will help keep productivity and concentration in order. 

Providing More Privacy

One of the main issues that have come to light as experts start to predict a decline in open-plan working is a lack of privacy. 95% of workers say they require quiet, secluded spaces, and 41% say they do not have access. This type of office is the ideal way to accommodate this without having to break the bank or cause any disruption. 

Combating Excess Noise with Acoustic Pods

Another issue which has reared its head since open-plan offices become popular is the issue of excess noise. Many soundproof work pods for offices or soundproof office pod for home are now made using acoustic materials which help intercept undesired background noise.

Lowering Stress Levels

Designing a work environment in response to everyday workplace concerns is a way to improve employee job satisfaction and experience. It increases workplace morale and lowers stress. 


"Privacy Crisis" is detrimental to Stress levels, productivity, and concentration. it can also mean compromise confidentiality. A locked-away-from-the-world and the acoustically enhanced pod is a practical resolution to this issue. 

Simple and Affordable

Refurbishment can be rather expensive, especially if it involves big architectural changes. An office meeting pod or booth allows you to create a self-sufficient work environment within the broader workplace for less money and much trouble.

Cross-Device Movement

As more and more employees work remotely, we see an increase in video calls and phone calls. It impressed the need for a more professional backdrop. A partner eating breakfast in underwear in the background or a screaming baby is not great for your professional reputation.

Soundproof Home Office Pod Considerations

Soundproof Home Office Pod Considerations

Outdoor work pods are highly popular among remote workers. However, it may not be a good idea to purchase the first option you see on the market. There are a few elements to consider, which range from the manufacturing material to the size and additional uses you'll give it.

In this section, we’ll explore each work pod feature that people should take into account before purchasing a soundproof office pod for home.


The manufacturing material defines the longevity of your work from home office pod. It also defines other important aspects, like sustainability and even the aesthetic. Hence, you should pay special attention to this factor.

For instance, if you'd like to have a garden pod, it would be best if you picked one made of durable, sturdy materials.

Still, there are tons of options out there, and some of them may even cause an impact on your focus and stress, based on the overall aesthetic they provide to the whole pod's interior. However, please note that you also play a key role here, as you'll have to decide what pieces of furniture you'll include – which will directly affect how comfortable you'll feel throughout your workday.


soundproof home office pod Size

You should pick your soundproof office pod for home based on the space you have available and the usage you’ll give it. Your home office pod should be spacious enough for you to arrange all the pieces of furniture you need comfortably, as well as keep the atmosphere tranquil and productive.

Additional uses

You can use your soundproof work pods for multiple purposes, not necessarily as an office. Maybe in the future, once you retire, you'll utilize this space for meditation or perhaps as a guest room in case you have people coming over. Although these spaces have one primary use, it is up to you to decide how you'll use them in the long term. Think of your soundproof home office pod as an extra room in your house.


You can decorate your work from home office pod as you please. The aesthetic you choose is up to you. Here you should also consider other elements, such as the location and foundation.


Garden Office Pod Autonomous

The price of a indoor home office pod varies according to the size and material. Hence, it is important to evaluate how much you're willing to spend on this addition to your house. Another notable point regarding the price is that it varies based on the manufacturer.


These items are meant to be long-term investments. Hence, it's very likely for it to have an extended warranty. But, again, this factor can vary from a manufacturer to another. Therefore, it's recommendable to find manufacturers that offer extended warranties in case something goes wrong with your new office pod.

What About the Furniture?

soundproof home office pod takes into consideration the need for comfortable and durable, ergonomically created furniture. In this respect, you might consider any of the various types of ergonomically designed ergonomic chairs in your office work booth. They are designed with relaxation in mind but with choices, such as many locking positions, and responsive back support. 

Office standing desks also come in various options geared to the workers' budget, space, and needs. Standing desks improve productivity by allowing workers to adjust their posture from sitting to standing and vice versa. It improves blood circulation and helps mitigate boredom. It heightens creativity and increases concentration and focus.  

Mobile call and meeting booths are becoming popular within offices but also in some public places allowing users to work on the fly. Flexible office & remote work signify the new normal of work. It is converting conventional office spaces with shared desk spaces and small focus and meeting places. The use of workspace booths or pods gives users more privacy and comfort with soundproof conditions. Office meeting pods & call booths allowing companies to save on office construction and design. They are mobile, quite easy to place or move according to your workers’ needs.

Bringing a soundproof home office pod into your house decreases stress, improves focus, and promotes creativity. Once you discover indoor home office pods, you recognize their many advantages, most important of which for many employers are focus and productivity. The office work booths promise separation from your family, and work-life is the ultimate working-from-home answer. Soundproof office pods for home are unique solutions for personal workspaces in the age of telecommuting for remote workers.

What About the Furniture

Now, let’s talk about the ergonomic home office equipment you'll include in your new office pod. It's essential for you to prioritize your comfort over aesthetics. Hence, you should include pieces of furniture that improve your comfort and allow you to complete each task with ease.

Here we will give you some ideas about the furniture you can include in your home office.

Ergonomic Chair

First, you'll need to find a chair that allows you to adopt an optimal posture while also keeping your body comfortable throughout your work session. Hence, you should take into account other factors, like adjustability, padding, and extra features.

  • A good ergonomic chair includes adjustable seat height, armrests, and sometimes lumbar support. The more freedom you have regarding the chair's adjustments, the better.
  • It’s also essential to take into account your size. Average ergonomic chairs are not suitable for people outside the average height or weight.

A good choice for an ergonomic chair is the Autonomous Chair Recline, which allows you to adjust pretty much every aspect it has integrated while keeping you comfortable, thanks to the mesh backseat it has. You can also choose to include a headrest or a footrest if you'd like to improve your comfort in the long term.

Standing Desk

Standing Desk for soundproof home office pod

Standing desks are an excellent option for any office, so including one at your soundproof home office pod isn’t a bad idea. These desks allow you to alternate between sitting and standing as you go through your workday. In addition, they’ve been linked to exceptional health benefits, such as improved focus and lower blood sugar levels.

There are tons of standing desk options in the market, but one of the best choices you can make is the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard). Not only is it cost-effective, but it also includes tons of options you can utilize to make the most of your workdays. For example, you can switch its height from 29.4 to 48 inches.



A home office is not complete without the appropriate accessories. Of course, the extra stuff someone needs for their office vary from a person to another, but here we list a few items that you shouldn’t overlook at all:

  • Desk Mats – Desk mats allow you to reduce the keyboard’s resonance and the vibrations from being spread throughout the desk. This way, you can improve the overall comfort and stability of your workstation.
  • Desk Lamps – It’s essential to include a desk lamp in your workstation to prevent eye strain. A well-illuminated desk allows you to improve your focus and productivity throughout the day.

There are tons of other accessories you can include at your soundproof home office pod. It’s up to you to decide how many things you’ll add to this space based on your preferences and needs.

Autonomous Work Pod

try out

Let us introduce the Autonomous Work Pod! WorkPod is a soundproof home office pod so you can hear yourself think for the first time and nothing else! It includes floor-to-ceiling glass doors, so you never feel claustrophobic. Setting up this office work booth is easy! It takes a few delightful hours to set up. No need to hire contractors to build an addition and spend months waiting. 

Work Pod arrives pre-wired and equipped with all the amenities – convenient outlets for all your devices and yes, appliances, warm lighting, and of course, a cooling and heating unit. The fully-equipped model comes with the Autonomous Chair Ultra, Autonomous Desk Eureka, and more!   

Just plug it in and you are set! No prep needed. Work Pod’s fuss-free foundation is adaptable to just about any terrain. Built to evenly distribute the weight of up to four tons, it can easily rest on everyday surfaces like Brick, concrete, grass, and gravel for years. 

Every seal, every piece of lumber, and every join is perfectly controlled and tested to best the factory standards 

It is impossible to achieve this with traditional buildings constructed on-site. Work Pod is snow, wind, rain, and humidity resistant. You can learn more about Work Pod Terms and Conditions before making a purchase.

Please note that there is no trial policy for the WorkPod itself. A 30-day trial applies to other Autonomous products included in the fully equipped WorkPod, such as Autonomous Desk Connect, Autonomous Chair Ultra, Filing Cabinet, Dual Monitor Arm, Anti-fatigue Mat, and Cable Tray. A full refund will be issued based on the current price of any of these products returned within 30 days.

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