What Are the Benefits of a Rowing Machine?
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What Are the Benefits of a Rowing Machine?

|Mar 25, 2023

Curious to discover more about rowing machine health benefits? Rowing machines or ergometers are also known as indoor rowers. These machines look like a definitive work at first glance, but the truth is they are a lot more beginner friendly while being gentle on your joints. This single machine covers the entire body workout with upper and lower body muscles doing the work respectively with each row.

Rowing machines are preferred in many modern gyms and are excellent for at-home fitness equipment. These machines are easy to use, can be worked out anywhere, and go well with any workout room ideas.

So whether your aim is muscle building, body sculpting, toning, or increasing heart strength, exercise rowing machine benefits cover it all. To know more about the wonders of a rowing machine, read below. 

Amazing New Machine For Modern Workout

From desk workout equipment to portable fitness equipment for a home gym, tips on how to perform desk exercises, and chair ab workouts, much research has been done to make fitness possible for everyone despite busy schedules and extended duty hours. When it comes to modernism in workout routines, we tend to learn a bit more about various types of fitness machines.

A rowing machine mimics the action of rowing a boat, which seems fun and simple, but wait until you feel the intensive workout it does for your muscles. Rowing machines or rowers are considered one of the most versatile gym equipment with many benefits. Below are some reasons to work out on a rowing machine.

Amazing New Machine For Modern Workout

Benefits of Rowing Machine Workout

It is a Total Body Workout.

By the looks of it, your arms do the most work when rowing on a machine or a boat. But the truth is a rower is a full-body workout, which is proven by studying the muscles involved in the rowing action. A rowing machine involves 60% of the work done by the leg muscles, including the calves, glutes, and quadriceps. The upper body does the remaining 40% of the work, including pecs, arms, obliques, and abdominal muscles. So, as you row your way down the stream or indoors you will enjoy a complete body workout to have an overall toned body.

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Rowing is Time-Efficient.

This is another rowing machine benefit. Always on a time crunch? This is the machine with the highest level of time efficiency. Since rowing involves all the major upper and lower body muscles with each stroke, it gives a quick and efficient workout. Another thing about a rowing machine that makes it time efficient is that it begins working on your muscles from the first stroke. So there is no wasted workout when it comes to a rowing machine.

It is Suitable for Beginners to Professionals.

One thing that gives rowing machines an edge over other fitness equipment is their suitability for all. Since this machine doesn't pose any joint movement, it is gentle and suitable for people who have joint pain. People who have difficulty catching their breath on a treadmill and elliptical can also benefit from the rowing machine as the workout is done while sitting. Another reason which makes rowing machines suitable for all is their safety. According to a study, this type of workout is even safer for people with vision problems. As the machine does not have any loose or hanging weights, working out on it in one stable position is versatile for everyone.

It is Suitable for Beginners to Professionals.

Rowing is Helpful for Posture.

This is one of the great rowing machine benefits. Few people talk about the importance of the correct posture for a healthy lifestyle. With an improper posture, you feel tired, are often lazy, and subject your muscles to a lot of undue pressure throughout the day. But with a rowing machine involving all the major muscle groups, you involuntarily improve your posture. This happens through the work done by a rowing machine on the back and core muscles of the body. As your arm and back muscles tone and become stronger, you are less likely to slump in your office chair next time.

It Improves Balance and Coordination.

A fact that makes rowing machines an excellent pick for adults and older people is how it improves muscle balance and coordination. Since you must grip the handles throughout the workout, the gripping action increases overall strength, improves body balance, and adds strength to the upper limb function. A rowing machine gripping and pulling action also increases bone density, a tremendous health benefit for older people.

It Improves Balance and Coordination.

It is Adaptable.

Running on a treadmill, you have to keep up with the pace, or you will fall; the same is true with several other machines. But a rowing machine has the benefit of putting you in the driver's seat. You can take this workout as far as you want, and this is because the machine responds to your force while pushing or pulling.

It is a Good Alternative to a Treadmill.

People often pass on a rowing machine when looking for the right home gym equipment. Instead, they prefer having a treadmill or an elliptical. But the truth is, in contrast, a rowing machine gives a complete body workout, whereas a treadmill and elliptical only cover the lower body. This complete body workout also covers the fact that a rowing machine is perfect for your home gym. Any family member can use it, and it is entirely adjustable. Thus, it saves you money as you don't have to invest in multiple home gym machines.

It is a Good Alternative to a Treadmill.

It is Good for the Brain.

Exercise itself, of any kind, is good for the brain, but some exercises calm you down as you are performing them. Besides the positive physical effects, rowing also has a gentle effect on your mind. While rowing outdoors on a water's surface may have the most relaxing effects, you can still attain some of these effects indoors. This is due to the ergometer's ability to simulate a smooth, gliding motion and the repetitive motions that cause your mind to function automatically.

It Burns Calories Efficiently.

This is a rowing machine health benefit that will amaze you. If losing weight is your aim, head right for the rowing machine because it is an amazingly effective way to burn calories. According to a study, a 180-pound person can burn 200 calories in 30 minutes of moderate effort rowing. This increases to an astonishing 500 calories for the same person working out extremely hard for 30 minutes.

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