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Best Office Desk Exercises Equipment to Help Stay Fit

Best Office Desk Exercises Equipment to Help Stay Fit

|Jan 2, 2024

Sitting for more than 8 hours each day and wishing to stay fit are poles apart. New research claims that an average American gains 12 pounds because of the adherence to their desk job. This statistical research is alarming, especially when you struggle to shed each pound, and a basic task as simple as sitting can wash over your entire hard work of hitting the gym and surviving on salads.

While your job could be making you fat, there isn't exactly anything you can't do about it. There are many office desk exercise equipment as a part of the office ergonomics era. The common types of office workout equipment range from many types of standing desk exercise ideas to helpful office desk accessories.

Despite all the fitness trackers and apps that remind us to move frequently, how many of us leave our desks during an average day at work? To ensure your posture is correct, you should consider investing in one of the best standing desks and office chairs. You can improve your posture and your joint movement with these office desk exercise equipment or tools.

So you could either learn those push ups against the desk or maybe invest in some exercise equipment for the office cubicle and wave those stubborn love handles goodbye.

Choosing the Right Exercise Equipment for Desk Job

The type of exercise equipment for a desk job depends on your personal preference. Some may find it too necessary to reach their dream body in a limited time, while others may be attracted to the idea of slow and steady wins the race.

Choosing the Right Exercise Equipment for Desk Job

The unlimited choice of office desk exercise equipment in the market makes it easy for the buyer to find the product they love and matches their specific goals. Here is some common and easiest-to-locate office desk exercise equipment that doesn't cost you a lot.

You can sneak a little extra movement into your day by investing in under-the-desk office desk exercise equipment. Consider the following factors when researching the best standing desk exercise equipment:

Consider your main objective

Consider your main objective

Do you have an aim to lose weight, tone your muscles, increase blood circulation, burn more calories, or increase blood flow? Which part of your body do you care most about? For example, would you like stronger arms or want to lose some pounds as you work. Think about all this before choosing the ideal office desk workout equipment for yourself.

Consider your office environment

How loud or how quiet is your work environment? Can you exercise at work with your boss' permission? If you plan to get some desk workout equipment that requires floor space, consider if you have enough space under your desk to store your equipment.

Consider your favorite tools

Consider your favorite tools

If you cannot do much cardio while working, you might want to do some at your desk instead. You can use a variety of office workout equipment to do so. However, if your goal is to activate your core, maybe you want something less obvious. Using a ball chair can simultaneously improve your fitness and accomplish your work without anyone noticing.

Consider equipment design and price

It would help if you thought about the environment and your goals before you purchase so you can narrow down your choices. For example, at the moment, desk exercise equipment has very high prices because it is so popular. You might also want to consider sales, discounts, and researching the available options.

Types of Office Desk Exercise Equipment

Types of Office Desk Exercise Equipment

The different types of office desk exercise equipment cover up the diverse needs of customers. With the right collection and affordable selection, whether you are in an extremely professional (or strict) workplace or even working from your own home office, those extra calories you consumed won't stay in your body for too long now.

1. Standing Desk Exercise Equipment

An adjustable standing desk itself is a great office workout equipment that can work alone. Yes, the benefits of the standing desk over the conventional old work desks are many, and eliminating the chances of obesity is one of those. Standing desks are known to help the user burn almost twice the calories compared to sitting. It also improves the rate of metabolism, thus faster digestion and increased energy level.

To oppose the sedentary task of sitting, a standing desk helps the subject maintain posture and have better heart rates. If you have already purchased a standing desk, then you might want to combine it with office desk exercise equipment even to improve your overall health.

2. Ergonomic Stool

An ergonomic stool is a modern piece of furniture used as a great accessory for office desk exercise equipment. It can be used as a combination of standing desks in a workplace. The ergonomic stool is a lightweight and comfortable seating option with a strong weighted dynamic base. It has a height adjustment up to 10 inches, and the sloped seat keeps the core strong and strengthened.

Ergonomic Stool

The ergonomic stool from autonomous has a weight capacity of 270 pounds even though it seems tiny for a job as big as this, but the sturdy make and solid construction suffice it for the work. It comes in 4 cool and attractive colors to make your workplace shine and your body fit.

Under-desk Bikes

3. Anti-Fatigue Mat

An anti-fatigue mat is an under desk workout equipment that works like magic. An anti-fatigue mat other than keeping the subject from slipping also prevents the user from any extra strain on their posture. It makes the user have micro-movements, keeping them from standing in the same position for too long. Anti-fatigue mat also ensures the blood supply to feet, and lower legs aren't restricted, so the leg muscles aren't strained from standing for too long.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

4. Stability Cushion

Somewhat similar to the ergonomic stool, a stability cushion is good when you are habitual of slouching towards your screen. Since we all adapt to unhealthy practices and poor sitting posture while working, who wants the extra stress of keeping the spine straight along with completing that tough report on time? This is where a tiny accessory such as a stability cushion can help strengthen your core and keep the body balance right.

5. Resistance Bands

For the break time when you are chatting with your colleague. After all, what could be better than you and your work buddy getting fit together?  You might believe that workplace workout equipment will take up a lot of room, but it doesn't have to. If you're searching for a tiny piece of fitness equipment to keep at the workplace, resistance bands are a great option.

These are a terrific addition to your office training pack because they are so little. They are compact, portable, and simple to use and maybe utilized for various upper and lower body activities.

6. Flow Board

A flow board is a new and rather good invention for office exercise equipment. It keeps your feet active and initiates minor movements for increased blood flow. The user also gets restricted from standing in the same position for too long. Flow board is great for a strong core and a balanced posture.

 Flow Board

7. Small Hand Weights

You may get a glare or two while bringing these to work with you, but nothing is worse than an unhealthy day of sitting for 8 to 9 hours at work. Small hand weights can help you revive strength and keep the body active during long hours. Especially for people who work on keyboards all day, a little extra blood flow to the hands and fingers will only increase your energy for the better.

8. Fitness Tracker

A check and balance are necessary, especially when you are trying to reach a goal. Nonetheless, no matter how slow but constant progress keeps you motivated to do better. Invest in a fitness tracker if you want to keep an eye on those steps and the extent of physical activity during the day. You can vary the intensity or decide the functionality of equipment based on the results your fitness tracker shows you.

Fitness Tracker

These productivity gadgets keep track of everything from step count to sleep habits to heart rate and blood pressure. Some have alerts that will remind the user to exercise, stretch, drink, or take a break during the day.

Building good habits

9. Treadmill desk

Standing desks with treadmills allow you to stay active and healthy while you work. If you want to stay active while keeping healthy simultaneously, this is the best work from home exercise equipment to buy. It was selected as the best office exercise equipment because it forces you to exercise.

Treadmill desk

It's easier to stop pedaling on a desk bike machine once you become distracted with a treadmill desk compared to a desk bike machine. Using a treadmill desk allows you to type while walking, which is very convenient. With a treadmill desk, you can easily answer calls, use Skype, delete emails, and browse the web. 

10. Mini-desk elliptical

The cross-trainers are miniature versions of the under-desk elliptical. The elliptical office desk exercise equipment provides resistance office chair workouts without impacting the body. In contrast to treadmills, elliptical machines are powered by your feet rather than a motor. With an hour's worth of use, you can burn a good number of calories on elliptical machines. The machine doesn't look like an elliptical desk, but it helps you burn many calories.

11. Under-desk Bikes

A workstation with a bike under it might be a good option if you prefer to pedal while you work. Under-desk bikes and an exercise ball are excellent options for beginners and those who want to exercise at a low impact.

It can be positioned underneath your desk or even on top of it so that you can pedal your legs that way. It comes with a handle so that you can move it around. You can even see your speed, time, distance, and calorie burn on a digital display on certain models.

12. Full Desk Bikes

This office desk exercise equipment provides traditional upright bikes. It works as a stationary bike without handles so that you can place it under your desk. However, if you want the height correct, you will probably need a standing desk. The bike is also available with a computer desk mounted in front.

13. Adjustable dumbbells

If you consider purchasing multiple pairs of dumbbells in varying weights, this is a relatively cost-effective set of dumbbells to own. As a result, you can vary your workouts and progress as you progress, using dumbbells in different weights ranging from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds. In addition, it's easy to fit this set of dumbbells under your desk if you're looking for a way to strength train at work.

14. Resistance bands

Taking up even less space than the dumbbell set above, these bands weigh only 2.45 pounds (1.1 kg). Additionally, a convenient bag comes with them to allow you to keep them organized neatly under your desk.

Resistance bands

15. Yoga/Exercise mats

This versatile piece of office desk exercise equipment can be rolled up and kept beside your desk or laid flat underneath it. Pilates, yoga, and stretching can all be done using this mat.

16. Massagers

Including massagers in your office desk exercise equipment promotes recovery and overall well-being. Whether foam rollers, massage sticks, or percussion massagers, they aid in relieving muscle tension, improving flexibility, and reducing post-workout soreness. Integrating massagers enhances your recovery routine, contributing to better performance and an enhanced fitness experience in your office equipment.


Where do I start to exercise at work?

It’s a good idea to start exercising at work standing in front of your desk. Despite logging fewer hours than those who exercise during the day, people who exercise at work are more productive. For example, you can substitute a brisk run during your lunch break with an adjustable desk chair, or you can use a stability ball instead.

How can I exercise at my standing desk?

How can I exercise at my standing desk

Creating your desk exercise routine is easy using any of these tools listed here. You can gain weight and increase your chances of developing cardiovascular diseases when sitting at a computer for eight hours each day. However, you cannot improve your health by simply standing.

Do under desk exercise machines work?

Exercise machines that fit under the desk can be found in a lot of similar designs. A pedal exerciser that provides no resistance, or only a fixed resistance, is the cheapest option. You can also find stationary bikes with a circular motion under the desk.

Does standing count as exercise at offices?

One can do several kinds of exercises while working at your desk – one of them is standing. You will feel less tired while standing at your desk, and your circulation will improve. Standing for half a day is good for your health, even if it takes some time to build up.

Standing strengthens the abdominal, butt, and leg muscles necessary for keeping you upright for prolonged periods. In addition, keeping blood sugar levels in check and exercising muscles can lower cholesterol levels. Diabetes and heart disease can be reduced as a result.

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