Work from Home Exercise Equipment Must-Haves for Remote Working
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Work from Home Exercise Equipment Must-Haves for Remote Working

|Oct 5, 2021

Most folks had been confined to remote working due to the pandemic. However, as companies look to reopen, employee surveys show that many employees prefer a remote operation.  Well, if you have opted for remote working or not, if you are working remotely, do not miss your exercises. Why?

As you stay confined to a home office, you tend to lead an inactive lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk for obesity, cardiovascular concerns, and more, as suggested by research. As your muscles are utilized, energy is released by the sugar present in the blood. With an inactive lifestyle, this sugar piles up inside the body, harming various organs. For some folks, it could be low motivational levels to get to a gym.  Change your health status to involve work from home exercise routine.

With remote working, you now have time available due to telecommute you do. You could easily redo your home office design to create some space for a few exercises every day. No gym memberships to pay for, no restrictions in timing. Find time between the meetings, or start or end your day, investing in your health. If you are practicing hybrid work from home or on fully remote operations, either way, you will find that all you need is a few pieces of work from home exercise equipment.

Depending upon the space available, you could always prioritize what exercises and hence equipment you would like. Practioner highlight the importance of a mix of warm-up exercises and exercises of your choice for certain parts of the body like neck, back, hips, or more.

It surely is a myth that you need to have large, bulky, and expensive equipment at your home gym. As you sit for long hours to work, it is important to exercise those body parts that are relatively less mobile during your workday. Why? So that they remain flexible and use up the blood sugar. This will avoid an excess pile-up of blood sugar. In addition, it is critical to retain the movement of your body parts. So what equipment do you need for work from home exercise fitness? Here are our recommendations.

Top 5 Equipment for Home Exercise

Before you get going, do read up on these work from home exercise tips by Forbes.

1. Flow Board by Autonomous

flow board

Sitting at the office for long hours and missing out on your gym routine? Well, consider that you have a few minutes between meetings that you can catch up with exercises? Do you have time to run to the gym? No! So get a Flow Board!  It is a board that you can stand up on and exercise all by yourself. Results? You get revitalized with energy and stronger muscle memory for higher productivity. The Flow Board triggers micro-movements that stimulate the blood flow in the body parts which have been at rest for a while.

The Flow Board is designed from ancient traditional concepts of Yoga and Tai Chi. It helps you as it enhances your body’s balance and self-awareness. In addition, it balances the left and right brain as they are drawn up multiple times a day as you take risk-worthy decisions. Of course, you could always add this to your current work from home exercise routine too. Available in dynamic red and black colors, this balance board for standing desk can take a maximum weight of 330 lbs.

2. An Exercise Rope

an exercise rope

Expensive? No! Bulky? No! Expensive? No!

Then why are there fewer takers for an exercise rope? Well, many folks find it easier to ride on a stepper than a rope as it offers you different levels; secondly, it is also a mechanical piece – nothing fancy about it! Well, these are all excuses!

An exercise rope is the minimal and most simplistic piece of work from home exercise equipment that you can keep at your home gym! Take it outdoors in your backyard to skip a few steps, or if it's too cold, get it indoors.  As you jump the ropes, your entire body is used in the displacement; as your body moves, the blood flow increases across the body and not into one part only!  You could also add this to your office workout equipment should you have to get to the office for a few days.

Stay healthy as you skip a few steps and exercise your entire body!

3. Modular Dumbbells

modular dumbells

Modular dumbbells? How crazy the idea is that!  No! Absolutely not! It's one of the most wanted pieces of equipment. Why? Because you can add weights to the same dumbbell bar as you increase the intensity of the program.

Lightweights on the dumbbell stabilize your muscles. In addition, as you intensify the pace of the training, don't be surprised to see your muscle mass build up as you also increase the dumbbell weights.

Which are the best ones to use? Well, a lot depends upon your preference on the size, weights, and the type of material used.  We recommend the Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell because they are modular.  In addition, the disc-type weights do not roll-off.  While the additional weight discs are made of metal, the best part is they don't rattle as there is space between each set of weights. So no more noises!

4. Exercise balls

exercise balls

If you have been eyeing those trendy colored large bouncy balls for exercises, you aren’t wrong. How Known as stability balls, balance balls, or even Swiss balls, they are some of the best work from home exercise fitness that can be inflated when you need to use it. Else, save yourself some space by deflating it to store.

While they seem simple to use, don't be surprised when you have to hug the ball in front of you or use it to roll under your body as you bend down for a body crunch. There are numerous work from home exercise tips that you could do, depending upon your fitness regime.

How do they work? As you move the ball on an unstable surface, your muscles exercise against the friction of the surface. As a result, you will find increased body strength, higher cardio endurance, and a finer body balance.

As advised earlier, do not consult a fitness trainer or a doctor before starting a work from home exercise routine. This would help you customize the exercises that suit you the best!

5. Exercise Bike - Stationary

exercise bike

A common piece of work from home exercise equipment that you expect to find at most home gyms is a stationary bicycle.  Various names know it as an exercise bike, exercise cycle, and more. Used indoors for cycling, it helps you burn calories as you ride a stationary bicycle.  It resembles a bicycle but without wheels. While many folks, including cyclists, use it to warm up their body, many use it to pump up their muscle power for legs, ankles, and feet. You will be surprised to see that it is also used for physiotherapy sessions by folks who may have knee problems.

Various models allow you to increase the resistance power of the bicycle to strengthen muscles. In addition, a host of features, including measuring your blood pressure, pulse, and other parameters, are being attached to the bicycle as additional features to be used.

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Working remotely has its pluses and minuses.  As you complete work goals, don't miss out on your health, your best companion for life, who will not leave your side if you treat it well.  These five pieces of work from home exercise equipment that we have shared above are effective and affordable for some of the most basic routines. Stay healthy!

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