• Gryphon AX - 1-Pack
  • Gryphon AX - 1-Pack
  • Gryphon AX - 1-Pack
  • Gryphon AX - 1-Pack
  • Gryphon AX - 1-Pack
  • Gryphon AX - 1-Pack

Gryphon AX Safety Router

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• 5,000 sqft of WiFi coverage • WiFi 6 • 40% boost in speed and capacity • 802.11 bgn/AC/AX, AC4300 • 4.3 Gbps Overall • Advanced Internet Protection (Premium) • Next-Generation Firewall • Parental Control System
• 1-year warranty


The only all-in-one mesh WiFi system that comes preloaded to include parental controls, malware security, and lightning-fast internet for the whole house. So worry no more about unwanted internet intruders, your kids stumbling on inappropriate content, hackers making their way through your smart devices, or even just the internet dropping mid-Zoom.
Gryphon AX Safety Router
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Gryphon AX WiFi 6 Smart Mesh WiFi Router keeps your home secure.

Technology has been developing greatly in the recent years. Now we have access to better devices than before, and that includes routers. While their main function is to provide an area with an internet connection, newer models now integrate security elements that will keep your home protected. That’s the case for the Gryphon AX WiFi 6 Smart Mesh WiFi Router. This router for a 3000 sq. ft. house will provide you with a fast internet connection while granting you access to different protection options, such as parental controls and malware protection. Navigating through the internet while you’re working in your home office setup will be more comfortable and secure.

Advantages of a secure WiFi router

Many people often overlook the importance of routers or are even unaware that all of the data we process through our devices also runs through it. Considering the number of devices that we tend to leave connected throughout the day (smartphones, computers, tablets, videogame consoles, smart TVs and so on), the importance of information security becomes more prominent. If you want to prevent a potential cyberattack, the best thing you can do is add an internet security router to your house. It has become one of the home office essentials that no one should overlook. With that being said, it’s important to consider that using the Gryphon AX router will grant you some of the following advantages:

Keep all your devices protected - Decide who uses your connection: Without an internet security router, you’re forced to implement individual protection measurements to each of your devices. Doing so can be tedious in the future, as you’ll have to keep updating these tools to keep up with the latest advancements. With the Gryphon AX WiFi 6 Smart Mesh WiFi Router, you will be able to maintain all your devices protected at once without configuring them all continuously. “Stealing” someone else’s internet has been a thing since we have access to WiFi. However, with the Gryphon AX WiFi 6 Smart Mesh WiFi Router, you will be able to use different features, including who can use your internet connection at any given time.

Block unwanted activities - Parental control - Secure your data: The Gryphon AX router will automatically detect suspicious activity. It will proceed to block it and will send you a notification. Any malicious activity will be suspended before it can cause any harm. The internet can be educational, but it is also full of inappropriate content. If you want to keep your kids away from inappropriate content, you can configure this 5000 sq. ft. router to block access to certain websites or specific media. According to statistics, over 2,200 attacks occur on a daily basis. If you wouldn't like to become part of this statistic, it would be best if you added an internet security router to your home. You will be able to keep all intrusions out, even if they are miles away from you. Your family's information will remain protected while you're enjoying the internet.

How do routers provide security?

If you’re skeptical about how the Gryphon AX router works, you should know that it is all thanks to a VLAN or Virtual Local Area Network. Configuring this network type on your router will allow you to add several layers of security to your connection. It does so by "separating" your internet connection into two parts. The VLAN will allow you access to your internal network files and local assets. The Guest Network will provide access to an internet-only connection, preventing your data from falling in the wrong hands. It’s also worth noting that these routers allow you to give priority to one connection over the other, allowing you to choose how much bandwidth people connected to the Guest Network can use.

AX Safety Router by Gryphon - Your Best Choice

The Gryphon AX router is a next-generation device that provides you with excellent performance while keeping all your data protected. Only you will have access to your information. Furthermore, you will be able to navigate through the internet smoothly and quickly, no matter how many devices are connected to the network. The considerably high coverage – either 3000 or 5000 sq. ft. – will provide your whole house with a quick, secure internet connection. The Gryphon AX WiFi 6 Smart Mesh WiFi Router will allow you to keep your information connected and the intruders out while allowing you to navigate quickly.