Re-engineer your workday

Autonomous is a global network of innovators. We’re engineers who take apart your day, examine the pieces, and then reassemble your routine to help you #worksmarter. We point our sole focus towards being the gold standard of the smart office industry.


Join over 130,000+ workplaces and communities of entrepreneurs, innovators and visionaries who use Autonomous products to rebuild our world and improve the lives of millions.

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How ActionIQ keep their workspace playful with Autonomous Desks


These are the core values we uphold at every step; from product research, prototyping, to the moment we deliver to your doorstep.

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Dismantle the status quo

We analyze existing solutions and see where they fall short. Optimizing innovative inventions and stripping them down to their core until the only features remaining are those that matter most.

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Make innovation accessible

Our product designers cooperate with a global network of sourcing experts to cherry-pick all components from industry leaders. You’ll receive a full rundown of each product straight from the source.

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Pass the savings back to you

We build products, sell them directly through our site, and ship them straight to you. Without middlemen wholesale and retail markups, we’re able to provide premium products at affordable prices.

The journey of Autonomous

How the SmartDesk was born

We saw that the existing options for sit-stand desks were well out of reach for up and coming entrepreneurs, innovators and visionaries. That didn’t sit well with us, so we wanted to bring the benefits - increased energy, productivity and head to toe health within arms’ reach of everyone hashing out new ideas, huddled over circuit boards or lines of code.

How the SmartDesk was born

Re-engineer the everyday

Using state of the art technology and cutting edge materials, we’ve kept ourselves busy by dreaming up the workplaces of tomorrow and building them today.

Re-engineer the everyday

We never settle for second best

You won’t see endless variants on the Autonomous site. You’ll only find the high-performance products that aced every test we threw at it.

We never settle for second best


Autonomous engineers products that enable you to energize your ideas and bring them to life. Productivity is at your fingertips, we just provide the tools to unlock it.

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