Stadler Form Ben Humidifier & Aroma Diffuser

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Core Features

• Cozy Fireplace Effect • Infinitely Adjustable Humidification • Add Your Favorite Aroma to Scent Your Space
• 1-year warranty


Sit back, take a deep breath and relax. A cozy evening by the open fire is a cinch with Ben‘s 3-in-1 features. He humidifies and scents the air in the room, while bathing it in the amber light of the fireplace effect. Ben is a humidifier, aroma diffuser and fireplace effect in one. The essential oils are added directly to the water, ensuring a fragrance that fills your room. Ben produces an extra-fine mist that is ideally distributed around the room, while the Amber Light™ creates a remarkably realistic flame effect that is totally safe. The strength can be adjusted smoothly from gently flickering flames with a subtle fragrance, to a blazing fire. The removable water tank can be refilled during operation. The illuminated water level indicator and the flame effect can be dimmed or switched off completely to prevent your well-deserved moments of relaxation from being disturbed. Ben will transform any room into a cozy oasis of calm.
Stadler Form Ben Humidifier & Aroma Diffuser
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What is Stadler Form Ben?

Relax by taking a deep breath and sitting back. The 3-in-1 features of the Stadler Form humidifier make cozy evenings by the fire a breeze. A fireplace effect bathes the room in the light of amber while humidifying and scenting the air. This aroma diffuser and humidifier is a humidifier and an aroma diffuser, and it even has this fireplace effect created by awesome Amber-Light features. In addition, essential oils are mixed directly with water to produce an intense fragrance. The Amber Light feature creates a flame effect with remarkable realism that is 100 percent safe and soot-free. At the same time, the aroma diffuser for home produces an extra-fine mist distributed evenly throughout the room. The strength can be adjusted effortlessly from a gentle flicker with a delicate fragrance to a blazing fire. When refilling the removable water tank, the flame can be adjusted. To ensure that your well-deserved moments of relaxation are not interrupted, you can dim or turn off both the illuminated water level indicators and the flame effect. Your room will be transformed into a cozy oasis of calm with the humidifier for the bedroom. It is possible to adjust the humidifier for the house to your liking and choose the right aroma for an intense fragrance. Also, creating a cozy fireplace effect with a home air purifier is a good idea for the size of the room of 25m sq.

Stadler Form Humidifier - Highlight all features

Fireplace effect for a cozy feel - Lamps with dimmable controls

The Amber Light produces totally safe and remarkably realistic flame effects. With the Stadler Form Ben humidifier, a mist of extra-fine water is evenly spread in the room, while Amber Light creates a fine mist of a realistic flame that is superbly distributed. You can adjust the strength smoothly from small, flickering flames to blazing flames using the controls. That’s the only difference that helps this air purifier stand out from air purifier vs. air conditioner. To ensure that you're not disturbed during your well-deserved moments of relaxation, you can dim the water level indicator and completely turn off the flame effect.

Diffusion of Aromas

In addition to humidifying, Stadler Form Ben humidifier also diffuses aromas and creates a fireplace effect. The essential oils are directly added to the water and fill your space with a delicate fragrance.

Use any fragrance

Stadler Form Ben humidifier can be used with any fragrance available commercially and aromatic or essential oils. As much as possible, it is important to use pure essential oils that are as natural as possible and contain no alcohol. A few drops of essential oils are recommended in the water. However, you can use it more or less depending on your preference. To prevent the accumulation of deposits on your Stadler Form Ben humidifier, you should clean it every week if you add more. Depending on the fragrance, the intensity will be determined. It should also be remembered that the device works primarily as a humidifier. Natural fragrances tend to be more discrete than synthetic ones, and certain ingredients are more dominant than others. The primary function is to provide humidity in the room, which means that its fragrance is not as intense as an aroma diffuser.

Aroma diffuser and humidifier - Easy clean

Fresh, cold tap water should be added to the water tank. Remove the water from the Stadler Form Ben humidifier's reservoir and clean it if necessary, with a drop of washing-up liquid and a clean cloth if it won't be used for several days. Afterward, refill the water tank with fresh water before resuming the use of the aroma diffuser and humidifier. Take apart the water tank, the mist outlet, the mist chamber, and the Water Cube. Now you can use a common household descaler to clean the ultrasonic membrane. In order to prevent damage to the device, the water level should not exceed 10 mm. If the water level surpasses 10 mm during an accident, Stadler Form or a specialist technician should be contacted immediately. To clean the ultrasonic membrane, you can either use the front or back cleaning brush (if you cannot remove all residue). Use a damp cloth to clean the exterior and then completely dry this quietest air purifier. Descaling should be performed before the device is put away at the end of the season. Also, clean the water tank and descale it. Let the device dry completely after cleaning it thoroughly inside and out. Install a new Water Cube so that your device is ready for use when the next season begins.