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The Dreamer

Upgrade your sleep with Egyptian cotton bedsheets and duvet covers.
Make the 289,080 hours you spend in bed a little more luxurious.

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The Dreamer range uses premium Egyptian cotton, expertly spun to a sumptuous sateen finish. Easy to care for, with time-saving details so you can afford that 15 minute lie in, every day.

A quick glance


Details that make the difference


Breathable, 400-thread count Egyptian cotton


Durable, low maintenance

What goes into a good night’s sleep

Long staple Egyptian cotton.

The Dreamer range is woven from world renowned, long staple Egyptian cotton. Hand picking minimises stress on the fibers, so they can be spun into a durable fabric which will stand the test of time.

4 over 1 under satin weave.

Unlike plain, rigid weaves such as percale, The Dreamer’s complex satin weave makes it supple but strong. Intricately woven to a sateen finish, it is soft, luminous and luxe.

Luxury that lasts

high quality
High quality. Low maintenance.

Instead of weakening and pilling over multiple washes, our long lasting cotton gets even more comfortable with wear. No delicate cycles or special detergents required; tumble straight from the drier into sleep.

thread count
The truth about thread count.

Higher is not always better. Experts agree that the best, most durable fabrics top out at 400. Products which boast of higher are made from combining lesser textiles, resulting in a fragile product that snags and rips. The Dreamer range is 100% 400 thread count cotton.

Odor resistant and breathable

Made from 100% cotton.

Our bedding doesn’t trap heat. The material was designed to keeps you cool and comfortable through the night. Wake up only when you want to - feeling restored, recharged and ready.

Essential for good sleep hygiene.

Subtle button enclosures - instead of zips that warp under hot washes - ensure the layers of material have space to breathe.

finer things

Envelope closure pillow cases.

Keep your pillow inserts fresh, and extend their lifespan. No bacterial build up or discoloration.

Fitted sheets.

Our fully elasticated sheets have deep pockets, which stay snug on mattresses up to 15” deep. No slipping, no bunching.

Duvet cover ties.

Handy ties on the inner corners mean both insert and cover always stay aligned, no matter how active a dreamer you are.

A closer look

  • 100% Egyptian cotton, 4 over 1 satin weave
  • Fitted sheets for mattresses up to 15” deep
  • Envelope closure pillow cases for secure fit
  • Button fastenings on duvet cover to ensure adequate airflow
  • Short and long sides labelled on fitted sheets
  • Breathable and temperature regulating
  • Machine wash cool. Tumble dry low. Don't dry clean or bleach
What’s in the box

The Dreamer bedding set
1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 2 pillowcases

Duvet cover (sold separately)

Sweet dreams


Making sure the fitted sheet doesn’t bunch up or ping off during the night is key to making sure you sleep soundly, and saves you the hassle of having to remake it every morning.