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If you've been working at home for the previous year, there’s a decent chance your posture has worsened. “External expectations continue to force their way into our personal lives and it's taking a toll on our physical bodies,” said specialists. Chronic forward head position, sometimes known as "text neck" or "back pain," is becoming more difficult to maintain owing to several causes, including inadequate workstation setup at home and long amounts of time spent on electronic devices. Thus, the popularity of posture correctors, like a BAKBON, those amusing-looking back braces you see on social media. So do they work? We take a deep look into these gadgets, ahead. Because fitness is important.

Why Good Posture Is Important

Poor posture may flatten or stretch the curves in your body, producing significant health issues and persistent discomfort. Unfortunately, due to the time office employees spend seated at their workstations, bad posture is becoming more widespread. Posture helps you to maintain your body when standing, sitting, or laying down. Good posture requires teaching your body to stand, sit, walk and lay in a manner that imposes the least amount of pressure on your ligaments and muscles when you’re moving or doing weight-bearing duties. Here are six exercises to help you improve your posture and the benefits it has on your health. So get a device for better posture from BAKBŌN Store to help with posture for yourself as soon as possible. You can also go for back physical therapy. In order to support one's weight, correct posture involves stacking one's bones like bricks. Also, correct posture permits your bones to sustain your weight, enabling your body to work less. Poor posture overworks the muscles.

How Do You Ruin Your Posture?

There are a variety of activities that may contribute to poor posture, including the ones listed below. Included here are:

Sitting too much is bad for you

Spending lengthy hours sitting strains the natural forward curvature of the thoracic spine. This clamps down your chest wall and lungs, making it difficult to take deep breaths. Research that was done in 2018 on a small sample of healthy males demonstrates that bad posture with the head pushed forward, protruding beyond the shoulder, or even with the head bowed to one side impairs respiratory performance. Go for back physical therapy if you feel pain. Or get a BAKBON for yourself.

Standing with Your Bottom Sticking Out

If your bottom hangs out when you’re standing, or if you have a bend in your lower spine, you may have hyper-lordosis. This is an excessive inward curve of the spine that generates a “Donald Duck” posture. According to experts, improper posture may cause: Pain in the lower back and the neck. Excessive wear and strain on the discs as well as joints may encourage the establishment of arthritis. Reduced flexibility. Gastrointestinal problems. Breathing problems.


BAKBON Store on Autonomous, are braces, restricting garments, and devices that assist you to enhance your awareness of your posture. The likes of devices to help with posture have been around since, experts say that they have grown over the past 30 years from the basic and not-so-sophisticated bands and braces they originally were to something suited for an Instagram star. “Now posture correctors comprise magnetism, gyroscopes, circuits, and even cannabis,” like BAKBON. BAKBON appears to be the new buzz. A lot of people wonder whether they should invest in one of these after realizing that their posture is failing as a result of spending long hours at work, or doing whatever it is that they do. BAKBON is meant to provide you with moderate cueing so you may obtain the numerous advantages of living and working in optimal alignment. BAKBON is a neutral spine cueing gadget that does not need the user to use their hands. IT The sleek, lightweight EVA foam construction of the BAKBON allows you to work out as hard as possible for the greatest results. It Performs dynamic motions in a neutral spine position to maintain good form, helps develop latent muscles, preserves your spine, and enables you to transfer force evenly. A more stable and stronger core, better posture, and a lower chance of injury are all benefits of utilizing this incredible device for better posture. This tool aids in the discovery of a person's neutral spine.