Skyline Decor Stand Home Office Desk: Height Adjustable

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Core Features

• Height Adjustable Computer Desk • Perfect for working on your laptop • Ergonomic desk allows you to set at variable heights • Cord Management Tray underneath top • Desk table adjusts by unlatching clamps and pushing lever • Secure table surface by closing clamps • Stabilizing White Pedestal Base with Adjustable Floor Glides
• 1-month warranty


Wouldn't you like to have a desk that adjusts to suit the needs of your preferred height? With the majority of the market selling fixed desks you're now provided with the option to set a desk at your desired working height. Treat this table like your regular office desk, set to your preferred height and forget about it! You tend to get more accomplished when you're comfortable and this ergonomic office desk with its adjustable frame will get you in the groove. Unlock the clamps and push in lever to raise the frame, then snap the clamps back into place for a sturdy worksurface. This modern office desk is backed by a stabilizing pedestal base with adjustable floor glides. For those of us that like to sit up a little higher an adjustable office desk will be your best investment. Complete your height adjustable desk setting by coupling with your favorite standard height office chair or drafting chair.
Skyline Decor Stand Home Office Desk: Height Adjustable
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