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Reached 100 orders and $40.000 revenue in the first month on Autonomous
Reached 100 orders and $40.000 revenue in the first month on Autonomous

Reached 100 orders and $40.000 revenue in the first month on Autonomous

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Frequently Asked Questions

What products can I sell as an Autonomous dropshipping partner?icon
We’re always on the lookout for new products that will help make WFH life better. We’re open to products from the following industries: Indoor and outdoor furniture and desk accessories, Food, Fitness equipment, Electronic devices (eg: headphones, wireless chargers, etc), even Camping gear.
Who will cover the shipping costs?icon
This is open for discussion. Based on each unique partnership, shipping costs may be covered by either the vendor or by Autonomous.
Are Autonomous dropshipping partnerships available worldwide?icon
Yes, we are open to talking to potential partners from across the globe. However, it’s essential to note, only those with existing warehouses here in the US will be considered eligible.
Do you ship worldwide?icon
Although we do ship our own products internationally, all dropshipping partner products will only be made available to the US market. International shipping will not be offered with dropshipping partner products.
Do I need to sign a contract?icon
Yes for sure. We work closely with each of our dropshipping partners to ensure fair T&Cs for both parties.
Are you open to products that are “made-to-order” with a slightly longer delivery window?icon
Currently no. We are only accepting dropshipping partners with ready made products at the present time.
What are some of your current dropshipping partner products?icon
Our current active dropshipping partner products include desk lamps, charging pads, and treadmills to name a few. WIth more exciting new categories and products in the works.
Who will handle customer inquiries?icon
The Customer Service team at Autonomous will handle all customer inquiries based on the FAQs and product descriptions as provided by the vendor. For any ad-hoc questions that cannot be answered, Autonomous CS will pass these ad-hoc questions over to the vendor directly for the best answer.

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