Office Treadmill by Treadly -
Office Treadmill by Treadly -
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Office Treadmill by Treadly


A folding treadmill that fits into any professional or personal space. It’s a compact treadmill and the perfect treadmill for home office.

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Office Treadmill by Treadly at a glance.

• Carries up to 265 lbs

• Speeds up to 5 mph

• Conveniently compact, easily fits small spaces

• Illuminated display equipped

• Built-in Bluetooth speaker

• No assembly required

• 1-year warranty

Folding Treadmill for Small Spaces - Get Intended to Keep Things Compact

Do you want to purchase a folding treadmill for small spaces to make it easier to keep to your fitness regime? If you're going to start your daily exercise, start by building the habit of running daily. You can do this on a treadmill inside whenever you want to go outside for a jog. There seem to be bendable treadmills accessible online for individuals who believe that having it will take up a lot of space in their house. If you want to minimize the space at home, Treadly 2 slim treadmill is the finest alternative. The best compact treadmill can be a perfect option if you don't have much space or are unsure about investing money in a big one. Although when it is not in usage, the small treadmill can get folded up and stored anywhere and have tiny casings which can get put beneath mattresses or sofas. Think about which layout will work best in your room. A small treadmill with constructed safety rails and a display should easily fit in a specific training area or other additional space. Rather than a permanent screen, the ultra-slim treadmill will have a controller to change the pace. If standing desks like to walk as they work, or anybody who desires the smallest treadmill, this style difference may be a deal killer.

Treadly 2 Slim Treadmill: The Best Small Space Treadmill

1. Boost Mood & Relieves Stress

A daily workout can assist you in elevating your mental state and, as a result, lowering your anxiousness by releasing endorphins in your bloodstream. Endorphins are comparable to opiates in that they decline sympathetic activity and cause a pleasant vibe in the mind. Workout on Treadly 2 slim treadmill can lift your spirits mentally by helping you to achieve specific fitness/health goals while simultaneously providing a diversion from your troubles. If you don't have space for home gym equipment, then an ultra-thin folding treadmill will be the best option for you.

2. Improves Creativity

Workout has been related to increased creative thinking in studies. Volunteers took part in a study at Stanford University that included activities like quickly coming up with innovative uses for basic objects like hooks. Participants were subsequently instructed to take a comparative assessment while jogging at a modest, comfortable rate on a treadmill. They were able to ascertain that practically every kid performed significantly better as a result of this. Whenever the respondents were moving instead of sitting, they could come up with 60% additional use for the object. Nowadays, the Treadly 2 slim treadmill is gaining huge popularity among fitness freaks.

3. Maintains a Healthy Weight & Maintenance of Bone Strength

Everyone knows running burns fat, just like any other workout. But it does not burn as many calories as jogging or cycling; walking does take energy and thus delivers a calorie burn. Raising your intensity, boosting your slope level, or walking for extended periods will help you lose weight. While using a strolling workstation for the first practice, you should begin slowly and carefully improving your walking pace and endurance over a few weeks. There are several best small treadmills in the market for small space as well. Weight-bearing workouts, which involve resisting gravity while remaining uplifted, are the most effective strategies to increase and preserve bone mass. Such exercises can have a high or low impact: dance, running, racing, and others are high-impact weight-bearing activities. So, running on Treadly 2 slim treadmill is a good option to maintain strong bones.

About Treadly

Treadly offers a unique experience. It's an ultra-slim treadmill that claims to be the total opposite of conventional treadmills in that it's compact, elegant, and takes up very little room. The Treadly 2 Basic and Treadly 2 Pro are the models presently offered from Treadly. Both models have the same specifications and functionality, along with an LCD at the bottom, which displays your pace, steps, length, and duration, as well as speakers that allow it to operate your music over Bluetooth. Only one variation would be that the Pro uses a freemium Android and iOS app to boot up, whilst the Basic arrives with its remote controller. The treadmill appears to be huge, bulky, and an uncomfortable area commitment. But Treadly 2 slim treadmill is simple and modest. Treadly is an ultra-thin folding treadmill. It is 73 kilograms in weight. The Treadly app's primary duties include controlling the tread's pace and displaying range, time, and speed statistics on the Led display.


Don't see the answer to your question?

Who can use Treadmill?
Any able bodied adult (18 or older) under 265 lb can use Treadmill.
Children under the age of 18, and adults with medical and/or physical limitations should not use Treadmill without supervision or consulting with a medical professional.
We do not advise the use of Treadmill with or for pets.
Can Treadmill be used on a rug or a carpet?
Yes! It is elevated while maintaining its unique thin design. There is enough space under the belt to use it on thin rugs and carpets with short fibers. More info can be found here.
How is Treadmill packaged and shipped?
Once your order is placed, after all quality checks are completed, your treadmill is packaged securely with proper inner and outer packaging. Your Treadmill will arrive fully assembled, with protective film over the display, and boxed and lined with styrofoam to ensure it comes to you without damage.
How should Treadmill be unboxed and set up?
What is Treadmill's maximum speed?
The maximum speed is 5 mph when the handrail is lifted and 3.7 mph when the handrail is folded.
How long can I use Treadmill in a single workout?
Great news! You can use it as much as you'd like during a single workout. There is no time limit.
Is Treadmill’s handrail removable?
Treadmill’s handrail is non-removable. However, the handrail can be easily folded away to facilitate easy storage.
Can the Treadmill be used without the handrail?
The Treadmill can be used with the handrail raised, or with the handrail lowered for use under a desk. More info can be found here.
Is there an Android version available?
We have released the basic version of our Android app that enables you to control the treadmill, the full social version is coming out soon.
Can I switch between Auto and Manual mode while walking on the Treadmill?
Yes, you can switch between the walking modes by using the “switch” button on your handrail or on your remote control.
Does Treadmill's handrail need to be purchased separately?
No. The foldable handrail comes pre-assembled and does not need to be purchased separately.
How do I clean my Treadmill?
Use a cloth to clean the surface of the Treadmill. Wipe the belt, frame, and vents with a water-dampened cloth. Regularly remove dust from the Treadmill and around where the Treadmill is used and stored.
When do I need to lubricate the belt on my Treadmill?
Treadmill is programmed to display “OIL” as a reminder to lubricate every 100k steps, but it varies based on the frequency and usage. More info can be found here.
Does Treadmill run loudly?
Treadmill's compact motor clocks in at a nearly inaudible 6 decibels, but to ensure an even quieter workout, you can buy additional noise reduction rubber pads on
Where can Treadmill be shipped?
Treadmill can only be delivered to addresses within the contiguous United States (not including Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico). Shipping to PO or APO boxes is not supported at this time.
Is my Treadmill covered under warranty?
Every Treadmill is covered under a 12 month warranty, starting the day you receive your Treadmill. The warranty covers the cost of repair and shipping for issues that occur under normal use and service conditions.
How do I get my Treadmill repaired under warranty?
If your Treadmill is in need of a repair, please reach out to Autonomous CS team to confirm, and to assist with arranging for your Treadmill to be brought back to our NJ facilities to be repaired by our specially trained Treadly technicians.
What is the upgrade process for Treadmill?
a. Customer contacts Autonomous CS for upgrade request.
b. Autonomous issues RMA for customer and confirms the extra charge for upgrade (including $100 difference + shipping rate if any) to customer.
c. Autonomous will collect the extra charge accordingly. After confirming payment, Autonomous will upgrade the order from a Basic unit to a Pro unit.
How to return?
Please note that: We will charge an $80 repackaging fee for returns that do NOT have all original packaging.