LifeSpan Fitness Contoured Standing Mat -
LifeSpan Fitness Contoured Standing Mat -
lifespan-fitness-contoured-standing-mat-contoured-standing-mat -
lifespan-fitness-contoured-standing-mat-contoured-standing-mat -

LifeSpan Fitness Contoured Standing Mat

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Core Features

• Footprint supports any stance • Sloped edges encourage movement • Stretch out calves • Massage pressure points


The contoured standing desk mat takes a standard anti-fatigue mat to the next level. Not only does the mat cushion your feet, reducing muscle strain and fatigue, but the sloped edges let you stretch out leg muscles, massage pressure points on your feet, and promotes continuous dynamic movement. The anti-fatigue mat makes it possible to stand all day without tiring, optimizing the health benefits of your standing desk.

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