Lumina 4K Webcam: Studio-Quality Webcam Powered by AI. -
Lumina 4K Webcam: Studio-Quality Webcam Powered by AI. -
lumina-4k-webcam-studio-quality-webcam-powered-by-ai-atomic-grey -
lumina-4k-webcam-studio-quality-webcam-powered-by-ai-atomic-grey -
lumina-4k-webcam-studio-quality-webcam-powered-by-ai-atomic-grey -

Lumina 4K Webcam: Studio-Quality Webcam Powered by AI.

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Core Features

•Look better on every video call. Lumina's proprietary AI makes you look amazing on calls. DSLR quality video. Ultrawide 4K camera with a wide-angle 95 degree field of view. • Dual mics, crystal clear sound: capture natural sound and eliminate noise from your surroundings Control your appearance with the Lumina Studio App: 30+ different settings including: exposure, white balance. saturation, background blur, field of view, AI auto-framing feature • Aerospace-grade aluminum body: premium matte design that fits perfectly with modern workspaces
• 1-year warranty


Lumina webcam is built for video calling and streaming. With wide angle field of view, 4K high resolution and dual stereo microphones, your call would feel like you’re right there in person. In Lumina studio application, you can fine-tune your look with 30+ different settings including exposure, white balance, background blur and enable AI features. Now you can get that studio-quality look, without piles of equipment, complex setup, or thousands in cost. Just plug in your Lumina.

Adaptive color correction

Color correction system is smart enough to do things like boost or mute colors while keeping skin tones natural.

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Lumina's focus on you

Automatically creates beautiful depth effects, artfully blurs the background to put the focus on your subject.

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Lumina's AI cameraman

Camera follows you throughout the call, making sure you have perfect framing no matter how you move.

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Deep fusion

Deep fusion activates in mid- to low-light scenes. It analyzes multiple exposures pixel by pixel to capture the subtle textures, patterns, and details.

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Powered by modern AI

Our interface makes image adjustments simple. Configure your look exactly the way you want or simply click on "auto" and let our AI do the work.

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