Practiko Paper Guardian Notebook: Refillable Eco-Notebook -
Practiko Paper Guardian Notebook: Refillable Eco-Notebook -
practiko-paper-guardian-notebook-refillable-eco-notebook-paper-guardian-notebook -

Practiko Paper Guardian Notebook: Refillable Eco-Notebook

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Core Features

• Perpetually refillable • Stores paper • Keeps your pages organized • Beautiful sleek design • Sizes down paper with its integrated blade • Compatible with Letter and A4 size papers
• 2-year warranty


An eco-friendly notebook designed to reuse paper and fight deforestation. There's always plenty of paper that can be perfectly reused - such as misprinted reports, old notebooks, and even junk mail.

Yes, but this this why you'll want to use Paper Guardian -

Can't I just use my clip-board?

• COMPACT DESIGN - takes up less desk space

• INTEGRATED CUTTER - cuts letter and A4 sized papers in half

• TRAY WITH DIVIDERS - keeps your pages and notes organized

• REVERSIBLE CLIPBOARD/COVER - for streamline carrying and no wrinkled papers.

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Paper Guardian makes saving paper EASY!

Reusing paper helps our planet

Got scrap paper, old notebooks gathering dust, or even junk mail? Reuse these with Paper Guardian to help save trees and lives!

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Beautiful and practical

Writing on scrap paper can be a messy and unorganized. Our Paper Guardian Notebook converts scrap paper into a neat and easy-to-use notebook.

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Keep your pages organized

Section dividers separates "new" pages from "used" pages. You can also group and categorize sections according to your needs.

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Portable and durable

Compact and sleek for easy carry. Made of durable recycled ABS plastic for extreme durability. Made tu last a lifetime.

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We can all make a difference one sheet at a time

A world with less waste, greener trees, cleaner air, and safer water - that's our mission through Paper Guardian.

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How it Works

Size down you paper to make it compact for carrying and takes up less desk space than a clipboad. Store and organize it. Write and save paper!

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