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Autonomous ErgoChair Junior

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Autonomous ErgoChair Junior at a glance.

Ergonomically designed to support growing bodies over many years, and practically built to help out the busy parent.

• Adjustable height, back, seat, armrest, and footrest

• 7 easy ergonomic positions

• Ideal for anyone between 3’2 to 4’7 tall

• Certified fire-resistant, non-toxic, and safe for kids

• Weight capacity of 275 lbs

• 1-year warranty

Here’s a chair that grows with your child

Every element of the ErgoChair Junior is designed for adjustability and support, because there isn’t one standard way to grow. You don’t need to endlessly customize poorly fitting chairs or buy multiple ‘kid-sized’ chairs over the years. You really just need one.

7 ergonomic positions

Let your child cycle through 7 ergonomic options to discover their ideal seated position. No confusing knobs or levers here – just push or pull the sliding handles on the armrest to adjust both back height and seat depth. If your kid is younger, help them align the back of the seat with the natural curvature of their spine.

For both tall and small

The adjustable height, back, arms and seat will easily keep pace with your growing child, making the ErgoChair Junior ideal for anyone between 3'2 to 4'7 tall. A detachable footrest also helps smaller children reduce strain on growing knees and provides support for dangling feet.

It’s a kid ergonomic chair for the years ahead

The ErgoChair Junior helps out with the sometimes messy and worrying parts of being a parent. Designed to be a companion for rapidly growing bodies and minds, it’s supportive for the future, practical for today, and built to stay with you for a while.

Always safety-first

Designed with rounded edges to keep things friendly, it’s also fire-resistant and Greenguard certified non-toxic. Smooth, sturdy casters include an optional locking mechanism if you need to moderate movement for a younger child.

Durable, not disposable

From its scratch-resistant body to friction-proof fabric, you can easily wipe the entire kid chair clean if any spills occur. Both seat and back are removable to ensure no dust collects. And the 100% recyclable tough-as-nails polymer shell will support up to 275 lbs and happily take any knocks thrown at it without looking worse for wear.

And it’s an ergonomic chair your kid will actually want to sit in

Support and durability are essential, but a kid desk chair’s no good if it’s not also comfortable – especially for the fidgeters among us. That’s why the ErgoChair Junior is both breathable and plush, as well as safely movement-friendly.

3 fun colors to choose from

Going ergonomic doesn’t have to be dull. While the white unibody shell keeps things classy at home, a pop of your kid’s favorite color makes it interesting, vibrant, and most importantly, theirs. Will it be pink, yellow, or blue?

Assembly so easy your kid can do it

Adjustability is integrated and seamless, which means zero fiddly components. Perfect for novice builders (and busy parents) – simply attach the cylinder column to the base, then the seat on top of the cylinder. Footrest optional.

Now’s the perfect time to start

Maintaining good posture habits and securing a pain-free future is a lifelong process that’s easier the earlier you start. And it can be as simple as sitting well with Autonomous ergonomic desk chair for kids.


Don't see the answer to your question?

Is ErgoChair Jr. fully certified for kids?
Yes, ErgoChair Junior is tested and approved by SGS. It comes with CA PROP 65, Greenguard and BIFMA certificates for kids safety.
I'm worried my kids will play with around on the chair, can I lock the castor wheels?
Yes, you have the option to put the castor wheels on unlock or auto-lock mode. Please refer to ErgoChair Jr. user manual for more details. When on auto-lock mode, the wheels will automatically be locked when the user sits on the chair.
Can I remove the backrest and seat pads for cleaning?
Yes both backrest and seat can be removed for dust and fabric cleaning. Please refer to the user manual for how to clean the fabrics.
Which age and height range do you recommend this chair for?
We recommend ErgoChair Jr. for kids from 4-10 yo., or for users who are 3"2 to 4"7.
Can I remove the footrest?
The footrest is optional and be easily be installed or removed.
Does it come assembled?
No, but it's simple to assemble without any special tools. So easy your kids can help assemble ErgoChair Jr.!
Do you ship worldwide?
We do! We have shipped to more than 60 countries so far, and we’re still counting! Please select your country for localized checkout and appropriate pricing, duties, and taxation processing.
Does ErgoChair Jr. come in Green or other colors?
If you would like another color for this chair, please drop us a line on our community page. If we have enough request for a color, we will include it as an option!
How is ErgoChair Jr. shipped?
How many packages are there? It's shipped in 1 package of 30" x 17" x 26.4".