Autonomous Chair Ergo
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Research shows 70% of workers sit forward for desk work, 20% slightly reclined for phone use, and 10% deeply reclined for rest and reading. The ideal chair provides smooth transitions between these modes. Our chair is designed for easy adjustment. 85% of our users reported significant relief from back pain and enhanced comfort within 4 weeks, underscoring the effective ergonomic design.
For every part of you.
Autonomous Chair Ergo adapts to your body’s harmony with 9 adjustable points, supporting all three primary sitting modes and ensuring comfort all day.
Tilting mechanism
Synchro-tilt ratio.
Back reclines at a 2-to-1 ratio to seat angle, keeping the seat cushion level. Supports lower back, legs, and thighs, especially beneficial for lumbar pain.
Ultra-breathable woven mesh.
Mesh backrest keeps you cool and comfy, preventing sweat during marathon sessions. Say goodbye to sticky backs and hello to focus.
Lumbar support
Back fit.
Flexible lumbar cushion adjusts up and down, adapting to various body types. Supports the spine’s natural curve, alleviating pain and stiffness for personalized comfort.
Beyond basic black, white, and gray, choose from Evergreen, Baby Blue, and Red Apple hues. Add style to any space.
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The breathable mesh keeps me cool, and the smooth recline makes transitions effortless.Read more
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Autonomous Chair Ergo.
Make work feel good.
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The Ergonomic Chair Every Office Needs

The Autonomous Chair Ergo (formerly ErgoChair Pro) is an ergonomic office chair made to optimize your health throughout the workday. These key features ensure you work comfortably with maximum productivity, positively impacting everything from your posture, to your spinal alignment for minimizing back pain, to your blood flow so that vital nutrients reach every part of your body—most importantly, your brain! Here are some key factors the Autonomous Chair Ergo has that you should consider when you buy an ergonomic chair.

Ergonomic Chair with World-Class Mechanism and Premium Materials

We scoured the globe for the highest quality and most versatile system we could find to make the best ergonomic office chair for sale. Our new Italian-designed tilt mechanism offers multiple levers for you to tailor the support and resistance of the Autonomous Chair Ergo (aka ErgoChair Pro) to your exact requirements. This is the ergonomic chair that every office needs. We’ve upgraded our foam seats to make them even softer and more supportive, as well as able to keep their form even better over time. We’ve also wrapped them in a breathable fabric to make sure that they stay fresh as well as comfy. Our chairs also feature a breathable, durable mesh fabric that optimize comfort and airflow. Plus, all materials are made from environmentally-friendly, recyclable materials. The construction of the chair is rock-solid and supports up to 300 lbs of weight.

Adjustable Armrests and Flexible Lumbar System

The armrests in the Autonomous Chair Ergo (aka ErgoChair Pro) are slightly concave to cradle your forearms comfortably. In addition to moving forward and backward to support different arm lengths, the armrests are easy to adjust up and down, as well as in or out, to ensure that your arms are bent at an ergonomic 90-degree angle and resting comfortably by your side. This helps reduce instances of wrist strain and carpal tunnel. The Autonomous Chair Ergo - ergonomic chair for back pain lets you control exactly how much lumbar support you need from your ergonomic chair. Our patented adjustable lumbar system uses a simple handle to unlock the right amount of pressure to help you maintain a healthy, pain-free posture regardless of your body type. Every Autonomous Chair Ergo (aka ErgoChair Pro) comes with a lumbar support cushion. Since taller and shorter people need support at different points to achieve a natural lumbar curve, the lumbar support cushion can be pushed up or pulled down easily to support any body type. With up to 6 cm of range, the lumbar support cushion should support tall, medium, and short body types. You may need to adjust this cushion a few times to get a feel for where your spine curves most naturally.

Tilting Backrest and Breathable Support

To take advantage of the Autonomous Chair Ergo’s 20-degree range of reclining, simply flip up the left handle below your seat to unlock the backrest. You can then lean back or forward to the precise position you want. Simply flip the handle back down again to lock the backrest in place. This is the best way to make sure you’re sitting straight and get a nice relaxing recline when it’s time to take a break. Not only is it good for your sitting posture, it helps you relax with maximum comfort when you need to rest. The Korean mesh backing on Autonomous Chair Ergo is light, breathable and allows for a subtle stretch that cradles your body whenever you lean back. With this breathable support from our best ergonomic chair, you’ll feel like you’re reclining on a cloud while you work.

Rest Your Head and Adjust Seat Height

Don’t forget this feature when buying the best ergonomic chair. Chronic neck pain is a serious issue for people who spend long hours sitting in an office environment. We designed the Autonomous Chair Ergo’s headrest to be both height and tilt adjustable so there’s no pain, no strain, just a wonderfully comfortable sitting experience. The ergonomic chair's headrest is easily adjustable and can be lifted and lowered as a whole to cradle your head and neck in the exact right spot. In addition to lifting and lowering, the headrest can be tilted up or down to meet the natural curve of the back of your head and neck, and pushed forward or backward. This reduces stress on your neck and eases neck pain, and helps increase blood flow to your brain. Using the right handle located under your seat, you can press upward to release the chair and lower it down, or remove your weight to lift the cushion upward. The seat’s height range is from 18-21.7 inches from the floor. For optimal comfort, you should adjust the height of your ergonomic office chair so that your legs are bent at a 90-degree angle with your feet resting flat on the floor. This promotes healthy blood flow and reduces pressure on your feet and knee joints.

BIFMA certified ergonomic office chairs

The Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) is a globally recognized body that promotes safety and performance standards for consumer products and ergonomic office chairs for sale. Our ergonomic chair is certified by BIFMA.