Autonomous Chair Ergo
Research shows 70% of workers sit forward for desk work, 20% slightly reclined for phone use, and 10% deeply reclined for rest and reading. The ideal chair provides smooth transitions between these modes. Our chair is designed for easy adjustment. 85% of our users reported significant relief from back pain and enhanced comfort within 4 weeks, underscoring the effective ergonomic design.
For every part of you.
Autonomous Chair Ergo adapts to your body’s harmony with 9 adjustable points, supporting all three primary sitting modes and ensuring comfort all day.
Tilting mechanism
Synchro-tilt ratio.
Back reclines at a 2-to-1 ratio to seat angle, keeping the seat cushion level. Supports lower back, legs, and thighs, especially beneficial for lumbar pain.
Ultra-breathable woven mesh.
Mesh backrest keeps you cool and comfy, preventing sweat during marathon sessions. Say goodbye to sticky backs and hello to focus.
Lumbar support
Back fit.
Flexible lumbar cushion adjusts up and down, adapting to various body types. Supports the spine’s natural curve, alleviating pain and stiffness for personalized comfort.
Beyond basic black, white, and gray, choose from Evergreen, Baby Blue, and Red Apple hues. Add style to any space.
Customer Reviews.
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The breathable mesh keeps me cool, and the smooth recline makes transitions effortless.Read more
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Autonomous Chair Ergo.
Make work feel good.
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