10 Best Pieces of Portable Exercise Equipment You Should Have
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10 Best Pieces of Portable Exercise Equipment You Should Have

|Dec 4, 2021

It is possible to get a great workout at home by investing in gym-quality equipment. The equipment at gyms tends to be heavy and hard to move, and it can be difficult to transport bulky machines or heavy weights with you, especially if your space is limited. The good news is that you can get a great workout with a lot of portable exercise equipment. A resistance band, a stability ball, and a jump rope can provide a challenging workout that you can throw in a bag without the bulk or weight of heavier equipment.

10 Best Portable Exercise Equipment for Your Consideration

1. Resistance band bar

Resistance band bar portable exercise equipment

You can work out anytime and anywhere with a portable exercise equipment kit instead of thousands of dollars worth of gym equipment. Probably the best piece of handheld exercise equipment for strength training. Innovative ergonomics, soft silicon, and padding support the body, helping it move as if it were part of it.

A lightweight and durable portable workout equipment set made from plastic and glass is created from the highest quality materials. The portable gym equipment comes in a bag makes transporting the set easy and convenient. The resistance band bar kit includes a guidebook that features 12 exercises that you can do right away, and you can work out from anywhere with a convenient app.

These resistance bands aid in strengthening and improving flexibility, balance, and strength. Furthermore, they are a lightweight, portable gym machine alternative to dumbbells and free weights that can easily be stored around your home and taken on vacation.

2. GoBe3 replacement strap

GoBe3 replacement strap portable exercise equipment

These interchangeable bands for the GoBe3 Smart Band are made from soft silicone with perforations to keep you cool and comfortable. You can interchange bands in under a minute to suit your mood. The GoBe3 is completely waterproof, so you don't have to worry about getting caught in the rain. It's also waterproof enough to take a shower with. You can easily adjust most wrist sizes with flexible GoBe3 replacement strap bands.

3. Garden gym equipment

Every workout enthusiast has to have a workout mat in their home. You can engage in different body shaping activities, whether rock climbing or active yoga poses, to increase stretchability. While there are several garden gym equipment options, we think the Gaiam Premium Extra-Thick Yoga Mat is one of the best because it is inexpensive, comes in various colors and patterns, and is easy to clean.

4. Treadmill

Treadmill portable exercise equipment

For a better treadmill workout, choose one with multiple speed and incline settings. If you want a more high-tech home gym equipment option, you can even find treadmills that are programmed with virtual workouts. Although learning to use a treadmill on your own can be challenging, modern treadmills make it easier.

5. Indoor Rowing Machines

High-quality rowing machines can be equipped with a performance monitor that offers real-time data, self-calibrates, and connects wirelessly to heart rate belts and apps. In addition to the unit itself, which can be easily taken apart and stored. Even models have a 500lb user capacity and ergonomic handles, adjustable footrests, and a limit on the seat's height.

6. Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable Dumbbells portable exercise equipment

The best dumbbells have space-saving features, are easily adjustable, have a sleek design, and high quality. Many dumbbells come with dials, which allow you to select 15 different weights at once. With this professional-grade set, both beginners and experienced users will benefit.

Furthermore, we appreciate the hard handles, which create even more comfort while gripping. Try using resistance bands behind your back instead of under your feet for pull-ups if you want to strengthen your lats, core, and triceps. You can also use resistance bands for Pilates and stretches.

7. Portable Home Gym kits

This portable exercise equipment kit is the perfect home gym essentials checklist if you want to mimic a gym workout, but you only have space for bicep curls at the office or squats in the hotel room. If you put together a lot of home workout equipment that weighs 15 pounds, you'll get the same amount of tension and weight as in a gym but with less floor space. The set includes a foldable base, collapsible resistance bars, grip handles, wrist and ankle straps, resistance bands, and door anchors.

8. One Suspension Training Systems

One Suspension Training Systems

A lightweight system like this one can provide you with an impressive full-body workout with just a few simple straps. For a multipurpose indoor and outdoor workout, the set comes with two different anchors, so you can easily secure it to doors, tree branches, rafter beams, etc. It weighs only 1.7 pounds, so it's easy to pack in your bag while traveling or take with you to a park.

An average suspension training set contains five items: a training strap, a suspension anchor, an anchor for your door, a workout guide, and a mesh travel pouch. Using the suspension training strap, you will make upper body moves, and lower body moves like lunges by using your body weight.

9. Gorilla Bow Resistance Training

Here is another perfect portable exercise equipment for you. With Gorilla Bow Resistance Training, you can combine resistance bands with an aluminum bar shaped like a bow. The Gorilla Bow's capacity to hold 300 pounds of resistance from multiple bands is probably its most impressive feature. Therefore, it should be effective for a wide variety of exercises for most people.

It includes an all-access membership for Gorilla Bow, a feature that's unique to this set. HIIT, functional training, strength exercises, and beginner-specific workouts are available for $14.99 per month. On top of the pre-recorded classes that can be accessed on-demand, you will also find a library of exercises that you can do with the Gorilla Bow.

10. Future Exercise App

Future Exercise App portable exercise equipment

A personal trainer can make you a tailored workout plan based on your time and equipment limitations. Using Future, you can reach your specific fitness goals by using a personalized training experience. Having access to a gym and plenty of equipment makes your workouts more effective.

No worries if you don't! You can work out with any of our coaches using equipment you already own or have access to. At first glance, $149 per month sounds a bit pricey for a fitness app; however, it's significantly less expensive than in-person personal training. With a personal trainer, you can talk about your goals and design them to help you achieve them.

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