3 Best Budget Standing Desk To Ease Your WFH Backache
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3 Best Budget Standing Desk To Ease Your WFH Backache

|Jun 18, 2021

It is well-known that back pain is the most common ailment among office workers. This ailment is accentuated in the lower back area as it is where pressure and tension accumulate the most. Even if you own a budget standing desk, you will feel relief as you will be able to work with the appropriate height for your body proportions.

Your desk is one of the most crucial parts of an ergonomic setup. Although regular options may seem like a good idea, these standard heights of modern desks were designed for people between the heights of 5’8 and 5’10. Thus, it may not be suitable for people with heights above or below the average.

While some people opt for modifying their current desks, other people prefer to purchase an inexpensive standing desk so that they can choose when to stand or sit, depending on how comfortable they feel.

For that reason, today, we'll help you solve these issues by telling you what the best budget home standing desks are. Plus, we’ll be explaining what characteristics make standing desks so “special” and why many office workers prefer to use them.

What is a standing desk?

What is a standing desk?

standing desk is a desk that allows you to work while you’re standing. Most contemporary standing desks allow you to modify their height, which means you can work while sitting or standing as you please. The motor and durability vary based on the model. Still, most of the time, these products have excellent quality despite being cost-effective.

You can calculate the appropriate height for your standing desk using an online calculator.

How beneficial are standing desks?

Standing desks have been proven to be hugely beneficial to one’s health multiple times. It is very common for people who spend long periods sitting to slouch or remain in bad sitting positions, which leads to low back pain and many other health problems, including lack of concentration.

How beneficial are standing desks?

A cheap height-adjustable desk can be hugely helpful towards these ailments and will improve your spine health in the long term. These are the most remarkable benefits of a powerful electric standing desk:

  • You’ll be less vulnerable to weight problems. As you will be standing longer than you’ll be sitting, it also will mean that you’ll burn more calories. A sedentary lifestyle can be hugely dangerous and makes you more prone to gain weight and develop obesity.
  • Your blood sugar levels will decrease. Studies have demonstrated that standing is hugely beneficial towards lowering blood sugar levels. If you've been diagnosed with insulin resistance or diabetes type 2, doing this can be a huge change for your health.
  • You’ll feel relief regarding back pain. One of the most common complaints by office workers is how much their back hurts after a long workday. However, a budget sit-stand desk can help you solve this problem. According to research, workers who used standing desks during a determined time frame demonstrated improvements in their spine health.

Overall, including a budget standing desk in your home office setup can be hugely beneficial to your health. Likewise, it would be best if you accompanied it with a good ergonomic chair so that you can feel more relief and be productive throughout the whole day.

What are the best budget standing desks?

What are the best budget standing desks?

Now that you know why standing desks can be beneficial to your health, it is time to provide you with a list of the best budget standing desks. The best place to buy a standing desk can be hard to find, but it will be easier to find the best seller once you know what you're looking for.

It can be challenging to find the perfect cost-effective standing desk, but here we have listed three of the best options available in the market, so you don't have to struggle to visit different websites now and then. By the end of the article, you'll know what standing desk you should take home based on its features.

1. SmartDesk Core

sd core

For the first affordable standing desk option, we have the SmartDesk Core. This desk has been a best seller from the brand Autonomous for a long time due to its cost-effective nature, which makes it more accessible for most people.

You can "personalize" the desk to add your touch and make the home office more intimate. There are over ten color schemes available, although the frame is only available in white, black, and grey.

The most remarkable aspects of the SmartDesk Core are the following:

  • It is capable of supporting up to 290 lbs.
  • You can program its height to between 29.4 and 48 inches.

Overall, this desk is an excellent addition to any home office due to its affordability and excellent features.

2. SmartDesk Bamboo

sd bamboo

SmartDesk Bamboo has become hugely popular in recent years. Bamboo has become one of the preferred materials by manufacturers as it is lightweight, eco-friendly, extremely resistant, and durable. This budget standing desk option is no different.

This cheap height-adjustable desk is very similar to the previous option, except for the fact that it is made of bamboo. Don’t worry; if you don’t like the “rustic” look of wood, you can always pick a different color from what’s available in the store.

As mentioned above, it shares most of its features with the SmartDesk Core. Thus, with this desk, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • It is capable of supporting up to 290 lbs.
  • You can program its height to between 29.4 and 48 inches.

3. SmartDesk Core Duo

sd core dou

The last option for a budget standing desk is the SmartDesk Core Duo. It shares all the features of the standard version but provides you with two surfaces. This aspect makes it suitable for two people to work comfortably.

The areas mentioned above don’t depend on the other. Thus, you can have determined height settings in one area and different ones in the next. This way, both workers can use the appropriate height for their body proportions.

It shares the same features as the SmartDesk Core:

  • It is capable of supporting up to 290 lbs.
  • You can program its height to between 29.4 and 48 inches.
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