6D Armrest Control: Exploring the Advanced Features of Ergo V2
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6D Armrest Control: Exploring the Advanced Features of Ergo V2

|Jun 13, 2024

Hey everyone! As promised, I'm excited to share the detailed research behind our innovative 6D armrest control. This feature is designed to amaze you with its ergonomic benefits and extensive adjustability.

Degrees of Adjustability 

3D Armrests: These armrests adjust in height, depth, and sometimes angle, offering a solid foundation for maintaining an ergonomic posture. They allow users to customize their chair setup to better fit their body dimensions and task requirements.

6D Armrests: Building on the adjustability of 3D armrests, 6D armrests add width and pivot functionality. This expanded adjustability caters to a wider range of user needs, providing more comprehensive ergonomic support.

Functions of 6D Armrests 

The 6D armrests provide an advanced level of ergonomic support and adjustability, offering six degrees of freedom to ensure maximum comfort and adaptability for the user. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  • Compression Subsidence and Automatic Rebound (30° Tilt): The armrests can compress under pressure and automatically rebound, offering cushioning and support when the user leans on them. This feature provides a 30° tilt for enhanced comfort.
  • Press Down Arm Fitting (30° Tilt): They can also be pressed down to fit snugly around the user's arm, ensuring a tailored fit. This press-down functionality includes a 30° tilt, accommodating various arm positions and reducing strain.
  • Slide Back and Forth (4 cm): The armrests can slide 4 cm forward and backward, allowing users to find the optimal position for typing, writing, or using a mouse. This adjustability ensures that the armrests can support different tasks effectively.
  • Slide Left and Right (4 cm): In addition to forward and backward movement, the armrests can slide 4 cm left and right. This lateral adjustability provides additional customization to fit different body types and sitting postures.
  • Height Adjustment (8 cm Up & Down): The armrests can be raised or lowered by up to 8 cm, enabling users to set the height that best supports their arms and shoulders. This adjustment helps in maintaining an ergonomic posture and reduces the risk of shoulder and neck strain.
  • 270° Rotation: The armrests can rotate up to 270°, offering a wide range of positioning options. This rotation capability ensures that users can find the most comfortable and supportive angle for their arms, regardless of their seating position.

Ergo V2

Biomechanical Considerations and Formulas

Understanding the impact of armrest design involves biomechanics. The reach formula calculates the ideal armrest depth to ensure proper shoulder posture (Moore & Fryar, 2004):

Ideal Armrest Depth = Elbow Rest Position While Seated − Forearm Length


  • Ideal Armrest Depth: Distance between the front edge of the armrest and the back of the chair seat.
  • Elbow Rest Position While Seated: Natural resting position of the elbow joint when seated upright with relaxed shoulders.
  • Forearm Length: Distance from the elbow joint to the wrist joint.


  • Measure forearm length.
  • Sit upright with good posture.
  • Find a natural elbow rest position.
  • Subtract forearm length from this position to get the ideal armrest depth.


Overall, the 3D armrests typically offer adjustments for height and depth. Adjusting based on this formula helps avoid strain and ensures comfortable forearm support. 6D armrests, with additional width adjustability, provide further customization, ensuring the armrest surface accommodates different arm spans while maintaining proper depth. After all, you should consider your body size, sitting habits, budget, and work style when choosing the right ergonomic armrest for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this dedicated post. My team and I have worked tirelessly to bring you this information! Stay tuned for more updates.

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