8 Best Ergonomic Keyboard Trays with Flexible Adjustment
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8 Best Ergonomic Keyboard Trays with Flexible Adjustment

|Jul 13, 2021

Some people might fit their desks with an extra keyboard tray. It is an additional accessory that they use for addressing two issues: the height of the keyboard and the tilt of the tray. You may have noticed these issues with your keyboard, too, if you’ve placed it right in front of the PC monitor at the same level. Without an ergonomic keyboard tray, you endure strained typing and engage more muscles.  

What Is An Ergonomic Keyboard Tray?

It’s an adjustable keyboard tray that keeps your keyboard and mouse in an optimal typing position. Such accessories for an ergonomic office make it easier to maneuver your arms as you work. The tray is an easier workstation configuration that keeps your arms closer together for a better posture.     

List Of Top Keyboard Products

If you don’t keep the keyboard directly on the desk, you enjoy strain-free typing, and your wrists are properly aligned. Using an ergonomic keyboard tray under desk reduces these inadequacies and ensures that wrists are at 15 degrees or 30 degrees when you're standing. If you're noticing repetitive strain, carpal tunnel, or aches in your wrists or shoulders, then consider adding an ergonomic keyboard tray. We’ve rounded up some of the best ones so you can pick one for your adjustable-height desk.    

1. 3M Easy-Install keyboard tray

Best Ergonomic Keyboard Trays

The 3M option is a solid plastic tray that’s fitted under the desk and can be tucked away after use. It offers you 5.5 inches of height adjustability and tilt using a knob. It even features a mouse pad, gel wrist pad. 3M even offers a second version of their try for use with an adjustable standing desk.

2. 3M Easy-Adjust try for sit-stand desks

If you use a height-adjustable tray, then try this tray instead. This tray is the best ergonomic keyboard tray as it has a 14-inch height adjustment range. It is a desk-mounted option that lets you place the keyboard at a maximum of 4 inches below the desk level. You can even set it 10 inches above desk level. For adjusting, you need to tilt the tray sideways, raise the keyboard and then make it horizontal to lock it.  

3. WorkEZ tray from Uncaged Ergonomics

This tray doubles as a keyboard tray for gaming too and is portable too. There are two separate flexible pads for the mouse and keyboard. The angle on both pads is individually adjustable. The entire setup is very durable as it's made of aluminum, features an 18-inch wide panel that raises up to 18 inches. You install the stand on the desk without drilling.

4. Humanscale keyboard system

Best Ergonomic Keyboard Trays

Specially designed by George Mileos, this tray comes in black and white. The tray can be anchored under the desk and is simply pulled in or out as required. It is fitted with Hypoallergenic Gel support for your palm. Three models combine a dial tilt control, height adjustability, and a strong design. You can further adjust the try to fit right and left-handed use.    

5. iMovr slide-out tray

Unlike some standing desk accessories that have sliding tracks, this ergonomic keyboard tray has an arm. It is installed under the desk and is more stable because of a lack of that track. The full-plastic tray is fitted with a round mouse holder that can be slid under the tray. It is easy to adjust and is suited for height-adjustable desks. The iMovr tray is about 19.4 inches x 9.4 inches with a 9.04-inch mouse pad. There is a tilt range of -15° to +10°.  

6. Humanscale Float tray

Best Ergonomic Keyboard Trays

This tray retracts under the desk for nice and neat aesthetics. It has an 11-inch track that easily fits onto most standing desks. There is minimal height adjustment, but there’s just enough flexibility for use while sitting or standing. When retracted, the tray goes back a full 12 inches, so it doesn’t hit your knees. The tray is about 25 inches x 8.4 inches and can be raised up to 15°.  

7. Fellowes Professional series tray

Best Ergonomic Keyboard Trays

This is another option for sit-stand desks that go a full 6 inches above your desk. Humanscale designed the arm that is attached to the desk. It’s the perfect solution for a taller user whose sit-stand desk doesn’t isn't high enough. The tray features a 15° tilt range, a 10-inch mouse pad, and a 19-inch x 10.5-inch tray.  

8. ErGear Keyboard tray

Best Ergonomic Keyboard Trays

If you don’t want to destroy your desk with sliders or arms, then try this clamp-on version. It features an extra-large platform that gives you a 26.3-inch x 11.8-inch workspace. The clamps have a foam layer that protects your desk from damage and adds more stability. You use the knobs under each clamp to install the tray onto any desktop surface that’s less than 1.5 inches and 26.3 inches long. Once installed, the tray can support up to 13 lbs weight and slide in or out of the desk.     

How to choose an ergonomic keyboard tray?

You can’t do much at your desk without your keyboard. Yet, if placed incorrectly, it can turn out to be very painful. A tray can alleviate painful typing and even give a compact desk more space, leaving the desktop clear for other uses.

Sliding function

Most trays take up some space when they are in use. Ensure that the tray you get can either slide or be pushed in. They are often fitted under the desk and normally slide under the desk.

Weight limits

Keyboard trays can even hold your power banks, smartphones, mouse, and hard drive. If you use such devices regularly, ensure that your try can support them. The same applies to those gaming keyboards that are much heavier than the standard desk models.

Height adjustability

If you have a sit-stand desk, the tray should come with some height adjustment limit for a comfortable posture. The adjustment range varies as you move from a regular desk to a standing desk.    

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