ErgoChair Pro Assembly Instruction 9 Steps - Full Guide
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ErgoChair Pro Assembly Instruction 9 Steps - Full Guide

|Nov 26, 2020

Ergonomic chair as ErgoChair Pro is a convenient and adjustable chair for a productive work environment. The ergonomic chair is an excellent choice for official use and fitted with world-class functions. It offers users one of the most flexible lumbar support systems that can be customized to meet their needs. ErgoChair Pro provides a breathable mesh layout and an Italian tilting mechanism.

Autonomous renovated the office seat so that every major element combines convenience and quality for any office or personal workplace. In addition to having outstanding durability as an ergonomic chair, the ErgoChair Pro is also designed to be elegant and arrives in six different colors and patterns.

This article should provide you with some easy to follow instructions and steps to help you assemble ErgoChair Pro.

Autonomous ErgoChair Pro Assembly and Construction

The ErgoChair Pro arrives in a heavy and very wide package. In case you need to take it up the stairs, make sure that you have someone to help you because it's really big! The chair is well arranged and easy to assemble with simple steps. The ErgoChair Pro is heavy at 48.5 lbs. All the pieces are attached with hex screws and include a nice hex wrench.

autonomous ErgoChair 2 Assembly

The chair comes dismantled, so you should find all of the separate parts in the box along with the assembly instructions and tools to put the chair together.

The ErgoChair Pro assembly instructions are pretty easy to understand. All the tools and accessories needed for assembly are included. However, if you assemble a chair like this for the first time, it should take you between 20-30 minutes to get the chair fully constructed. You shouldn't come across any issues during your ErgoChair Pro installation.

The ErgoChair 2 Assembly instructions

How to assemble ErgoChair Pro (ErgoChair 2), step by step.

Step 1:

Before starting the ErgoChair Pro assembly process, you need to insert the casters into the chair's base. Lay the bottom of the chair leg upside down on the floor and attach all five wheels through the visible holes on each prong.

Step 2:

Turn the base the correct way up and insert the leg into the central hole.

how to assemble ergochair 2

Step 3:

In the next stage of ErgoChair Pro assembly process, place the chair seat upside down on the floor. Place the chair in position and align the screw holes, three on each arm. Use the M6 screws to fix the arms into place. Keep in mind that there is a little bit of modification in the armrest installation as the holes are slotted.

Step 4:

Once the armrests are fixed, the seat support should balance on the top of the armrests. This makes installing the multi-function unit easier. Place the adjustment mechanism on the floor and connect the lever.

how to assemble ErgoChair 2

Step 5:

Engage the handle and push the seat mechanism to the end to reveal the screw holes.

Step 6:

Lay the adjustment mechanism over the underside of the chair seat. You should use screws to attach the tool, starting with diagonal corners.

how to assemble ErgoChair 2

Step 7:

Lay the chair's base back over the bottom of the chair seat and align the screw holes.

Step 8:

Then, in next ErgoChair Pro assembly step, insert the assembled leg into the bottom of the seat.

how to assemble ErgoChair 2

Step 9:

Stand the chair up, attach the headrest and secure with two screws to finish the ErgoChair Pro assembly process.

how to assemble ErgoChair 2

Autonomous ErgoChair Pro Overview

After finishing the ErgoChair Pro assembly, let's find out some reviews about this chair. The chair is completely flexible at nearly every point. It is created so that pressure points are decreased to enhance the user's health and concentration. The ErgoChair Pro enables workers to change the lumbar tension, raise and slide the arm pads, and turn the headrest. ErgoChair Pro is also useful  ergonomic chair for gaming. The tilt mechanism has an Italian style and provides several levers, allowing you to adjust support to fit the user's body.

With the ErgoChair Pro, the entire back and headrest are composed of Korean fabric, allowing for a comfortable stretch that supports your body when you lean backward. The tilt device allows you to turn the back of the chair effortlessly, and you can even set different levels of resistance.

The foam is covered with a breathable material so that it doesn't absorb too much heat and stays fresh. Finally, since neck pain is such a recurring issue for so many employees who work at a computer for long hours, the ErgoChair Pro contains a headrest with height and tilt adjustability.

FAQ Autonomous ErgoChair Pro

How Do I Adjust my ErgoChair Pro?

Customers have to simply follow the armrest's instructions and use the button hidden underneath them to move to the good posture. Adjust so that the arms rest comfortably at a natural point and not stress the shoulders or arms.

Are Gaming Chairs Bad for Your Back?

Today, gaming chairs are great for your back. Whether you work for a few hours or longer periods, gaming chairs offer back support and enhance your posture. They can increase your core muscles, making you feel more focused and productive.

What Is the Purpose of an Ergonomic Chair With Adjustable Armrests?

Adjustable armrests allow you to change your arms' position depending on the activity you are doing, whether you are doing administrative tasks or playing video games. However, you need to maintain good posture, and the arms must be in line with the body.

Autonomous ErgoChair Pro Key Functions. Here is a brief description of the different functions and settings you can find in Autonomous ErgoChair Pro.

1. Seat Height and Depth Adjustment

This mechanism allows the seat to dynamically follow the backrest's inclination movement, which is suitable for maintaining balance in the posture and good blood circulation.

2. Lumbar Support

This is backrest padding in the lumbar region. It keeps the spine in a natural position.

3. Headrest Adjustment

ErgoChair Pro is equipped with a headrest to relieve neck pain and to adapt to your morphology.

4. Armrest Adjustment

While many models only offer fixed armrests, others allow you to adjust them horizontally, vertically, and widthwise.

armrest adjustment

Final Thoughts

The unpacking and installation instructions of the ErgoChair Pro are easy and simple. Although there might be a few functions that could benefit from extra enhancements, ErgoChair Pro is still a great addition to your workplace. Get one for your own benefit.

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