Top Furniture Stores in Norfolk, VA: Your Buying Guide
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Top Furniture Stores in Norfolk, VA: Your Buying Guide

|Aug 26, 2023

Welcome aboard! We are taking you on a virtual tour of top furniture stores in Norfolk VA. Whether you're on the hunt for that perfect piece to complete your living room, searching for office furniture that balances comfort and style, or seeking heirloom-quality hardwood pieces, Norfolk's diverse array of furniture stores has something to fit every taste and budget.

Get ready to explore a carefully curated list of our favorites, from budget-friendly gems to high-end designers, each with their unique offerings and distinctive styles. Let's dive into the world of Norfolk's finest furniture offerings, one store at a time!

1. Autonomous

If you're on the search for office furniture stores in Norfolk VA, Autonomous is a brand that you just can't miss. This brand screams innovation, sleek modern design, and killer functionality. Think top-notch office furniture, like super comfy ergonomic chairs and nifty standing desks.

But there's more. Autonomous is also your go-to spot for wholesale office furniture buys. With their bulk buy program, you're looking at wholesale office chair rates. So, you're making some serious savings while decking out a big workspace.

One of the coolest things about Autonomous? They genuinely understand their customers' needs. That's why they offer a free office layout design service - they'll create a 3D model of your workspace and suggest a list of furniture that'll fit your space and maximize utility.

Oh, and let's not forget their referral program. You can recommend Autonomous to a friend, and if they make a bulk purchase, you get a freebie like a large standing desk, and your friend scores some discount office desk rates. Win-win, right?

Autonomous furniture stores in norfolk va

2. Virginia Furniture Company

When it comes to furniture stores near Norfolk VA, you simply can't skip mentioning Virginia Furniture company. This family-owned gem of a company has been selling out high-quality furniture for three generations now. They mostly function on word of mouth marketing and have an amazing reputation amongst their recurring clients.  Their long-standing reputation is pretty impressive. They've also managed to score an impressive 4.9 rating on Google, with so many reviews praising their customer service.

At Virginia Furniture Company, you'll find a variety of household furniture pieces that range from comfy bedroom sets to chic living room pieces and classy dining sets. They've even got a large range of kid-friendly furniture. Their inventory boasts well-known brands like Ashley and Benchcraft, so you know you're getting quality stuff.

But what makes Virginia Furniture Company stand out from the crowd? It's their super helpful financing service and layaway options that help make your dream furniture pieces affordable. Plus, they even offer free delivery to nearby locations. Virginia Furniture Company is a must check when visiting Norfolk furniture stores.

Virginia Furniture Company

3. The Dump Furniture Outlet

If you are tight on budget and looking for discount furniture stores in Norfolk VA,  but the idea of  IKEA or thrift stores does not appeal to you due to their stuff being lower quality or a bit worn out? You've got to give The Dump Furniture a look. It's not your usual thrift store - we're talking brand new, high-quality items here, but with price tags that'd give a thrift store a run for its money.

The Dump Furniture runs on a pretty unique business model. They're all about snagging overstocks, one-of-a-kinds, factory sell-outs, showroom models, and design prototypes. These are top-notch, spanking-new items that regular furniture stores keep under wraps so they can keep their profits high. The Dump, though, sells these pieces at discounted prices that can dip to anywhere from 30% to 60% off, sometimes even lower.

And their stock? It's huge! We're talking about thousands of pieces of off-price furniture, covering everything from rugs, mattresses, swanky living room sets, dining room collections, the real leather deal, home office stuff, and home theater items.

However, one thing you must look out for is that most pieces at the Dump do not come with a warranty. You might have the option to buy a warranty on certain items, so don't forget to ask about that.

So, if you're on the hunt for something sturdy, unique, yet totally budget-friendly, you've got to check out The Dump.

The Dump Furniture Outlet

4. Heritage Amish Furniture

If you've got your mind set on hardwood heirloom furniture that'll stand the test of time, you've got to take a look at Heritage Amish Furniture. Located on Dam Neck Road, this store is all about handmade wooden pieces, often crafted to custom order. The amazing thing about customization is that you score a piece that fits your space and taste perfectly. The offside, though, is it takes time to be made.

You could still buy the showroom pieces. They also have their end-of-year showroom sales, where everything gets marked down by big margins to make way for fresh designs. They mainly have dining table sets and chairs, but there's also a pretty sweet selection of beds and dressers. You'll even find stuff like couches decked out in fabric and leather.

Just keep in mind this is hardwood we're talking about, handcrafted and custom-made to boot, so the prices can be a bit on the steep side. Also, good things take time, right? Expect about a three-month wait for your delivery. But believe us, the quality is worth the wait. All in all, it’s a great place to visit if you are looking for furniture stores in Norfolk VA.


And there you have it, folks! Our virtual tour of the top furniture stores in Norfolk VA. From the innovative designs of Autonomous, the surprise finds at The Dump Furniture Outlet, to the heirloom-worthy pieces at Heritage Amish Furniture, there's something for everyone in Norfolk.

Whether you need to outfit a home office, revamp your living room, or are just on the hunt for that perfect piece, these Norfolk furniture stores have got you covered. Happy furniture hunting!

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