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Introducing WorkPod mini: The Affordable Workspace in Your Backyard
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Introducing WorkPod mini: The Affordable Workspace in Your Backyard

|Apr 25, 2023

You’ll know by now that Autonomous always strives for innovation in the workplace, but we also want to make those innovations accessible to everyone.

The WorkPod mini is the latest step on the journey to greater accessibility for premium workspaces. This new prefab ADU, built with high-quality materials but with an affordable price tag. WorkPod mini could be your complete work from home solution - coming soon this Apr 26. Additionally, we will provide a complimentary Autonomous Chair Ultra (opt White Frame, Naked Grey TPE) for the initial 15 orders.

Let’s take a look at some of the details.

MiniPod overall look

WorkPod mini - The Specs

Just because it’s more affordable doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on quality. We still use the same high-quality materials as we do with the other models - it’s just a little smaller in size. The WorkPod mini is also fully insulated, keeping the elements outside.

  • Floorspace: 80 sq ft 

  • Materials: Hi-spec sound and weather insulating plywood, glass and vinyl, supported by a steel frame. 

  • Weight capacity: 1.3 tonnes (Pod body included)

  • Site: Our specially trained team can install your WorkPod mini on any terrain - just ensure there’s enough space!

MiniPod specs

WorkPod mini - More than a Workspace

How you use your WorkPod mini is down to you. It’s a compact space, but still big enough for multiple functions. It could be both a work space and your chill zone when you need a bit of privacy. It can also be a children’s play area, yoga pod, or whatever you need it to be.

We’ve put together a few set up ideas below to give you some inspiration: 

MiniPod setup

MiniPod bedroom

MiniPod music room

MiniPod reading room

As you can see, there’s a lot of flexibility for your floor plan. And you can always switch it around when you need to.

Autonomous Pods - Revolutionizing Your Life

Don’t forget, we have other Autonomous Pods for you to check out. Compare the WorkPod mini to our other models and if you’re not sure what to decide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can also use AR to see your Pod in the backyard before you even spend a cent. 

Join the revolution and get a Pod today.

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