Introducing SmartDesk One - Is it the One for you?
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Introducing SmartDesk One - Is it the One for you?

|Apr 2, 2024

As we head into Spring, flexibility and renewal is at the forefront of our minds. In our relentless pursuit of innovation, the Autonomous crack team of designers never stops working. And they’ve come up with the goods yet again, bringing us SmartDesk One.

A SmartDesk on one leg?

Yes, you’ve heard that right. We’re so excited to introduce the latest addition to the SmartDesk family:

SmartDesk One. The one-legged desk that could be our most practical yet.

Lightweight, portable, stylish - and did we mention practical? Topped off with a tempered glass desktop, motor height adjustable, and with built-in sockets and wireless chargers - it’s the perfect accompaniment to the modern way of working.

With a full range of between 29 to 48 inches, you can set height as it suits you. The desktop itself has more than enough space for a laptop and monitor for comfortable working, measuring 28.5 inches wide and 19.7 inches deep. 

SmartDesk One

Why get SmartDesk One?

In short, flexibility. Whether you are tight on space, have a particular spot where you like to work, or simply like to move around - SmartDesk One is made for you.

Designed with wheels built into the steel frame, this desk can move with you. For instance, if you have an ad hoc meeting with your team, you’ll be able to create an impromptu meeting area within seconds. Or if the sun has come out and you want to work next to the window, SmartDesk One can come with you with ease.

There’s no sacrificing on the stability either. The single-leg frame has been carefully designed with a cross-shape foot to ensure your SmartDesk stays steady, all the time.

And here’s another plus. It’s easy to assemble, and you can be ready to go in just 10 minutes!

SmartDesk One

SmartDesk One: Flexibility Personified

Be ahead of the curve and get this SmartDesk for maximum flexibility and style. If you’re looking for a desk that delivers all the functionality within a tight space, or one that can move with you - wherever you go - then look no further.

SmartDesk One

SmartDesk One is the one. Only at $299, it’s only available in the US for the time being. Get the One today.

April 2024 Offer

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