Desk Lamp Placement Guide: Tips to Maximum Office Light
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Desk Lamp Placement Guide: Tips to Maximum Office Light

|Jan 13, 2022

When you are in a workplace and experiencing a mental block, you realize how even a tiny sip of coffee could get you started. Contrary to common belief, our workplace is much more than just a comfortable chair and a height-adjustable desk; it combines all the tiny factors that altogether play a huge role in defining efficiency. Similarly, you might not have been paying much attention to the office lighting ideas or the type of light in your workplace up until you were greeted with eye strain when working from home.

The need for proper lighting while working is significant, and it is also a considerable part of ergonomics in the workplace. Hence, one should pay the closest attention to the type of office lighting, the desk lamp ideas and the proper desk lamp placement if you wish to get the desired results.

In this article, we will discuss the best desk lamp and the ideal lighting position for a desk in combination with natural light.

Where to Place a Desk Lamp for Maximum Light?

Where to Place a Desk Lamp for Maximum Light?

This fact might not be heard often, but the light placement has a huge role in making the most of the light source. If your placement is at an improper angle or not planned properly, you are likely to suffer from frustration while working. Though it is hard to judge the right placement up until you sit to work, here are some tips to achieve the ideal desk lamp placement.

Look for Adjustability

From adjustable chairs to desks, the light source should also be adjustable. Since not all desks are made at the same height, nor every individual has the same elevation level up the desk. The adjustable height and angle of the lamp allow each user to focus the light on the part they need.

You'll also be able to position the beam anywhere you need it without having to pick up and move the lamp if it has an adjustable arm, swivel, or neck.

The Size of the Lamp

The Size of the Lamp

Having a clutter-free space while working is also a secret to productivity. So even though the right desk lamp placement benefits you, considering the size will also be helpful. Make sure your desk lamp doesn't cover most of the space on your workstation. It is ideal if it takes up more than 20% of the entire surface area you have for work.


While ceiling light has its limitation, lamps are known to invite shadows or glares. Partially why many people still avoid desk lamps. But with the right placement, you can avoid shadows while working. A simple tip is to place it on the right side. If you are a right-handed person, placing your lamp on the left would be right and vice versa; however, if you use a keyboard with both hands. Then a lamp pointed towards the keyboard and mounted from the back will do the job well.

Multiple Monitor Setups

Multiple Monitor Setups

Multiple monitor setups are common for gamers and programmers. In such cases, a swing arm desk lamp is recommended to eliminate uneven lighting, shadows, and, of course, glare. These desk lamps evenly disperse light across your desk but do not direct light toward your monitors.

The Focus

The focus of the light should always be on the object rather than the subject. In this way, you will get maximum reflective beams from the object's surface; hence a clear image would be informed. Make sure that your lamp is directed on the keyboard, mouse, notebook or whatever item you are using. It should not be directed towards your eyes, not the screen.


When choosing your desk lamp placement, there needs to be an optimum level of distance. Too much or too little light is not good for the cornea and another sensitive region of the eyes. Make sure there is at least 15 inches of distance between the light source and the object.


Light in desk lamp placement

The right type of light intensity can create the right mood. For office workers, soft ambient light will allow you to focus without straining your eyes. Such yellow light is also ideal for book readers. When gaming, dim light creates a better focus on the screen, obtaining a clearer image.

Advantages of a Desk Lamp in Workplace

Though it is common to have an LED desk Lamp by your bedside for bedtime reading or relaxation in the dim light, bedside isn't the only ideal place where your desk lamps should be. Desk lamps are a very useful piece of furniture with several advantages. Using them is cost-saving and efficient too.

Part of the reason why Portable LED lamps or desk lamps are gaining more and more popularity in the workplaces with each passing day. There are several advantages of a desk lamp over a central light source in the entire room.



If you need to light up your workplace, you will need various light sources, and the cost will be high. Options like an ultra-wide LED desk lamp from autonomous are not only cheap, but they also fit your needs as compared to a common light source.

Centered Focus

You might have already guessed this one, which is also a major reason why a desk lamp makes a great accomplice for work. With a desk lamp, you get a concentrated source of light instead of scattered light while working. This means that all the light you need will be directed where you need it. Moreover, it is also easier to set up a workstation or study station in a shared bedroom with a centered light where you don't want to disturb everyone.

A Desk Accessory

A Desk Accessory for desk lamp placement

Our workplaces and the workstation setup play a vital role in motivating us to work. This means that you should pay close attention to the aesthetics if you want to be in a positive mood while working. Modern desk lamps ideas like Feng shui desk lamps are not only a great source of light, but they are also a pretty addition to your workstation.


Because table lamps have a cable that leads to the switch, this makes them user-friendly and also very portable. Hence in case of a bigger bed or even a twin sized bed, you can connect the lamps nearest to where you are sitting or reading. Therefore table lights are really useful. With the help of the cable, you also get the option of portability, and you can use the same lamp in different rooms or for different purposes.

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