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Sitting Vs Standing: Which One Burns More Calories?
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Sitting Vs Standing: Which One Burns More Calories?

|Sep 14, 2021

Standing desks are a popular piece of furniture for improving health and having better efficiency while working. The calories burned standing have a great impact on the wellness and energy levels of the worker, which is why many workplaces are now opting for standing desks in the workplace.

Another great area of research for modern workplaces is the calories burned standing vs sitting. Many organizations have concluded that sitting is extremely harmful with the number of calories burned sitting, people are at greater risks of developing diseases like obesity and high sugar levels.

On the contrary, the calories burned standing desk and through the best ergonomic chair are a great leading factor of better mental and physical health in the workplace. Therefore, this article will detail a complete guide on standing vs sitting calories and highlight the benefits of using a home standing desk rather than a common work desk.

Calories Burned with a Standing Desk

Calories Burned with a Standing Desk

Calories burned standing calculators are a great tool to help you find the number of calories you can get rid of just by transitioning to standing. A standing desk is a great accessory if you want to shed those extra pounds in a very slow and steady way. To understand the right choice amongst sitting vs standing desks, here is a comprehensive guide on the benefits of standing desks.

How Many Calories Are Burned Sitting Vs Standing?

The number of calories burned when you switch from sitting to standing position depends on various factors. This is why each person could get a different rate of calorie burn. But this doesn't mean that the benefits of a standing desk do not apply to every individual. Other than burning calories, standing desks are great for a strong posture and improved mental health.

Some factors that may alter the calorie burn rate are the weight of the individual using the standing desk and the body composition. People who have more muscle mass burn more calories than those who have a higher fat ratio.

However, on average, you can burn around 200 calories during an hour of standing instead of 134 calories during an hour of sitting. This number varies for both genders, and males are found to burn more calories than females. But it is clear that calories burned standing is higher than sitting. Though the difference is very less it is also found that switching between sit-stand positions burns greater calories than standing all time along.

Sit-Stand Position Alternating

Sit-Stand Position Alternating

It is important to realize that sitting too much is bad for our health; standing for a long period is also not very great for the overall body muscle and posture. You must be able to switch between sit and stand positions at regular intervals to get the maximum health benefits of a standing desk. This is because studies have also discovered a strong link between standing and back pain. To avoid any unnecessary strain on the muscles, switch between both positions at regular intervals. In this, you can enjoy the maximum benefits of a standing desk. 

Is it Okay to Work While Standing All Day?

Is it Okay to Work While Standing All Day

People who started using standing desks, especially the fixed standing desks, have been complaining about tiredness in muscle and back pain. While standing is great, too much of it weakens your lower body and puts extra strain on it.

Hence, many people who use standing desks use them with standing desk accessories such as an anti-fatigue mat or flow boards. These accessories encourage micro-movements making the user feel at ease, have a better time working and get the maximum calories burned standing at work.  

The basic guideline is not sitting for longer than 20 minutes without standing or moving about. Sit down whenever your legs start to feel tired from standing or if you feel like you do particular things better while seated, according to experts. 

How Do I Transition To Standing More?

Applying a change in life takes time and practice. Especially after years of being familiar with unhealthy comfort, it takes time for individuals to adjust to a modern workplace. Similarly, working while standing may seem like a tiring job and might feel the same at first, but you will get used to it with time passing.

And if you haven't yet purchased a standing desk, then chances are your back is susceptible to poor pain, and muscle ache is your common complaint. This transition could bring positive change to your life.

To make sure you adapt to this change without issue, start by scheduling a few minutes of work while standing and gradually increasing the time. It is also ideal for fixing some schedules where you switch between both standing and sitting.

Do I Need A Standing Desk To Start Standing While I Work?

Standing desks are made with proper ergonomics in mind, and without following an ergonomically suitable position, you will have a hard time adjusting to this change. Working while standing without a standing desk will lead to poor posture and many health issues.

Since a standing desk has many features that make working while standing a breeze, the height adjustability allows you to adjust the desk surface to a safe arms and elbow level.

Standing and Its Benefits

Standing and Its Benefits

Owning a standing desk isn't just automatically going to solve all your problems, but you must learn the right way to use it. For example, if you begin to stand more but do so with poor posture, you will not reap the full advantages of standing. To ensure you are maintaining the right posture while standing to get calories burned standing, here are a few ways to assess yourself.

Your shoulders are back, and your chest protrudes.

Your head is not inclined forward, and your chin is up. Your ears should be above your shoulders if someone is looking at you from the side. If you're not sure if you're doing it correctly, have someone take a side-on photo of you.

If your body seems to be in the positions mentioned above, then your posture with a standing desk is ideal, and you can burn those extra calories just by switching your work position from sitting all day to standing in between.

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