SmartDesk Core - Our Most Popular Product - Up to 15% OFF
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SmartDesk Core - Our Most Popular Product - Up to 15% OFF

|Jun 6, 2023

We love the SmartDesk Core as much as you do. After all, it’s our most popular SmartDesk among the one million of you who shop at Autonomous! It’s got rave reviews for its simplicity, efficiency and design. 

And if you don’t have one? Well, we’ve got something a little special for you on SmartDesk Core’s 5th Anniversary.

You can get up to 15% OFF. Keep scrolling to learn more…

SmartDesk Core: Shaped By You

The SmartDesk Core has been at the heart of our product range for the last five years. Dependable, solid, and fuss-free - this model does the job for employees all over the world, working at leading global brands such as Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft.

Whether you want to sit, stand or do both throughout the day, SmartDesk Core lets you get on with it. We’ve had thousands of positive reviews from our customers which we’ve used to continue refining the product.

And as a reward, we’d like to offer up to 15% OFF SmartDesk Core. Here’s the breakdown by model and size:

  • Small top 43”x24” $399 -> $379 (5%)

  • Classic top 53’”x29” black/white $499 -> $449 (10%)

  • Classic top 53”x29” walnut/white oak $549 -> $469 (15%)

  • XL top 70.5”x30” black/white $849 -> $799 (5%)

Find your deal today by visiting the SmartDesk Core page right now.

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