Top 3 Fern Office Chairs Reviews for 2024
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Top 3 Fern Office Chairs Reviews for 2024

|Mar 11, 2024

Finding a reliable office chair that can be the office chair for long hours and help fight fatigue in the workplace is hard. On top of that, you will be greeted with tons of options when searching for an office chair, making the final choice even more confusing. In such cases, knowing better about the top ergonomic chairs indeed helps. And rather than wondering where you could find a good-looking office chair option, these are several chair brands with the best selection of products. One such collection of ergonomic chairs for back pain, along with other features, is the Fern office chairs. To make your decision easier, we have enlisted our top Fern office chair reviews.  

Top Haworth Fern Office Chairs

A high back office chair with a commendable design, this one product from Fern is the highlight of the store. The office chair is indeed one of their best-selling products yet and looking at the reviews, more or less is expected in the future too. The chair is designed to provide impeccable support and keep the user comfortable for long hours. It ensures easy movement and a design that totally adapts to the individual sitting on it. Before looking deeply into the features, let's say that this chair is one of the most comfortable chairs of current times. Also, it comes in three different types of design and upholstery hence simply offering you an option for multiple Haworth Fern office chairs.

Mesh Fern Office Chair

As you would have come across the issue of sweating when working for prolonged hours at a time, you also need to rest your back against the chair to prevent fatigue. Office workers, especially, suffer from sweaty backs in the workplace, and it is mainly because of the non-breathable material of a chair's backrest. The inability to provide airflow can lead to sweat marks, and other than just feeling hot, your impression in the workplace might be affected.

Hence, Fern has a perfect solution to that with their mesh office chair. The mesh chair allows the air to pass through the chair and gives a ventilated feel while working. This regulates the body temperature and keeps you from feeling hot and, hence, uncomfortable while working. Besides the comfortable feel against the back, the mesh back comes in six color options, which is a rare number of color variations for a mesh office chair.

Digital Knit Fern Office Chair

The second material option and a highly recommended choice for the Haworth Fern executive office chair is the digital knit Fern office chair. The digital knit Fern executive chair reviews claim that this chair is a rare find zero waste material option. The tall back, coupled with your own selection of fiber and color backrests, makes your chair unique from others, one of a kind, and suited just to your comfort level. Also, the customized material selection paired with the big and tall office chair gives you the best of both worlds, comfort and aesthetic-wise! Also, for the digital knit task chair design, you can choose from six different color options.

Leather Fern Office Chair

When it comes to a classy office chair, we know leather is the top choice. A leather office chair simply beats the competition out of the rest due to its luxurious feel and look. Leather, being durable, easy to clean, and super easy to maintain (especially the Fern leather), is a top choice for office chairs where an impression is needed. Book a chair with a leather back instead of a mesh design if you need a luxurious executive feel or want to impress your clients in the conference room because either way, the chair doesn't compromise on comfort to even an inch.

Highlighted Features of Haworth Fern Office Chair

Ergonomic Features

If you think that choosing between mesh, leather, or digital knit design can impact the comfort of the chair in any way, then you are wrong. Just as the name suggests, the chair lives to the theme of a fern leaf, which is lightweight, strong, yet flexible. Also, another property you would find in this chair is the even distribution of weight, which helps relieve pressure and makes it one of the easiest chairs for long hours. Hence, Fern can be a top candidate for an ADHD chair, too, as it does not tire out or overwhelm any particular body part.

Besides the flexibility and even weight distribution, the chair also offers seat height adjustability and 4D armrests, which you can or cannot purchase. You can also adjust the seat depth to choose the right tilt level, and the backrest is also fully adjustable in terms of recline and lumbar region. The chair comes both with and without a headrest, but we recommend using a headrest as you would feel ultra-comfortable when working with enough support behind your neck and upper shoulders, too. As for flexibility and user-friendliness, the chair has a weight capacity of 325 pounds making it suitable for petite to bigger users likewise.

Highlighted Features of Haworth Fern Office Chair

Care & Maintenance

For a chair as expensive as the Fern series, it is indeed integral to think about the work that goes into caring for and maintaining it. The Haworth ergonomic chair, despite offering tonnes of features, is easy to look after and maintain. The chair does not need any deep cleaning, parts replacement, or upholstery remake, even after years of constant use. However, for a fresh and new look, it is recommended to use a solution of detergent with lukewarm water to achieve a neat look. The chair also has a natural, quick, dry design with no risk of developing mold and mildew.

Upright Posture

Another unique contribution of the fern chair to your office space is automatic posture correction effortlessly. The chair has a fully ergonomic seat, which, as soon as you sit on it, makes you upright and active at most. It is safe to say that you will forget fatigue just as you come in contact with this smart chair. This is possible by multiple seat features offered in fern. From a forward tilt that is 5 degrees inclined to the downside, you get a forward-leaning posture, helping you focus more on the screen without slouching closer.

Other features include seat height adjustability so you can reach the level of the screen, making the chair perfect for a standing desk as well. Thirdly, the tilt tension knob adjusts the force in the recline, making the chair a breeze to work with.

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