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Visualize Your Pod Before You Buy, Using AR Technology
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Visualize Your Pod Before You Buy, Using AR Technology

|Mar 1, 2023

We love our Pods at Autonomous and know our customers love them too. But we also understand it’s a big commitment, so you’ll want to ensure you get it right. We’ve developed an AR-supported solution that will help you visualize your Pod before you purchase. 

More on that later on, but first, let’s take a look at the Autonomous Pod.

Autonomous Pod: At the Forefront of the WFH Revolution

As the work-from-home trend took off during the pandemic, we created a Pod that allows you to WFH in style. Robust, quick to install, and attractive, these Pods are designed to bring the office to the outdoors. 

Built using high-quality wood, ceiling-to-floor windows, and warm insulation, Autonomous WorkPod & WorkPod Versatile is used by a number of industry leaders and tech professionals who have embraced the hybrid work lifestyle. It gives them a space to create new ideas, develop products, or just get work done - without any distractions.

Fitted with the latest smart and ergonomic furniture, it enables you to work in comfort and on your own terms.

Autonomous Pod models

Introducing the AR Feature

If you’re still unsure whether the Pod is for you or which style you want, this is the solution - Augmented reality (AR).

The new AR feature (currently only available on IOS) will allow you to visualize the Pod in your backyard. You simply go to the product page, where you’ll see a note saying, “See Autonomous Pod in AR - Try now,” as illustrated below:

Pod AR guide

Once you click that tab, you’ll be taken to the section further down the page where you can either scan the QR code with your phone camera or click the link if you’re already using your Apple phone.

Pod AR feature

Once you’re all set up, AR will show a 3D model of the Pod at a 1:1 ratio before zooming in or out. Just make sure you point your camera to clear space before getting started, otherwise, the Pod will not appear. You can switch the angles, check the proportions and see if the style suits you.

And what’s more, you can even step inside your AR Pod to see the view from inside.

AR Pod feature

Why You Should Use AR Technology

While it may seem like a gimmick, this new feature has a real purpose. We want to make sure our clients are happy with their purchase, and this is one way to check before you buy - a trial without the hassle.

  • Check the size: We can customize your Pod to fit into the space you have. Decide on the perfect proportions using AR.

  • Pick your spot: This feature can help you visualize the right spot for your Pod, particularly if you have different options.

  • The right fit: You might need clarification on whether the Pod would look good in your backyard. Let AR give you the answer.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this new feature! We’re still developing the product, so it will eventually work on all mobile devices and display the full range of Pods we offer. So, watch this space!

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