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Wagan Lithium Cube 325: Power Station

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Core Features

• 120V AC, 12V DC, USB Power Outputs • Pure Sine Wave (PSW) Inverter • Recharge via: Solar (MPPT), DC & AC • Bright Full-Featured Digital Color Display • Only 7 lbs.! Lightweight, Portable
• 1-year warranty


Uncompromising Quality The Lithium Cube is a culmination of 30 years' worth of power supply knowledge with cues taken from our popular jump-starter, power inverter, and Solar Cube lines. That knowledge cultivated the perfect lithium power supply; one that was full-featured with a solid build quality, could be used anywhere, and is reliable as all can be. Simplicity We designed the Lithium Cube to be user friendly and accessible to everyone, everywhere. No proprietary plugs, no special connectors, no hassle finding compatible accessories; our Lithium Cube will work with the set-up you already have and with readily-available components. Powerful The Lithium Cube 325 is small, but you can't call it a slouch; with a 300W PSW inverter paired with the 324Wh lithium-ion battery, you'll have what you need to power through your day. Whether you need to power a battery charger, CPAP, laptop, or whatever, we have you covered! Pass-through Charging One gripe that we've seen with other units is that they cannot be used while charging; not so with the Lithium Cube! You can charge the Lithium Cube and use it at the same time... how cool is that?!
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