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Are you an online influencer? A community manager? Or just a really great salesperson? Use your talents to share the latest innovative products with your audience & make some extra money! Join the Autonomous Affiliate Program today & earn commission from every order placed via your affiliate link/code.

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How does the Affiliate Program work?

1. Submit your information via the form above.

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2. We’ll review your information & generate an affiliate link & code for you.


3. Share your affiliate link & code with your network.


4. After a purchase is made via your affiliate link/code, you earn commission *


5. Affiliate rewards will be automatically transferred to you via Paypal on the 15th of every month.

*The amount of commission you earn will be based on our current policy & will be provided once you submit a request to join the Affiliate Program.


How do I get my unique affiliate link & affiliate code?icon
After you submitted a request to join the Affiliate Program via the form on the top page, our team at [email protected] will email you to help set up your affiliate link and code.
When will I receive my affiliate rewards?icon
For every purchase made via your affiliate link/code, you’ll receive your affiliate rewards after the initial *30-day trial period. As soon as your rewards are available, you’ll receive an email explaining how to redeem your money. (*rewards can not be redeemed from products that are returned within the 30-day trial period).
After an order made via my affiliate link/code has passed its 30-day trial, how do I receive my affiliate commission?icon
Your affiliate commission (credit) will be transferred directly to your Paypal account on the 15th of each month. Upon joining the Affiliate Program, we’ll send you a form to submit your payment information.
Does the affiliate program apply to discounted items?icon
No. The Affiliate Program does not apply to discounted promotional items. If someone uses your affiliate link to buy items on sale, you will not earn any credit.
Why isn’t my affiliate code working?icon
Your code can not be applied to the transaction because the referee has already visited our site via another affiliate link this week. In order to apply your code, please ask them to visit our website on another browser. Then they can try applying your code again at the checkout page.
If my friend visits the Autonomous website via my affiliate link, but uses another promotion/discount code from elsewhere. Do I still receive any rewards?icon
No, you will not be eligible to receive any reward/commission. When referring your friends to Autonomous, make sure that you share your affiliate link together with your discount code.
Can I share my affiliate link/code on other coupon sites like Honey or Offers?icon
No, you may not share your affiliate link or discount code on any coupon sites or e-commerce platforms such as or This is considered unfair, not just to Autonomous but to other referrers also, & is a direct conflict of interest with our own affiliate partners. We will immediately ban your account if you are found doing so. You will not be eligible to receive any rewards from referral orders made via this action.
To help promote my affiliate link can I request a product from Autonomous to include in content creation?icon
Yes you can, if you have a sufficient number of followers on your social media channel.
Have any other questions or need further support from us? No worries! Contact us over at [email protected]