6Blu Mini Fridge 4L: With Cooling and Heating Function

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Core Features

• COOLING & HEATING: The Upstream Mini Refrigerator has a unique and powerful internal thermostat. It takes only 40 minutes to cool down to 18°C (64°F) at room temperature. The lowest temperature it can reach is 2ºC, and it can also keep warm up to 60°C (140°F). • MINI FRIDGE: The mini fridge has a 4L capacity, and its internal dimensions are 14.2x13.5x21.1cm, making it suitable for storing food, drinks, snacks, beers, or cosmetics. It is perfect for use in bedrooms or offices. • AESTHETIC DESIGN: The swivel door handle prevents accidental touching and opening, so you don't need to worry about the refrigerator rolling sideways when placed in the car. Its portable and adorable design is born in line with the times, making your journey cool and enjoyable. • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: The semiconductor refrigeration chip is 100% freon-free (CFC-free) and comes with CE, FCC, and ETL certifications. This can effectively protect the environment, save energy, and reduce costs. AC/DC ADAPTERS: The small refrigerator comes with AC/DC dual power modes, which includes 220V AC for home or 12V DC for the car. You can easily switch modes according to your needs. Its lightweight and suitable design make it applicable to various scenarios.
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Introducing the Upstream Mini Refrigerator, a compact and versatile cooling and heating solution. With a quick cooling time, ample storage capacity, and dual power modes, it's perfect for keeping your food, drinks, and cosmetics cool or warm. Its portable and environmentally friendly design makes it suitable for various settings.
6Blu Mini Fridge 4L: With Cooling and Heating Function

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